219 A Guilds Meeting

Inside Beatrix's mansion, loud voices rang in all corners of the study room.

Beatrix was hysterical and dramatically pointed at herself. "It's not my fault! Why are you taking all that money that's supposed to belong to me?"

She couldn't contain her emotions when facing the holograms sitting on the long table. To begin with, she was not the calm type.

"It's because you lost those items that are worth the prize money. Don't you understand the consequences of your actions? Don't you understand how much money we lost because of your negligence?!"

"What are you talking about? This is my guild! I made this. You all have no right to call me names and dictate me on what to do."

"Apparently, sweetheart," an elderly lady chimed in. "The moment you took our money. This guild is good as ours. Your percentage in Ferocious Ravens is only twenty percent."

". . ."


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