6 Chapter 4: Bunch of Weirdos

I am now busy preparing for the student council election. As a candidate for the presidency, I have to prepare my platforms for this school year. I also need to recruit members to join my party list.

The requirements for the 'health club' were added to the things I need to do! It's all his fault! If he hadn't act weird yesterday, we don't have had to create a new club.

"GAHHHH! Why do I need to fill up this form? I don't even know the purpose of our club!" irritated I said. I can't say that this was made as an excuse for getting caught 'flirting' while club hours. Sigh.

"What made you create a new club anyway?" Gin replied while eating breakfast.

"It's none of your business, just focus on your studies," I answered while massaging my temple.

"What if I want to join? You need new members right?" Oh, I just remembered... Every club must have at least 5 members because if not, it will be disbanded after a month.

"Wow! You're joining a club aside from your beloved music band? It's a miracle." I said as I teased him. He's so into music and doesn't want to join other clubs aside from that. It's a miracle that he is willing to join our health club.

"Why? You got some problem with that?" he replied.

"Okay fin-" I was interrupted when he answered again.

"In one condition..."

"What is it?"

"Mine should join too," he replied as he brushed off his hair using his fingers. I already told him that Mine likes someone else but boy, he's hopeless. I immediately texted Mine to join, and Chelsea too 'cause you know... they're inseparable.

"Okay", "Anything for you Rin!" they replied. Yes!


Today will be our club's first meeting with all the members. Gin and I entered our club room and but then...

"AAAAAAAAAAAH!" we both shouted when we saw a girl with long hair covering almost half her face.

"Uhm, g-good afternoon." she stammered. Phew! What a relief.

"Hey Gin, it's Miyu," I said then approached my brother who's about to faint because he can't handle scary things.

"I-I'm sorry," Miyu apologized for scaring us.

"Don't worry, it's okay. Are you the first one to arrive here?" I asked her.

"Yes," she replied with her head down.

Miyuki Arima, a freshman student we met yesterday. She is a member of our newly-formed health club. She is timid and quiet, but I can tell that she's kind. I hope she would open up to us.

After few minutes, our clubmates came one after another and we are finally complete. The official members of the health club are Akio Tanaka, Miyuki Arima, Gin Ayuzawa, Mine Claes, Chelsea Kaede, and me.

"Good afternoon!" someone entered after few knocks at the door.

"Oh, there you are," Aki said then waved at him. Did he invite him to our club?

"Hi, I'm Yuno Minerva, the so-called 'School Prince' here at Aoko High." the blue-haired guy said full of confidence. He's a second-year just like me, but from a different section, class a-2. I see him hang out with Aki a lot, so it's safe to say that they're friends.

"You said you're in the health club. It's more likely a bunch of weirdos," he said insultingly which made me frown. Just like Aki, he's so annoying. Friendship goals huh.

"Why are you frowning? It's true. Look at that anime-freak." he said referring to Chelsea who was busy reading the manga.

"And that creepy long-haired girl." at the same time pointing to Miyu. I glared at Aki as if to say that 'if you do not silence him, I will punch him.'

"Hey stop!" he scolded Yuno. I guess he understood what I meant.

"Did you know? Miyu tried to join the ghost club but they mistook her for a ghost and panicked," he said then laugh loudly while showing his canine tooth. But he stopped as soon as he noticed Miyu lowered her head.

"Oh, I mean... uhm, i-it's not an insult..." he gulped when he saw everyone glaring at him.

"You know... we are a unique individual and that's what makes us special," he explained. What a lame excuse.

"What are you doing here?" I asked with arms crossed.

"Hi, you're Miss Number Two right-?"

"Who said you could call her by that name ?!" Aki said as he pulls Yuno's collar.

"Why? is it a special nickname for a special some- AAAAAAAAAAH!" he stopped when Aki covered his mouth. I face-palmed as I try to calm myself. They're so noisy.

"By the way, I'm here because Aki told me to join this club. Please welcome me." Wow, he has some nerve. Asking us to welcome him after insulting our club. What a pain in the ass.

We finally had our meeting. We decided to do a feeding program at the orphanage that Aoko High is funding, twice a month.

"Let's call it a day then," I stated.

"Wait, who is the president of this club?" Mine suddenly asked.

"THAT'S ME OF COURSE!" Aki and I said at the same time.

"What? I should be the president because I recruited our three members."

" Excuse me, I created this club and brought four members," we argued.

"What? You just brought that annoying blue-haired!" I said while pointing at Yuno.

"Please call me School Princ-"

"SHUT UP." Aki and I said as we interrupt what Yuno will say.

"Excuse me, I recruited myself, Miyu, Yuno, and you," Aki stated.

"But I'm popular with girls-"


"Man, both of you are cold," Yuno complained. He's too naughty! I can't stand this guy.

In the end, Aki became the president of the health club. Sigh.

To be continued...

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