Miracle Summoner

"The talent in magic is top-notch, but physical abilities are worthless? Summoning numerous familiars, yet staying in the back alone? To this, I only have one thing to say. 'None of that matters!' This is the story of a young boy who cherishes miracles, both receiving and giving." "As long as I have my familiars (companions), I am invincible!" -------------------------------------------------- [This is a translation! The story does not belong to me. The author who wrote this is, in my opinion, one of the best fan fic author I've known and none other can compete with his work. I want his amazing story to reach other readers too. He's written multiple works and this is not his best. I just wanna try translating this one cuz I don't want to ruin his best work. So I'll see if I can translate this properly. I'll be using Google translate and Chat GBT to help me translate this as good as possible. And please if you can, support the original author of this story. The Author's name is "RuQingRuSu". I hope you guys enjoy. ] I'll try and upload at least 5 chapters a day since the author already finished this story. I've just started so I'll be updating this book as much as I can per day.

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-324- Heathcliff's astonishment

On the other hand, Heathcliff was marveling at the performance of the two Rainbow Butterfly familiars.

"I never expected them to reach this level..."

Under Heathcliff's amazed voice, Saichou and Hanachou flew towards him.


First to catch up was Saichou, which had a higher level and faster speed. It positioned itself above Heathcliff's head and flapped its wings, causing yellow phosphorescent particles to sprinkle like fluorescence.

Even a floor guardian boss could be controlled by the familiars' abilities, so Heathcliff naturally didn't dare to be hit.

At that moment, relying on his exceptional AGI (Agility), Heathcliff swiftly moved to the side, evading the falling phosphorescent particles.

Indeed, the Rainbow Butterfly familiars' abilities were powerful; even a boss could be controlled and turned into a target. However, players were not large-sized monsters that lacked the ability to dodge or observe. The familiars' abilities would find it much harder to hit players.

As long as one wasn't hit, even the most powerful ability would become a mere display, utterly useless.

Heathcliff skillfully evaded the familiars' abilities, then raised the cross sword in his hand toward the fluttering familiars in the air.

However, before that, the Rainbow Butterfly familiars had already flapped their wings after releasing the phosphorescent particles, flying upward.

It was due to witnessing this performance that Heathcliff expressed such astonishment.

"The AI program for familiars is supposed to be very simple, only slightly more advanced than monsters. Even though they can act according to players' commands, they can only understand a limited set of instructions, incapable of comprehending complex ones."

But Saichou was acting on its own judgment when attacked, ascending into the air without any player commands.

"No, it's not judgment, it's the result of learning."

Heathcliff had noticed this.

The AI program for familiars wasn't complex enough to understand overly intricate commands. But if that was the case, wouldn't they naturally follow simple instructions?

Although it also depended on the intimacy and favorability between the player and the familiars, Rozen and Saichou's bond was not low.

As a result, Rozen taught Saichou one thing.

"As soon as you use a skill, immediately ascend."

This was the instruction Rozen gave every time, with the goal of forming a habit for Saichou to ascend after using a skill, creating a pattern of action.

Over time, Saichou's AI program learned this pattern of action and turned it into a habit.

"Even dogs can be trained, and a familiar's AI program isn't lower than that of a dog. Learning is possible."

Using this approach, Rozen consistently challenged the limits of Saichou's AI program over the past half-year, instilling various action patterns into it, allowing it to exhibit a certain level of combat effectiveness even without Rozen's commands.

Therefore, if Heathcliff had a better understanding of the game's system than the average player, Rozen's thoughts and ideas were much higher. It was only because of this that he could think of teaching familiars, which consisted of nothing more than simple data and files, within a game.

By pinpointing the edges and limits of their AI programs and instilling various action patterns, they became effective in combat, even without Rozen's command.

This is Rozen's cultivation of the Rainbow Butterfly familiar.

He not only cultivated its level and skills but also put in a great deal of effort in developing its combat awareness, experience, behavior, and more.

And this kind of cultivation was undoubtedly highly effective.

Just like now, Heathcliff couldn't possibly hit Saichou.

"In SAO, players don't have flight abilities, so dealing with flying monsters is undoubtedly quite difficult."

For such monsters, players could either lure them down for an attack or jump up while having sufficient jumping skills and parameters, while also enduring the risk of being attacked mid-air. Alternatively, they could use throwing items or long-range attacks.

And Heathcliff could affirm.

"Among the action patterns recorded in this Rainbow Butterfly familiars' AI program, there must be patterns that react to players jumping to evade, or flying away upon seeing them take out throwing items. There might even be parts that remain unfazed by luring tactics."

How could Heathcliff not be amazed at this?

"If it continues to learn like this, the familiars' AI program might even evolve."

As Heathcliff marveled at this possibility, his eyes were shining brightly.

That appearance was as if he had seen something he deeply cherished.


At this moment, Hanachou also glided over at a slightly slower speed, spreading black phosphorescent particles towards Heathcliff.

It wasn't the "Paralysis Powder" skill but the "Blinding Powder" skill.

Heathcliff immediately stepped and narrowly evaded the falling black phosphorescent particles from above. In that moment of evasion, he halted his movement, and with his Holy Sword trailing an effects glow, he lunged towards the ascending Hanachou in mid-air.


Amidst a slight tearing sound, the tip of the Holy Sword sliced across Hanachou's abdomen.


Hanachou immediately let out a painful cry, and its HP bar dropped from the green area to the yellow area, barely avoiding falling into the red zone.

Compared to Saichou, Hanachou was only around level twenty, and it was of the low-HP type. If it hadn't already ascended quite a bit, the sword's tip grazing it might have resulted in Heathcliff immediately killing it.

However, Hanachou smoothly ascended, evading Heathcliff's pursuit.

Seeing this, Heathcliff nodded.

"The AI of that Rainbow Butterfly familiar hasn't fully learned the new action patterns."

No matter how skilled Rozen was, it wasn't possible for Hanachou, a familiar obtained just yesterday, to be as effective as Saichou.

Even so, Heathcliff wasn't disappointed.

"To be able to cultivate it like this in just one day, it's truly astonishing."

Heathcliff involuntarily let out these words.

Right after...

"What's even more surprising is yet to come."

When this sentence rang out behind Heathcliff, his expression finally changed.

At the same time, a figure moved at a speed akin to blending with the air, as if following gravity and air resistance. It soundlessly approached Heathcliff from behind.


The effects glow of a sword skill illuminated behind Heathcliff, and the Holy Sword swept through space, slashing towards Heathcliff.

This strike's speed and power reached the system's limits, making it akin to thunder as it slashed through the air.

"Not going to be that easy!"

Heathcliff couldn't help but shout, quickly turning around at the fastest speed, raising his cross-shaped shield to protect himself.

The next moment, the thunder-like strike collided with the wall-like shield.


A muffled impact sound replaced the sound of collision, erupting between Rozen and Heathcliff.