Mission: Seduce the Master!

[WARNING: The book contains scenes of an erotic nature, and focuses on romance and erotica in general] P.S: There are character illustrations in the discord channel: VNqSfqm4nq or 8MH8AyNBvC or e6ekVKyzrS P.S 2: The cover art is not mine, if you have any questions regarding copyright please contact me directly. Thank you The cultivation world has always been cruel. Those who are weak will never be able to reach a new level and see the next day. Xie Qing was a youth from a wealthy family, merely the third son. He had a very ordinary talent, but unwilling to tarnish the family's reputation, his father sent him to one of the less influential but still good sects - the sect of the Heavenly Sword. Upon entering the sect, Xie Qing stunned everyone - not with his talent, but with his appearance, as if it had descended from the heavens. Fellow disciples and even elders wanted to use him for their purposes. However, one person surpassed them all - Elder Xu. Taking him as her disciple, she made Xie Qing assist her in daily life, and this continued until, during a massage, the youth saw a text in front of him. [The system has been activated!] [Your first mission...] [Seduce the master!]

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207 Chs

Welcome to the world of suffering

"Will of the Empress of Swords... Cursed Sword."

Xie Qing's words echoed in the ears of those present, creating an unknown pressure that seemed to grip their hearts, causing tension. Xie Hui was covered in cold sweat and froze, but after two seconds, he looked around in confusion when he felt no changes.

"What? Nothing happened?"

"Was that a bluff? Seriously, man, I was a little scared..."

"Pfft, this bastard made me tense up!"

Xie Qing just coldly watched Xie Hui's every move as he regained his composure.

"Haha... so you were bluffing! I was indeed scared when you mentioned the Empress of Swords, but who would have thought it was a fake!" Xie Hui laughed loudly, ignoring Xie Qing's cold gaze. Then he sneered, "Enough games. You've talked too much, now it's time to die."

However, Xie Qing only faintly smiled at this provocation. Afterward, Xie Hui took a step forward and...