1 I Hate College

A bright light. That's the last thing I saw before I died and the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes.

I'm getting ahead of myself, but I want to remember this next part.

I was just a normal college student, not even a very good one. I had been pretty adamant about not going to college for a long time. I was eventually pursueded by the idea of living on my own, a sense of freedom. I packed up my things and moved to a city a few hours from my home town, nothing too extreme, but I left a lot of close friends behind.

A two year college course was promised from the advertisement. A degree in game art design.

In hindsight, everything was way too good to be true, and if I could go back to that point in my life I would slap myself and just go back to community college.

So there I was in the city, living in a small room in someone else's house, paying far too much for everything. Frankly speaking I would rather not relive this particular part of my life so I'll skip ahead to the day I died, or at least where I think I died.

I had just been told that my college campus was going to shut down, but only in the city I was currently living in.. After two years and an extension for another year later, being told that the school I needed to attend was being shut down, I was livid. They weren't going to refund me any of the money either since it was only the campus that was closing and not the actual school itself. I was told that in order to continue my schooling I had to move to yet another city that was further away and also more expensive.

In the middle of a heavy internal debate with myself I received a text from the friend I was planning on sharing housing with. They told me that the arrangements were changed and I would have to find new options last minute on my own.

Suffice to say, my life was very quickly falling apart. I remember looking out into the busy high way near the mall I worked part time at, considering the option of just ending things there by tossing my exhausted body onto an oncoming truck. I didn't do it of course because I'm not insane.

But ... I wanted to.

I wiped the stress tears from my face and decided to simply drop out and move back home. I would find a job to pay my student loans and pursue my game making ideas with the help of friends and many online tutorials. I was almost relieved really. I could at least say I tried my best.

Life just wasn't fair to me, and I was tired of trying to make it fair.

So I took my time walking back to the bedroom that I called home. As I was walking I got a call from my mom. The sigh in my chest caught as I picked up the phone, I wasn't prepared to have this conversation with her at the moment.

Not much was said before I heard a scream not too far away from me.

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