Missing Silver

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What is Missing Silver

Read ‘Missing Silver’ Online for Free, written by the author Princess_debbs26, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering ROMANCE Fiction, MYSTERY Light Novel, VAMPIRE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: I start to feel hot just like the previous time, then pain as my bones start breaking, this time seems to be worse than ...


I start to feel hot just like the previous time, then pain as my bones start breaking, this time seems to be worse than then, Mrs. Jackson said something about the fact I am coming to accept what I am so the change is likely to happen, hence we are here. I felt my finger’s length increasing then claws coming out replacing my nails, my hands look hairy. I felt my feet twisting, I could feel my ears elongating, I freak out, what the hell am I turning to, the transformation seems to stop making me look half-human, half creature. “Silver, you must accept the change for it to happen.” I don’t plan on being stuck in the middle of the two forms so I welcome the change. Then change is now complete, my vision was very sharp, I could see very clearly, my ears seem to work better, I could hear movement outside in the forest, animals heartbeat, I was even aware of my own and Mrs. Jackson heartbeat. I turn to look at her, she looks in awe. “Wow! You are a very rare one Silver. The color of your wolf is very magnificent, Silver, befitting your name, she places a mirror in front of me, then I saw the wolf in my dreams looking at me, she doesn’t look sad anymore, so I was dreaming about my wolf.

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I love how the story is written. I don't mind grammar anyway because we can edit them. I'm more focused on story development and character development. After I read 5 of the chapters, I can say that this story has high potential. I love how well the mc though is well written. I wish chapters were longer so that I can feel the impact of the character. but anyway this is a good read! I'll add it to my collection.


The story has a great plot and an even better cast of characters. The dialogues in the story are realistic and relatable, compared to many other stories where it seems as if they're borderline robotic. The main character is also genuinely likeable, with her own strengths and flaws which makes her much more relatable. The story is filled with mysteries surrounding the main character, the town and its inhabitants and the reader is left with unanswered questions which works as a charm for the story. I'll definitely be keeping up with the updates for this one!


It's a good story with potential. I especially liked the name of the MC - Silver. The author has done a great job of portraying Silver's thoughts throughout the chapters. Good work!


I really love the story! It feels refreshing to read such an amazing novel, especially when it has the mystery tag in it. I have written and pointed out the things that I think needs improvement. feel free to disagree. Kudos for the authro![img=recommend]


Reveal spoiler


I love how the author explains and narrates the story. The story is amazing but I'm hoping for more and more. Keep up the great work author!


very great the starting chapters made me feel like I was watching a drama in TV. it definitely has potential. very good job to the author You deserve this 5 star review 🌟 🌟 🌟 [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


I love silver. She has this touch behind her that gives me the tingles.. Honestly, the start gives a Me a feeling or link towards her. It's so nice to have a character I can actually recokn with


The is a good read, I got hooked from the first chapters. The characters and plot are well developed. The story just leaves you asking for more.


Well I can't say much when I don't really read much but what I can get from from first and second chapters,that the starting starts with sad background which most of the readers empathize with. Its has good starting and solid storyline with little plot hole background.. All in all its good .. So keep up the good work


I like the story overall. But I think you need to fix the vocabulary you use and the grammatical errors. They sometimes make it hard to get through the story due to them.


I love the story, as well as the development. The biggest thing that I have a hard time getting over is the author's writing style. Using commas outside of lists of actions might help with a more natural flow. I love it! Keep it up!


I like the way that the author explains everything in the first chapters but it leaves many questions that mean that there is something that the main character must find on her own and that leaves for something to read but that my opinion not everyone thinks that way but aye it happens. Keep going, author. Bring those questions to answers.


Starting with a funeral is always a pretty strong start to me especially as an inciting incident. I'm intrigued by the mystery of the protagonists origin and while I have some idea of what she is I'm interested to read more and see how she reacts to her heritage and family. TLDR it's a pretty good read.


starts off very well, the story is enjoyable and enjoyable. I like Silver. [img=recommend] for the few chapters that I have read it has amused me.


Great and interesting novel, Author! [img=recommend][img=recommend] The novel has an interesting idea/synopsis, and your book cover is lit! 🔥😊👍🏻 I like the MC's personality, and how you write the novel through her point of view. You update a lot of chapters too which is great. 😁 I added it in my library, and I'll definitely read your updates. (: Though, just a few things... The first chapter needs a little editing, because it's a little confusing due to the typos. But, no worries, you can fix it. I've read the other chapters. :) And it's better not to keep everything in one paragraph, create one more. These are just my opinion and suggestions... so you can just ignore them. 😅 Anyway, good luck, and keep writing! [img=recommend][img=recommend] I like the silver idea btw. 😊💕


The story has a great plot though there are a few spelling and grammatical errors. That can be fixed if you proofread the story. However, good work!


Hi readers, the book is my first book so if you read my book and like it, I will be grateful if you add it to your collection and support me. Thank you 😊.


Good read overall! There are three points I liked about the story. First, Silver is a well established character that her decisions and actions aren't questionable because I got to know where she's coming from. Second, right to the beginning of the story, I already have something to look forward because of mysteries(won't enumerate them though so I won't give away spoilers). Lastly, the complexity of the conflicts created helps me have something to be tensed and thrilled for.


The premise is very interesting and the character voice is very strong. I love the writing style and being in Silver's head. This book reads a lot like a TV show script.


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