19 New Version of 'Miracle'

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[Doppelganger Skill]

It sounded promising.

Mike immediately Flashed back to the magic array to view the skill's effect.

[Hidden Information: Rare Doppelganger Skill, able to create a new body that can be nurtured. Appearance, body, gender and etc, can be freely chosen. The power of the doppelganger can be fused with the main body. Recommended use!]

Mike cried out in surprise.

He originally thought that it would allow him to create a shadow doppelganger that shared a few percent of his strength to help him fight in battles, but he had underestimated the Doppelganger Skill.

It could create a physical body!

It could be nurtured!

It could even be fused with his main body.

Didn't that mean that Mike's growth speed would be twice as fast as others?

"Let's use it!" Mike was considered to be more experienced and knowledgeable, but even at this moment, he was still excited.

[Doppelganger Skill: Mastered!]

Mike had an additional skill, and he used it immediately.

The creation of a doppelganger interface appeared, and it was just like in the game where you could customize your character. You could choose their appearance, body, and gender.

Mike didn't have a single hint of hesitation in his actions.

He clicked 'Female'.

Since he was able to create a doppelganger, he naturally had to look at the angle of his life where he couldn't touch to improve his experience.

He giggled for a long time.

Then, he finally coughed twice and reverted it back to 'Male'.

Mike felt that he looked too wretched and pitiful. So, he pinched his face and adjusted it.

A doppelganger that looked completely different from Mike was created.

[Level 0 Doppelganger, no potential. Doppelganger potential can be nurtured. Nurturing method...]

It was a hidden information notification.

Potential could be increased!

The doppelganger created would have zero potential, which allowed it to have a huge room for improvement. If nurtured properly, the future potential of what it could do was unimaginable.

"I will definitely use up all my materials and nurture it to the most insane level," Mike said with a smile.

The materials he needed were basically Colorless Crystals. Mike threw all the ones he had in his Inventory into it. He had obtained a large number of Colorless Crystals through the Trade Market's purchases, after all.

[Doppelganger: Gold-Tier Potential]

Mike stopped throwing any more materials into it.

The Colorless Crystals that he was getting were scarce now, so it was difficult to collect the Colorless Crystals required to nurture the potential to Platinum-Tier.

He could still slowly nurture it in the future, and it wasn't like he was in any hurry.

"This doppelganger of mine might be even stronger than my original body." Mike smiled faintly.

"Let's bring him out to level up."

When Mike teamed up with the doppelganger, his experience points would be divided between him and the doppelganger. The doppelganger's level quickly rose, reaching around Level 20.

However, just as everything was going smoothly...

In the distant forest, black fog filled the air. Then, the earth and the mountains began to shake.


"Isn't that the location of the Overlord Exotic Beast? What's going on?"

The black fog became denser and denser. Then, a cloud of darkness filled the sky.

"That's a little scary!" Mike said in surprise.

It blocked out the sky and the sun, and the entire Earth felt dangerous.

Mike was shocked. He felt that he couldn't stay out any longer and brought his doppelganger back into the magic array.


In the forest, the Overlord-Tier Exotic Beast was rapidly becoming stronger.

The black-robed man released a steady stream of energy into the Exotic Beast's body, and the earth and sky were shaking because of what the black-robed man was doing.


The black-robed man suddenly raised his head.

"A Miracle? A Miracle has been discovered on Earth?!"

"No wonder the Exotic Beast encountered an enemy that it couldn't defeat..."

"D*mn it. This actually activated the Miracle to form Planet Earth!!"


When the black-robed man realized this, he roared angrily.

"You, kill that human as soon as possible! Don't let him continue to grow! Even such an embryonic form of a Miracle can defeat you. The longer this Miracle exists, the more disadvantageous it will be. Hurry! You must hurry!"


The Overlord Exotic Beast responded with a low roar.


The human headquarters of Earth, which was also the official location of the game, had suddenly burst into chaos.

"Director! Something big has happened!"

"The game has suddenly changed. Everything is starting to go out of control."

"What? What's going on?"

"It can't be because of that Mike again, right?"

"This time it's not... the game is undergoing a huge change. We can't understand it at all!"

"There are many NPCs, cities, and mysterious maps that suddenly appeared!"

"The game...Is evolving automatically, and we have no idea why."


In the chat channels.

The players also noticed this situation, and they all asked for a reason.

"Why is the land expanding? Could it be that Earth is expanding?"

"There are so many cities!"

"And statues! It's so magnificent, so huge!"

"There are so many people! So many mysterious people have appeared!"

"Could it be that the apocalypse is coming?"

"No, those people are also hunting Exotic Beasts, as if they're our own people. But... they only hunt Exotic Beasts that are close to the cities."

"Could it be that the game updated?"

"Cities and NPCs have appeared?"

"Isn't this a virtual projection?"

"So, is it just me, or is Earth expanding... What's going on..."

"Who knows, just accept it. The invasion of the Exotic Beasts has already happened, what else is there that we're unable to accept?"

"That's true."


The top geniuses of mankind were desperately trying to figure out why this was happening, and they worked with maximum efficiency.

Finally, they had a basic understanding of the situation, and they released an announcement.

"Please do not panic, the game is going through a series of updates... There are many cities, additional NPCs, dungeons, larger maps, and so on that have appeared. Players can enter safe cities to join factions, understand dungeon information and explore other ways to play."

The officials heaved a sigh of relief.

It was good as long as it was not a new danger that had appeared. It should be that Miracle's server had undergone a huge change for some reason.

'Miracle' was not created by humans, but it was a finished product that they had obtained. The top geniuses of mankind had only just managed to create a server that could make use of 'Miracle'.

"It really is a new update."

"Is the city a safe zone? There's finally a way out, we don't need to be afraid in the wild, sob, sob, sob, sob."

"There's an opportunity to grow here, haha!"

Following the update, a new channel appeared in the chat.

[Voice Transmission]

Whether it was the players or the officials, none of them had access to this function.

At this moment, a message appeared on the Voice Transmission Channel.

[Hello, humans. My faction is called the Palace of the Wind King. We welcome humans to join.]

[The Palace of the Fire King welcomes humans to join.]

[The Palace of the Sea King welcomes humans to join.]

[ ... ]

[The Palace of the Heavenly King welcomes humans to join.]

It seemed that new factions were emerging.

But then.

[As the most powerful faction, the Palace of the Heavenly King, I invite the human, Mike to join us. You may reply to me in the Voice Transmission Channel.]

As soon as this news came out, it instantly blew up the World Channel.

Pros would always be pros.

Mike was directly invited through the Voice Transmission Channel! The only one! And the one who invited him was from the most powerful faction, the Palace of the Heavenly King!

"Me?" Mike was stunned, but he didn't have time to react.

[The Palace of the Heavenly King has invited human Mike to join.]

[The Palace of the Fire King has invited human Mike to join.]


Every message that came after shocked the World Channel even more.

Do you know what ostentation means?

This was it!

This was just too showy, wasn't it?!

While others struggle to figure out the significance of these factions, Mike had already received invites from the various factions.

[Hidden Information: These factions have invited you because you have the greatest influence at the moment. They do not value you in essence, they only value your influence and want you to be the representative of humanity.]

Mike saw the notification.

So that's it, they wanted him to be their mascot?

"I refuse." Mike wasn't interested in being one.

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