Miracle Summoner

"The talent in magic is top-notch, but physical abilities are worthless? Summoning numerous familiars, yet staying in the back alone? To this, I only have one thing to say. 'None of that matters!' This is the story of a young boy who cherishes miracles, both receiving and giving." "As long as I have my familiars (companions), I am invincible!" -------------------------------------------------- [This is a translation! The story does not belong to me. The author who wrote this is, in my opinion, one of the best fan fic author I've known and none other can compete with his work. I want his amazing story to reach other readers too. He's written multiple works and this is not his best. I just wanna try translating this one cuz I don't want to ruin his best work. So I'll see if I can translate this properly. I'll be using Google translate and Chat GBT to help me translate this as good as possible. And please if you can, support the original author of this story. The Author's name is "RuQingRuSu". I hope you guys enjoy. ] I'll try and upload at least 5 chapters a day since the author already finished this story. I've just started so I'll be updating this book as much as I can per day.

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-942- Do I even have a choice?

In its structure, Itogami Island is a massive metal island formed by four artificial islands.

At the center of Itogami Island stands a huge composite building with twelve floors, resembling an inverted pyramid. It serves as the tallest structure on Itogami Island, housing governmental halls such as the city hall, along with numerous hotels and commercial establishments, playing a crucial role as the island's administrative hub.

Below sea level, there is a facility managing the artificial islands, spanning up to forty floors.

This structure, with a diameter of less than two kilometers, acts as a connecting hub, linking the four artificial islands of Itogami. It absorbs and buffers the distortions and vibrations caused by sea currents or waves between the artificial islands.

Without the operation of this facility, there would be an immediate risk of collision or even disintegration of the four regions of Itogami Island. Therefore, in terms of importance, this building can be considered the first on the island.

The Minamiya siblings, Natsuki and Rozen, reside in the western region of Itogami Island.

Here, there is an upscale residential area, and the Minamiya family lives on the top floor of a particularly luxurious apartment. Considering Natsuki's role as a national attack mage and the instructor for the special district security team, their family could be considered affluent, if not nobility.

Rozen steps out of his room and enters the lobby of the suite that resembles a luxury hotel. He yawns and walks forward sluggishly.

The next moment...


A mysterious impact explodes on Rozen's drowsy forehead, causing his sleepiness to vanish instantly. Holding his head, he crouches on the ground.


Natsuki sits on a sofa, quite a distance from Rozen. She waves a lacy fan, seemingly the source of the impact on Rozen's forehead.

Even though there is a considerable distance between them, she managed to hit Rozen. Undoubtedly, it's an application of space manipulation magic.

The stern sister addresses Rozen, who is crouching on the floor.

"I've told you so many times, such untidy laziness is not allowed even at home. Pull yourself together."

It seems Natsuki smacked Rozen for that reason.

Rozen immediately protests.

"It's at home anyway. What's the point of maintaining a good image?"

Rozen protests like this.

However, Natsuki pays no attention.

"Habits are something that can be reflected in daily life. If you can maintain a good spirit and etiquette at home, it will form an existence called charisma. Your value outside will rise with it. Don't let me repeatedly remind you of such things."

Natsuki, like teaching the heir of nobility to grow up, taps her fan in front of herself.

"Alright, go make a cup of black tea for me. Same flavor as usual, a slight deviation is allowed, but the tolerance is only around ten, understood?"

Hearing this, Rozen's mouth twitched and ultimately sighs as he stands up.

This is the daily life of Rozen and Natsuki - a demanding and strict elder sister with a seemingly lazy but academically exceptional younger brother.

In the past, although Rozen possessed numerous knowledge, it was merely scholarly. Coupled with his tendency to stay at home for training, despite surviving for decades, he lacked significant life experience and appeared like a mischievous child, showing little progress in his mental development.

However, this time, in this world, Rozen has undergone a significant transformation.

At least, Natsuki is not satisfied with just getting good grades from Rozen. As mentioned before, whether in daily life or noble etiquette, she has given rigorous guidance and corrections, enabling Rozen to develop one unexpected ability after another.

As it is now, Rozen is no longer just someone who reads, practices, and plays games like in the past. Thanks to Natsuki's rigorous training, he has expanded his skills from small tasks like making tea, cooking, and doing household chores to larger areas like social dancing, playing the violin, and academic research.

////Most normal Asian parent lol////

This has given Rozen a feeling as if he were born into nobility or even royalty.

However, unlike nobility or royal heirs, who might not learn tasks like making tea, cooking, and handling household chores, Rozen has been trained in almost everything by Natsuki.

It seems like Natsuki has high expectations for Rozen, treating him as if he were the heir of the family, thoroughly cultivating him. She shows an extreme and strict side, not just as a teacher but also as an instructor.

Perhaps, even when facing students in the school or members of the special district security team, Natsuki has never been this strict before.

It's evident that Natsuki places great hope in Rozen, seemingly enjoying the process of cultivating him. Of course, Rozen has attempted to resist.

In the past, Rozen was used to a life where everything came easily. Despite being diligent in magic, in his normal life, he was quite lazy. Even with his outstanding learning abilities, especially after gaining the Heaven's Eye, he was not willing to spend time on these things.

However, Rozen still remembers vividly the first time he resisted Natsuki. Natsuki responded with a statement like, "If you're going to be lazy, let your big sister take care of you." That night, Rozen found himself magically thrown into the bathroom, and Natsuki declared that she would help him bathe.

And then... there was no "then"...

Rozen will never forget how he was bathed in such a humiliating way by Natsuki that day. And to add to the embarrassment, Natsuki even took pictures.

"Isn't it the duty of an elder sister to record the growth and daily life of her cute younger brother?" Natsuki said as if it were the most natural thing.

On that day, Rozen literally cried.

After that incident, Rozen never resisted Natsuki again. If he rebelled against Natsuki, he couldn't imagine how he would be treated, and those so-called records might just disappear and spread on the internet.

So, Rozen not only gained high abilities in knowledge but excelled in various aspects.

Now, Rozen, even when taken by Natsuki to attend a royal ball, could become the most eye-catching prince.

Even this prince is now making tea under his sister's control.

"Please enjoy the tea, Onee-sama."

Rozen serves a perfectly executed butler-like gesture, presenting a fragrant cup of black tea.


Natsuki, who is reading a book, takes the offered tea, sips it lightly, and then gives a satisfied evaluation.

"Not bad. Deviation is less than one, very close to the perfect taste I desire. Keep it up."

Natsuki gives a fair yet demanding evaluation.


Rozen suppresses a sigh and responds.

Then, Natsuki puts down her tea cup and book, looking at Rozen.

"By the way, Nichiyo, you've graduated from elementary school, right?" Natsuki says, "Next is entering junior high. Do you have a school in mind?"

Upon hearing this, Rozen almost reflexively wants to say, "A school farthest away from you would be great."

However, he doesn't get the chance to say it because...

"Saikai Academy is a private school that combines junior high and high school. Although it's not a prestigious school, since I work there as a teacher, as your sister, you should feel that attending junior high at Saikai Academy is good, right?"

Natsuki opens her mouth with a charming smile.

And Rozen's mouth is already twitching, feeling like crying inside.

"Do I even have a choice?"

Rozen forces a smile that looks worse than crying.

"What do you think?"

Natsuki smiles in a very cute and sweet manner.

And so, Rozen sheds tears.