11 Chapter 7.5: Happily Ever After

Gin's POV

I am Gin Ayuzawa, the younger brother of Rin Ayuzawa and a freshman at Aoko High. I'm the electric guitarist in the music club and also a member of the health club.

Today is the first activity of the health club and we will be helping in an orphanage. I don't know what my sister thought when they formed this club but for me, this is a great opportunity to help others.

I'm so happy because I'm on the same team as the girl I like, Mine Claes, and her friend, Chelsea. We are now in the storage room to get the cleaning materials because we were assigned to help clean this place.

"Gin, can you help me carry these?" said Mine and pointed to the cleaning materials. Oh sure! Anything for my baby~

"O-Okay," I answered. Shoot. I almost said what's on my mind.

"Thank you!" she said with a sweet, endearing smile. Oh, I'm mesmerized.

"You're always welcome," I replied while wearing the best smile I could give. I hope she smiles back- eh? Where are they? They already left?! Without me?!

I immediately picked up the things and looked for them. Where are those two? Later I saw them hiding on the side of the wall. Why are they peeking on the other side?

"What are you doin-"

"Shhhh!" they told me to keep quiet. I approached them slowly and found out that they're eavesdropping in Ms. Sara and Sir Adachi's conversation and I peeked together with them. I noticed from the time we got here that there's something between those two. Teehee.

"They seem to be close," I commented.

"Yeah, and they're not even using formalities," said Mine.

"Tsk, they just met each other today, right?" Chelsea said irritably and looked away.

"I heard that Sir Adachi has been volunteering here before. There must be something between the-"

"NO WAY!" Chelsea suddenly interrupted what I was about to say. Why is she overreacting?

"Why are you so affected Chels?" Mine asked her.

"Uh, nothing," she said and avoided eye contact with Mine. What's wrong with her? Don't tell me she-

I put down the things I'm carrying because it was too heavy.


"Oh, sorry sorry." I just realized that I stepped on Mine's foot. Then suddenly, I tripped on Chelsea's leg. Oh no, I didn't fall, because WE ALL FELL AND WHAT'S WORSE IS MS. SARA AND SIR ADACHI SAW US! WE'RE DOOMED.

Yuno's POV

I am Yuno Minerva, a player and so-called school prince in Aoko High. I know girls just like the back of my hand. I never had a hard time dealing with them, except for Miyu. I'm with her all this time and she's not saying a word. Could it be that she's angry because I laughed and told others that she was mistaken as a ghost in Ghost club? I already apologized for that though. Maybe she's just shy or she doesn't like socializing. Whatever.

We are now taking care of the little kids, with some older ones helping us. The kids are asking Miyu to show her face but she refused, no matter how many times they pleaded. I don't know why she doesn't like anyone to see her face. I'm starting to get curious about her.

"Miyu! Can you tell us a story?" the kids asked.

"Hmm... okay," she said with a low tone. She finally talked. Phew.

"Once upon a time, there was an orphanage with 30 children and a mom who's taking care of them," she said as she started the story. There's a book in her hand but I don't think she's reading it.

"They lived a happy life in a loving home that is full of happiness, without knowing the fate that awaits them..." that sounds suspicious to me; I hope it's not a horror story. Sorry about the prejudice but based on her looks, she looks like someone who loves horror stories.

"One night, Ella woke up to pee when she saw their mom holding a torch and a knife with blood. Out of curiosity, she followed her to the basement..." the kids are getting scared, so I let them hold my hand.

"What's in the basement Yuno?" the children asked me. I have a bad feeling about this. Should I tell her to stop? The kids look intrigued by the plot though.

"Listen to the story for you to find out," I replied.

"She wanted to see what her mom is doing late at night, so she opened the door... and she saw a pile of dead bodies of little children just like them, which made her scream... and guess what? HER MOM HEARD HER AND RUN AFTER HE-"

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" the children shouted in fear and some of them started crying. Oh no.

"And they lived happily ever after!" I said to stop them from crying. Sigh.

To be continued...

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