Miss Chicken & Her Mister Book

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Miss Chicken & Her Mister


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Chang Seol runs away from home and ends up in a sharehouse. Though she has one or two secrets, she only wants to live a low-key life. Falling in love isn't in her plans but it happens anyway. So, she likes kissing a certain someone and touching him here and there. When she tells him that she likes him, she gets chicken-zoned? God-daughter zoned? Pillow-zoned? Voice-zoned? There is no lack of zones but he never puts her in the love-zone. But then... how did she become a chicken for real? So, she's a shapeshifter? But who is Mister? Why is he turning more mysterious day by day? When she doesn't win his love after trying so hard, Chang Seol returns to her true world. It's a world of magic, lies, and war. She must shed her old self and lead her people. However, why is a certain Mister chasing her now? *** Mister: Keep distance. We are friends. Miss Chicken hugs him tightly. Mister: You are my goddaughter. Miss Chicken pecks him on his lips. Mister: I don't have any feelings for you. Miss Chicken listens to his heartbeat and smiles. How long can Mister hide his feelings from her? ***** Are you into fluffy shapeshifters, petty drama, dark conspiracies, mysterious worlds, thrilling adventure, comedic romance, and a shameless female lead who likes to steal kisses? This novel might be for you (^_^) **** Instagram: Koch_Norah Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/norah_koch ***Cover is Mine ****Full list of my novels******* Novels with Interconnected Worlds: 1. The Love That Remains (Completed) 2. His Mischievous Time-Traveler: How to capture a celebrity husband? (Completed) 3. His Devious Harbinger: How To Tame A Wicked God? (Completed) 4. Supernatural Investigation 101: Chronicles of Nakashima Wakana  5. When A Ghoul Falls In Love 6. Hunting for a Husband in a Vampire Apocalypse Standalone Novels:  Her Wicked CEO: How To Seduce A Hikikomori Wife? Miss Chicken & Her Mister The Villainous Emperor is My Pet? (Available on Goodnovel.Com) Bad x Bad: My Dear Hana (Available on Goodnovel.Com)


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