1 The Game 'Miracle'

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"Randomly matching campsite (Safe Zone) ..."

"Please wait a moment..."

"Campsite matching successful!"

Mike had finally entered the game.

This was not an ordinary game.

In 2030, disaster had suddenly befallen Earth.

A large number of Exotic Beasts had invaded the human world.

Humans could only hide in various base cities to protect themselves.

At this critical moment, the top human talents worked together to develop a holographic online game: Miracle. All humans could enter the game and fight against Exotic Beasts in the real world!

The disaster had finally turned around.

Mike logged into the game immediately and everything in front of him slowly turned white.

Then, he appeared in the camp.

This was not the bustling novice area that Mike had imagined. Instead, it was a small camp with only NPCs and a few bonfires. Mike was the only player at the camp, which was surrounded by small stones.

"Can this camp stop Exotic Beasts?"

Mike hurried to look outside, and for the time being, he did not see any danger.

When he came to the edge of the camp, Mike reached out to touch the void. This was no invisible energy shield like he had imagined.

It was really just a small camp that probably couldn't even stop dogs from invading.

As he walked out of the camp, there was a pungent smell, and it was a smell that Mike had never smelled before.

It was very obvious that it came from an Exotic Beast.

When he returned to the camp, the smell was gone.

It seemed that the camp still had some protection.

Mike didn't need to worry too much about survival for the time being.

Approaching the camp, you could tell it was obviously a novice NPC.

[Welcome to Miracle, hero of Earth.]

[You now have an Energy Body with the potential to fight Exotic Beasts. You can nurture this body to become stronger. All resources can be obtained through exploration...]

[Try not to leave the camp for the first three days. The camp can guarantee your safety within these three days.]

[There are many ways for the Energy Body to become stronger. There are still many unknowns waiting to be explored.]

[So far... the game cannot guarantee absolute peace between players, and there are situations of players hunting each other. The game is temporarily powerless against this. Please be vigilant.]

[The Energy Body only has one life... Although there are ways to resurrect in the game, it is in a semi-unknown state. Please explore it yourself.]


[There are good and bad unknowns. Rashly exploring the unknowns may backfire.]

[Good luck to all players.]


Mike sighed.

The situation was not as simple as he had imagined.

Although this was a game, it was highly integrated with reality.

There were many unknowns, and there were also many things beyond his control!

Anyway, Mike did not think that players could still fight each other. When was this?

After reading the introduction of the NPC's world view, Mike looked at the basic interface.

[Attributes], [Inventory], [Chatbox], [Trade Market], [Quest Pane], [Crafting].

It was similar to a normal game.

Mike looked at [Attributes].

First, know yourself and know your enemy.

Player: Mike

Level: 0

Equipment: None

Skills: None

Class: Unspecialized

Experience: 0

Overall Combat Power: 5

Pure newbie attributes.

He looked inside the Inventory.

It was empty.

Not even a newbie gift bag.

There was also nothing in the quest pane, but there were some comments: [The quest pane is used to issue special missions (such as bounties, world bosses). It is not used daily and can be ignored.]

The other interfaces were the same, and there was nothing much to see for the newbies.

Only the [Chatbox] was left.

[World channel], [Regional Channel], [Party Channel], [System Channel]...

This was the only space for the newbies to play.

The game had just started, and everyone started the same way.

They observed other people's experiences.

He opened the [World Channel] to check.

"This game is too difficult!!"

"I can't even kill a single Exotic Beast, how can a human play this?"

"The potential of fighting an Exotic Beast and the strength of fighting an Exotic Beast are two completely different concepts!"

"When my character is injured, my movements will also slow down. What is this? Hell Mode? Don't tell me I can also still get hungry and thirsty?"

"Hasn't anyone left the camp yet?"

"I'm already a cripple..."

"This is too disgusting!! I opened a wooden box and my character was poisoned to death! Everyone, don't be too curious, don't touch anything!"


Countless messages flashed through the World Channel.

It was available in every language, and it was automatically translated by the system.

There was a time limit for posting world messages, and the cooldown for a world message was 12 hours.

Even so, the message kept flashing crazily, and it was impossible to see any message clearly without a pause.

One could imagine how many players there were with the numerous complaints.

Mike checked over a hundred messages, but he didn't see any good news. They were all complaining—complaining and wailing.

"After all, fighting real Exotic Beasts is not the same as playing house games in the past..." Mike could understand the high difficulty level of the game.

He continued to watch the World Channel.

Through these messages, Mike did his best to expand his understanding of the game.

For example, now he learned that opening a wooden box casually could cause poisoning.

The more he watched, the more danger he could avoid.

Basically, Mike watched all the bad things that newbies could encounter on the World Channel.

He not only watched the World Channel but the Regional Channel as well.

Mike was seriously digesting all sorts of risk notifications.

"I'm respawning again..."

"Am I the God of the camp? I don't even dare to take a step out."

"Is there anyone who is as unlucky as me? There are Exotic Beasts outside the camp that are poisoning me. I'll die as soon as I step out... How do I start?"


Mike, who was looking through the many messages, was suddenly shocked.

There was also this situation where the camp was surrounded by poison?

How was he supposed to play this game?

It seems like he couldn't stay in the camp forever. He had to be brave enough to go out and explore. Otherwise, once things developed into such a terrible situation, he wouldn't even have the chance to go out.

Mike closed the Chatbox and stopped looking.

It was time for him to go out and explore on his own.

"The NPCs in the camp are all useful. After clearing them all, I basically have the ability to go out and explore. But that's only the basics, very basic." Mike recalled the information he had learned from the world news.

NPCs were indeed useful. Some gave axes, some gave clothes, and some gave shoes to be equipped.

Mike's combat power rose from 5 points to 12 points although he was still at the level that he could easily be killed by an Exotic Beast in one blow.

He came before the two most important NPCs. The first one was an old man, that existed in every camp.

After getting a Class Medal, you can go to another NPC to choose a Class.

With a Class, there would be skills to improve combat power by a lot.

NPC: [Camp Old Man (with hidden information)].

When Mike approached the old man NPC, he suddenly saw a hint that did not exist on other NPCs.

(Hidden Information).

What was this?

Mike checked through the World Channel for a long time but no one mentioned anything about it.

"Strange..." Mike was stunned.

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