5 Chapter 5: UR Treasure Chest

Hikaru felt scared when he saw the shadow even though he hadn't seen the monster yet. The fear he felt did not come from intimidation but the alarm of intuition.

Hikaru's intuition told him that he would surely die if the monster found him.



Hikaru was startled. Rika's voice woke him up. Hikarus sweat soaked his shirt. Hikaru took a deep breath, carried Saraya on his back, then ran away.

Hikaru didn't see the road ahead and only knew that if he didn't run, he would die.

Hikaru didn't know how long he ran, nor did he care how tired his legs were. He just knew he needed to run as fast as he could.

Not knowing how long had passed, Hikaru suddenly saw a small room in the middle of a vast fog. The room was tiny, so small that it was like a small fishing boat in the vast ocean.

However, upon seeing that room, Hikaru felt strangely reassured.


The roar rang out again, but this time Hikaru realized that the roar was filled with extreme anger, like an exploding volcano.

Ten meters…

Five meters…

One meter…

Hikaru was overjoyed as he reached for the doorknob. Suddenly, Hikaru sensed something hazardous.


Hikaru was suddenly crushed on the ground he felt like an elephant was sitting on his back.

"Ho, ho, ho…"

Hikaru felt his chest about to burst, he tried to breathe, but the weight on him was getting heavier and heavier.

"Crack.. crack.."

Hikaru heard bones cracking, and it was his and Saraya's bones. Saraya lying on his back, also winced in pain. Although Saraya's stats were much higher than his, she couldn't stand the weight of gravity on her.

Hikaru used all his strength to push open the door. Hikaru placed his arm inside the room. That arm also received the protection of the room, so it didn't bear any weight.

Hikaru used that arm, trying to pull both his body and Saraya into the room. If it were him alone, Hikaru could have easily crawled into the room, but with Saraya on his back, it was even harder to move.

Suddenly, Hikaru thought that he should leave Saraya behind.

After all, Saraya is just a monster he summoned. If Saraya dies, he can summon another monster.


Hikaru shouted. He immediately threw away the damned thought that just popped into his head.

"If I do that, will I be different from that woman?"

Hikaru thought. In his head appeared the face of a girl he once loved but now only hates.


Hikaru shouted. He used all his strength to crawl into the room. Saraya lay on the back of the unconscious Hikaru, and he could only pull his whole body with one hand and hold Saraya on his back with the other.

While crawling, Hikaru felt such pain that he wanted to faint. He felt like he was lying in a hydraulic compressor, his entire body being crushed.

After a rough minute, Hikaru finally crawled into the room. He felt this was the longest minute of his life, in a minute where Hikaru had crossed the line between life and death.

The door to the room was still open so that Hikaru could see outside. He saw a pair of eyes like two blood moons. Eyes filled with anger and death stared straight at him.

"It's horrible. What the hell is it?"

[I can't see it, so I can't tell what monster it is. However, as it appears to guard an SSR-class Treasure Chest, that monster should also be an SSR-class. But after your Treasure Chest was promoted to a UR level Treasure Chest, that monster must have become a UR class monster.]

Hikaru heard Rika's words but was unafraid. He looked straight into the monster's eyes. The two sides looked into each other's eyes for a long time. There was no fear, only anger.

The monster seemed to know it couldn't attack the room, so it let out a roar and left. When Hikaru saw the monster leave, he said: "A UR-class monster? One day, I'll beat you down."

Hikaru's words were filled with determination, without the slightest bit of fear. A few hours ago, Hikaru was still afraid of SR-class monsters, but now it was different. Facing a UR-class monsters, he was fearless.

[Master, you should take care of yourself first.]

Hikaru looked down and saw that his entire body was covered in blood. His legs had been crushed into a pile of crushed flesh, no longer visible. Hikaru tried to breathe, but he didn't feel any pain. He only felt sleepy.

After that, Hikaru lost consciousness, lying on the ground.

Saraya's condition didn't improve. Saraya's whole body was crushed as if someone had used a giant hammer. Hikaru and Saraya were like a pile of crushed meat. Blood splattered on the floor.

[Hmmm, this is exhausting.]

Rika's voice rang out. Although Hikaru couldn't hear him and unconscious, Rika was still functioning independently.

Afterward, Rika operated the System herself instead of Hikaru.

[Use 50 soul points to level up Hikaru.]

[Ding! Level up successful.]

In an instant, all the wounds on Hikaru's body disappeared as if they had never existed. Hikaru's breathing has also become more stable. Moreover, it seems that Hikaru's strength has increased significantly.

[Although the master has leveled up, and the wounds have also been healed, hisspirit is exhausted. Perhaps Master needs a break. Plus, I need to save Saraya too. She's also in critical condition. Fortunately, Saraya is not a normal Succubus so she can use this method. Otherwise, I'm afraid Saraya can't continue to live anymore.]

[System, use 20 soul points to heal Saraya.]

[Ding! Payment successful.]

Hikaru is unconscious, so he didn't know that the whole world is heated right now about him getting the UR level Treasure Chest.

[Ding! Lord Hikaru was the first to possess a UR-class Treasure Chest.]

Hana sat in the small room and was startled when she saw the announcement.

"He… he is terrible. He can get a UR-class Treasure Chest, which means his power will now be stronger."

Hana began to feel regret for not making a deal with Hikaru for some food and water.

After trading with him failed, she traded with another player. Naturally, she received more food and water than the deal with Hikaru. However, the person dealing with her did not want to continue the transaction.

The reason is simple: Hana's cards with other players are invalid. That's right, players receiving Hana's card must use soul points to open the card. However, after opening, the card's benefit is so little that they throw it away.

After that, no one wanted to deal with Hana anymore.

Hana now felt remorse. Food is a rare commodity in this world full of monsters and dangers. However, the rarest thing is protection.

Even though there is food, 7 days, after losing the System's protection, what should I do?

Hana could continue to survive in this world if a powerful player was her backer. She knew she couldn't survive on her own because she was weak.she was no different from an ant in the world of giants.

She took a deep breath. And decided to text Hikaru.

[Ding! Lord Hikaru was the first to possess a UR-class Treasure Chest.]

[Ding! Player Hikaru is the first to possess a UR level Treasure Chest.]

"Hikaru? Could it be Takeshi Hikaru?" In another room, a slightly pretty girl frowned when she saw the message coming from the System.

Although this girl is beautiful, compared to Saraya, it is like the light of a flashlight compared to the light of the moon. On a scale of 100, this girl is about 68.

However, although it is only 68 points. On Earth because this girl is also a beautiful girl, many people pursue her.


A man suddenly spoke up. Unlike the other players, this room wasn't just Naomi. That's right, in other words, this room has two people.

Both of them were naked, lying on the bed together. Even a child knew what these two had done.

"What happened? Raito asked."

The man is about 35 years old and extremely handsome, it should be be known that he is Naomi's Head of Department.

"Looks like your boyfriend is fortunate. UR-class Treasure Chest, not everyone can get it."

Hearing that, Naomi frowned. She naturally knew that Raito was mocking her. She was Hikaru's girlfriend in the past and still is. However, she had an affair with Hikaru's chief, Raito.


Of course, it was because Hikaru was just a poor employee. Naomi agreed to be Hikaru's girlfriend because Hikaru is like Naomi's dog.

Whatever Naomi wanted, Hikaru tried to buy it for her. Of course, Hikaru wasn't rich enough to buy Naomi everything she wanted.

On one occasion, when Naomi went to Hikaru's company, she was targeted by Raito.

Of course, Naomi understood that Raito only treated her as a commodity. After using her, she will be discarded. However, because she loves money, she accepts to be Raito's toy.

Naomi and Raito also arrived in this world. She didn't think that Hikaru was like her. What's more was Hikaru was lucky enough to get a UR-grade Treasure Chest?

Right now, Naomi was filled with jealousy. Although Naomi is not as beautiful as Saraya, she is a smart and greedy girl.

Seeing Naomi absentminded, Raito continued speaking.

"Contact Hikaru, tell him to hand over the Treasure Chest. Doesn't he love you? Isn't He your dog? Surely that idiot will do as you ask."

Naomi listened to Raito's words and thought deeply.

"What do you think?" Raito urged.

"I'll try. However, don't forget me when you have that Treasure Chest." Naomi smiled slyly. She lay on top of Raito and wriggled so their skins would rub against each other.

Raito: "Hahaha, of course. Don't you remember what I gave you? Can that idiot give you a car, give you flowers?"

Naomi: "That's right."

After that, the two of them resumed their fun.

At an unknown location because it was surrounded by fog. A young man covered in wounds and blood. However, he was still happy when he saw a chest lying in front of him.

He seemed to forget all the pain, he quickly ran to the chest in front of him, and hugged it like he was hugging a lover.

"Hahaha, my Treasure Chest. My SR-class Treasure Chest. With this Treasure Chest, I am invincible. No player or monster can threaten me."

[Ding! Player Hikaru is the first to possess a UR-class Treasure Chest.]

Suddenly, a message made the young man's eyes widen amid jubilation.

"What? Impossible? UR Treasure Chest? Why? How about me?"

When he saw the message from the System, this young man was no longer happy. Right now, his mind was filled with jealousy and anger. He saw that the SR-level Treasure Chest in front of him was no longer as attractive as before.

"Hikaru? I have remembered your name. One day I'll tear you apart and take everything from you."

In another place, a girl riding on the back of a Komodo-like monster was moving slowly through the mist.

The Komodo dragon moved slowly. Every step it took made the ground tremble because of its weight. The other monsters seemed afraid of it, so they did not dare to appear.

The girl sitting on the back of the Komodo Dragon was extremely calm like she was walking in the park.

Suddenly, the girl frowned and muttered: "Hikaru? UR level treasure chest? Exciting."

The girl suddenly showed a mysterious smile and disappeared into the mist along with the Komodo Dragon.


Across Misty World, some were afraid. Some were jealous, and some were regretful,...

However, after today, Hikaru would surely encounter a lot of trouble.

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