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Misguided Mike (Coming Soon)


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Join Mike in his misadventures as he tries his best to save himself from his own paranoia. "Lord Mikael, your benevolence knows no bounds. You are a hero deserving of the world's gratitude!" "Eh?! What are you talking about?" "Ummm... Aren't you trying to save the world?" "World?! No-uh! Never! I am trying to save myself. Saving the world? Pffft. That's like the best joke of the century." Misguided Mike is a story about a young man whose exaggeration is like the softest rock!—Full of paradox and shit. "Sir Mike, why are you dipping your sword in... Ummm~ in... This is embarrassing, sheesh..." "Spit it out." "..." "What?" "In shit... Why do you dip them in shit?" "Ah~ It's for the extra poison damage. Wait, who here is diabetic? Can you please pee on my sword? Or maybe donate some of your blood? If you have STD, that would be better. What STD?~ as a myriad of confusion spreads from Mike's shenanigans, the world is further plunged into turmoil by Mike's hate for comedy, elitism, and authority whilst he promotes his ideologies. "I am not forcing my ideology on you. I am only preaching my wisdom." "What the fuck!? What wisdom?" "Just listen, when you are born into this world~ you are given life. So, you should cherish it." "Uhu... So?" "No one escapes from life alive." "..." "No one escapes from life alive." "..." "No one escapes from life alive." "Excuse me?" "No one escapes from life alive." "Huh? Haaah!? Are you sure this is not a cult?" Misguided. Misunderstood. Mischievous. Manic. Magnanimous. Measly. Mediocre— dangerously mediocre— just like the unassuming clouds that hide the wrath of storms. "I don't like comedy. Me being here is not a joke. So, behave." As Mike drove his steel to his heart, Mike smiled with delusional fervor. Just who is this Mike???


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