Miss Chen Becomes a Cannon-fodder Villainess and Has a Super Strong Husband!

Author: JQK
Contemporary Romance
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What is Miss Chen Becomes a Cannon-fodder Villainess and Has a Super Strong Husband!

Read ‘Miss Chen Becomes a Cannon-fodder Villainess and Has a Super Strong Husband!’ Online for Free, written by the author JQK, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering BOOKTRANSMIGRATION Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: After sleeping with a stranger, Chen Lan woke up to find that she had transmigrated into a novel!As a modern working per...


After sleeping with a stranger, Chen Lan woke up to find that she had transmigrated into a novel! As a modern working person, Chen Lan had diligently worked hard and slept little. Finally, she won a lottery jackpot of fifty million yuan! Just when she was planning to enjoy life and pamper herself with a handsome guy, she was transformed into the book's villainess. In the novel, Chen Lan had a privileged upbringing as a beloved princess of her family. However, she relentlessly pursued the male lead who didn't love her, damaging her own reputation. Her father forced her to marry her current husband, but she continued her infatuation with the male lead, causing harm to her loved ones and eventually meeting a tragic end at the hands of kidnappers. Luckily, when Chen Lan transmigrated into this world, the original host had just married, and she had a chance to change things. Even more surprising was that her new husband was much more handsome than the male lead in the book! Chen Lan couldn't help but think, 'The original host must have been blind to reject such a handsome man and chase after the male lead.' Determined to alter her tragic fate, save her family, and stay close to her handsome new husband, Chen Lan decisively gave up on the male lead from the novel and embraced her newlywed husband instead. On their wedding night, the husband was taken aback by the change in Chen Lan's behavior. He wondered if she was deceiving him or mistaking him for someone else. With a serious expression, Chen Lan assured him, "I really like you! I won't treat you badly!!"

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this is very very good want more more more chaps someone helpnme find raw couldn't wait anymore to read


it seems similar to another novel but i await this one. waiting for it[img=recommend]


Ooh la la that heated up fast! I want more.


great so far can't wait to see what's next[img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


I guess I'm just tired of the same old plot scenario where the ultimate lesson learned is not to have your own opinions but being obedient to your parents and spreading your legs happily in a forced marriage. likewise it never addressed properly that the transmigrator is actively working against with the original person wanted? or better yet why is it never addressed that even if the transmigrator decides to stay in the marriage the parents never suffer repercussions for essentially selling their daughter and not respecting her decisions at all. and don't come at me about them being bad decisions or blah blah blah. would it boils down to and all of these books that go this route is that a happy ending comes if you are obedient towards your parents and accept any decision they make about your life for you and a bad ending comes if you try to make any independent decision about your life in general. and we're all supposed to forget this and accept it because the male lead is ever so handsome and the parents totally dote on their kid


Enjoying this book this far… interesting story line, characters are intriguing, and like how the lead is trying to right her ways and rewriting her future. Kudos to the author and look forward to more!


thank you dear author 😊 I love the plot of the story ☺️ and I'm very much looking forward to the following chapters 😁 good for if 😍😍😍


Can't wait to read more of this book. Thanks to the author 👍


very good [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


Reveal spoiler


I like this book a lot. I just hope that this book would start to update soon


The MC is determined and a forward thinker with common sense. The ML is strong and kind. Her family are interesting characters and she has a sweet friend that has puppy energy. there are only 40 chapters so far so hope more get released soon because i want to see what happens next. There are some minor issues that are either forgotten or mistranslated, like the amount of the lotto win. its obviously gone because of the time travel, nut she mentions it with regret about not being able to spend it and the amount changes about 3 times. There is a nice flow and as you are reading, you dont get stuck on any words or scenes that dont seem right so the reading experience is nice. So far its a solid story with interesting characters and I am invested in what happens next.




Reveal spoiler


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Excited for more[img=recommend] [img=update]


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