Miss Qiu Pursues Her Dreams After Being Reborn! Book

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Miss Qiu Pursues Her Dreams After Being Reborn!

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Qiu Ying was reborn, back to her third year in high school. Finally, she could escape from the devil, Qi Yue! In her last life, her mother was agitated after her father’s death and that ended her artistic career. Even though she liked music and dancing, Qiu Ying gave up her dream because she cherished her mother. However, fate was not kind to her at all. Qi Yue had targeted her, and she became a caged canary in his care. To others, she was a dirty, lowly mistress. She thought that everyone would be happy by sacrificing herself, but she didn’t expect that she wouldn’t be able to see her loved ones even till the day she died. The teacher who was kind to her died of depression, her best friend was pushed off a balcony and fell into a vegetative state, and her oxygen mask was unplugged and she died! Even her brother, who was not related by blood, had both his legs crippled and became a disabled person! This time, she escaped from the suffocating city and was about to pursue her dreams again, but she never expected to meet an old friend who she only met once. What was more unexpected was for a man who hated her in her last life actually fell in love with her in this life!“Give me a reason for rejecting me,” the man said as he pressed Qiu Yang against the wall, his eyes narrowed dangerously. “People say the gap between our status is too big, and I don’t deserve you,” Qiu Yang answered honestly. Hearing this, the man chuckled and kissed her gently. “Then, I’ll leave my family with nothing but the shirt on my back and marry you, and you’ll take care of me, okay?”


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