Miracle Summoner

"The talent in magic is top-notch, but physical abilities are worthless? Summoning numerous familiars, yet staying in the back alone? To this, I only have one thing to say. 'None of that matters!' This is the story of a young boy who cherishes miracles, both receiving and giving." "As long as I have my familiars (companions), I am invincible!" -------------------------------------------------- [This is a translation! The story does not belong to me. The author who wrote this is, in my opinion, one of the best fan fic author I've known and none other can compete with his work. I want his amazing story to reach other readers too. He's written multiple works and this is not his best. I just wanna try translating this one cuz I don't want to ruin his best work. So I'll see if I can translate this properly. I'll be using Google translate and Chat GBT to help me translate this as good as possible. And please if you can, support the original author of this story. The Author's name is "RuQingRuSu". I hope you guys enjoy. ] I'll try and upload at least 5 chapters a day since the author already finished this story. I've just started so I'll be updating this book as much as I can per day.

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-268- The odd transaction

After a month, just like Rozen, Kirito had undergone a remarkable transformation.

Rozen could tell at a glance that Kirito's equipment had significantly improved in quality. Not only had his armor been thoroughly upgraded, but even the "Anneal Blade" on his back emitted a faint radiance.

Clearly, that sword had undergone significant enhancement as well.

Although a month had passed since Rozen and Kirito last met, they had already added each other as friends and could communicate outside the labyrinth area. Rozen had learned about Kirito's progress, including his level and equipment quality.

For instance, Kirito's "Anneal Blade" had been enhanced to +6, and the enhancements were in the parameters of "Sharpness +3" and "Durability +3". If he were to sell it on the market, he could easily get around 30,000 col.

As for Kirito's level, he had reached level 12, two levels ahead of the average top player level of 10.

This was all just the surface of their strength.

And as one could imagine, Kirito's skills had definitely become more proficient, and he might have even discovered some tricks for using "Mind's Eye".

In Rozen's mind, his evaluation of his brother was exceptionally high.

No matter what, with Kirito's arrival, Rozen felt much more at ease.

"I heard from Argo that you've been spending a lot of time in the labyrinth recently. How come I haven't run into you?" While reminiscing with Kirito, Rozen posed this question.

In response, Kirito answered:

"I heard that there have been some incidents involving orange players in the labyrinth area recently, causing quite a commotion. To avoid getting dragged into it, I've been staying around floors fifteen and sixteen, not going up to floor seventeen."

It was all because of the trouble caused by the orange players?

"As for you, I asked Argo too. Even though you've been in the labyrinth area, you've been blocked by many players in the training area, right?" Kirito looked at Rozen, his eyes revealing a trace of gloom.

Even though he had an understanding of Rozen's recent situation and knew that Rozen was doing fine, the fact that Rozen bore the burden of most players' resentment toward beta testers weighed on Kirito's mind.

After all, Kirito was a beta tester too.

As long as he was a beta tester, he couldn't help but apologize to Rozen.

It was clear that Rozen was shouldering all the grievances directed at beta testers, and for this, he had faced several dangers.

Furthermore, Rozen was his real-world brother. How could Kirito not feel uncomfortable about it?

"Rozen, I..."

At that moment, Kirito wanted to say something, but Rozen interrupted him.

"Alright, don't take all the blame onto yourself." Rozen patted Kirito's shoulder and continued, "True, because I was the only beta tester recognized, other players directed their anger at me. But that's what others did, not you."

Rozen didn't think other beta testers should step up and take the blame he was receiving. He didn't want others to shoulder the criticism he faced alone.

"No matter what, I'm the one who's unwilling to give up on my familier. If I were really afraid of others' disdain, I wouldn't have strolled into town so casually and even roamed around the labyrinth area."

Rozen's tone didn't show any trace of concern.

Even if he acted childish, Rozen didn't consider placing blame on Kirito.

"So, don't overthink it."

Rozen said this with an unwavering tone, causing Kirito to smile wryly.

"You're still the same as before, sometimes stubborn, and sometimes your arguments are so unassailable that it's hard to refute them."

Kirito said this with a touch of emotion, making Rozen chuckle.

"Enough about that." Rozen asked Kirito the question he was most curious about, "How about it? Do you have a better grasp of 'Mind's Eye' now?"

Hearing this, Kirito's expression became even more helpless.

"Unfortunately, I haven't found any tricks at all." Kirito touched the hilt of the weapon on his back, as if reminiscing about his battles up until now, muttering to himself, "But I feel like I'm getting closer to that state, the state where I can peer into the depths of the world and see the essence of phenomena."

"Is that so?" Rozen nodded slightly, feeling somewhat surprised.

(Just one month, and he already has the sensation of peering into it?)

After all, Rozen had spent nearly a year just to capture that sensation.

While Rozen was not only honing his "Mind's Eye" technique but also spending time on developing his magical circuits, learning summoning spells, and improving his other magical skills, it wasn't solely magic that was required for mastering "Mind's Eye". That's why it took him so long. Even if he devoted all his efforts to training in "Mind's Eye", Rozen wasn't confident he could grasp the feeling within a month.

However, Kirito managed to do it.

(This guy, he really has this much potential?)

Perhaps Kirito could reach that level and become a figure comparable to historical monks, saints, and even legendary warriors.

Thinking this, Rozen's gaze toward Kirito changed, and he even began to anticipate what the future held for his younger brother.

Of course, while Rozen was looking forward to Kirito's future, Kirito envied Rozen's opportunities.

"Your 'Anneal Blade' is already at +8, right?" Kirito looked at the single-handed sword at Rozen's waist, radiating a more dazzling aura than his own weapon. He said with some envy, "I don't know how you did it. I'm only at +6, and my level is two levels lower than yours."

Rozen accepted this difference calmly.

"After all, I have Saihou assisting me, and my efficiency in hunting monsters is higher than yours. The chances of obtaining enhancement materials are also higher for me. My experience naturally increases faster, and every enhancement has a 95% success rate."

In other words, the difference between Rozen and Kirito was just a familiar.

However, Kirito's next words made Rozen wary.

"There should be quite a few players eyeing the 'Anneal Blade +8' that's already been enhanced to the limit, right?" Kirito casually mentioned, "Even my 'Anneal Blade +6' has attracted attention from players. Argo has been in contact with me these days, saying that someone wants to buy it."

"What did you say?" Rozen looked at Kirito in astonishment, asking, "Argo was contacted to find you, saying that someone wants to buy your 'Anneal Blade +6'?"

"Yes." Kirito nodded, puzzled, and asked, "What's wrong?"

"...No, nothing." Rozen shook his head, but his mind was racing with various thoughts.

Recalling that Argo had approached him before, acting as an intermediary for an odd transaction, Rozen's eyes flickered.

*Clap, clap, clap!*

At that moment, the clear sound of applause echoed throughout the area.

"Everyone, please pay attention over here!"

In the next moment, a lively voice resounded.