71 Black Market

After placing the Vulture fledgling in the magic circle, Alex placed his hands at the edge and started releasing a constant stream of mana.

After a few seconds of absorbing mana, the magic circle began to shine, and then it started to shrink slowly and cover the Vulture in the middle.

The Vulture fledgling looked curiously as blood symbols crawled on his body and quickly vanished, and within a few seconds, the entire magic circle got absorbed into his body.


{Congratulation Player Hidden One}

{Blood Contract Successful}

{Beast Companion Acquired: Poisonous Vulture}


"Little buddy, Now we are lifelong companions, and don't worry, I will turn you into the strongest Poisonous Vulture this world has seen in centuries," Alex said with a wide smile.

Alex knew of many high-quality beast evolution material locations from his previous life, and those materials were more than enough for him to evolve tens of beast companions.


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