1 Pitiful

As Jordan opened her eyes she grunted as she felt a ringing at the back of her head.

Confused, but calm she looked around with an indifferent gaze, then she spoke up.

"Where am I this time?"

The reason Jordan was oh-so-calm is because she had been in this situation an uncountable amount of times before, because some douchebags always had the bright idea of kidnapping her. As such, she was unfazed. Little did she know that this was not at all similar to one of those 'familiar' situations.

Jordan examined herself she noticed that she had an unfamiliar pair of dainty hands instead of her calloused, long ones.

she scowled deeply in confusion, as her eyes darkened.

She pulled off her blanket and walked up to the full body mirror in the corner of the pretty much obvious, pretty pink, girls room.

She cringed at the design. Baby pink frilly dresses stacked in a pile, a dollhouse with extremely mismatched sharpie all over their faces, fairy lights in every nook and cranny, posters of boybands filled up one face of the wall. All of that summed up is jus extremely tacky.

In the reflection of the mirror what she saw was not the 20 year old scammer and 'fabulous' hacker that could strip anyone of their money with just a few sugar coated words and a couple of not so innocent smiles, that absolutely 'everyone' loves, Jordan Carter.

No no no. This was a petite 13 year old with long wavy, golden hair that shun in the sunlight. And grey wicked eyes. Jordan Ashworth.

Jordan staggered as she felt a pulsing sharp pain rushing through her head as unfamiliar information that she had previously had no memory of, invaded into her brain as if it was always there.

Jordan Ashworth. 14 year old female. Considered to be useless in almost everywhere.

That's when it hit her right in the goddamn head (literally...kinda?)

Jordan was not in London. Hiding out from those hunting her down because she may or may of not ran with their 'entirely hard earned' money.

She was in an entirely new Earth. Not quite like the one she new but not entirely different either.

This new country shes in, is called the Devinlere nation. Where nearly everyone considers that the military and those relating to it hold power and those who dont are... 'unuseful'.

And she is in a considered 'unuseful' body.

Jordan now knew exactly what was happening. Jordan is now in a new body. On a new Earth. And a entirely new nation.

Yes. Jordan Carter is now Jordan Ashworth.


[requests meet]

[Now implanting system into body]

Jordan was confused.

"Requests meet? De fùq?"


[Hello Host! I am system 135500 pleasure working with you!]

"System- what-now? have I finally gone mental, sigh, suppose it would'vehappened eventually?" *wipes imaginary tear*

Jordan could've sworn that she had heard a light scoff come from the so-called system just then

[No. unfortunately. you're not 'mental'. And to answer your 'question' yes I am one if those kind of systems you find in manga and novels so dont ask.]

Jordan was about to ask, just until the system spoke up so Jordan just asked.

"Then what do you do?"

The system almost got caught off guard from her question. As none of its hosts that it unfortunately got so far, adapted this... quickly... Although since Jordan was a finely established businesswoman she was excellent at adapting to any given situation. It then caught back its composure as though never even occurred and replied to Jordan.

[If you gain enough successful scams out of people you can use it to get skills and gain things, etcetera. Etcetera]

Jordan thought it over for a moment.

"So what. Do I have some kind of flashy status board of something?"

Without even answering her a reasonable size white status board came in front of her.

NAME: Jordan Ashworth

AGE: 13


SS (successful scams): 0






"That it though?"

Taunted Jordan, noticeably uninterested.

[As I said before if you gain enough SS or do a certain skill multiple times, you can level up the skill or gain more of them as well as leveling up and gaining SS.]

" K. I get the base of it."

[....Host. May I ask you a question?]

"Go ahead."

[Are you not in the least interested about whether you can go back to your old body or your earth?]

Jordan chuckled as she heard this, and answered as if she was leisurely talking about the weather.

"Its not like I have anything or anyone to lose back there."

The system felt pity for this 20 year old in a 13 year old body. Reason being because it already knew of her past.

Jordan Carter. 20 year old scammer lived in the slums. Scams and hacks 'narssasistic CEO of Amaz*n' type rich people for a living. Orphaned because her parents didnt want a girl, y'know, that sexist bullshit. Taken in by a general of the special forces of the army of England and got harshly trained to be perfect at everything to keep her alive including assasination, hacking, driving, instruments, basic and advanced intelligenc, acting and so much more to make her suffer. Later on, the general who took her in and practically became a father figure to her was called out to go to an urgent mission and unfortunately never came back. Having lost her only family, Jordan ran away from the army faking her death. Then, for revenge, massacred the entire squadron of the enemy that killed her adoptive father due to the fact she couldnt point out who did it directly. And lived the rest of her life scamming other for rich sugar daddies for money, since it was weirdly one the things she was best at. That sums it up.

Quite pitiful indeed.

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