Miracle Summoner

"The talent in magic is top-notch, but physical abilities are worthless? Summoning numerous familiars, yet staying in the back alone? To this, I only have one thing to say. 'None of that matters!' This is the story of a young boy who cherishes miracles, both receiving and giving." "As long as I have my familiars (companions), I am invincible!" -------------------------------------------------- [This is a translation! The story does not belong to me. The author who wrote this is, in my opinion, one of the best fan fic author I've known and none other can compete with his work. I want his amazing story to reach other readers too. He's written multiple works and this is not his best. I just wanna try translating this one cuz I don't want to ruin his best work. So I'll see if I can translate this properly. I'll be using Google translate and Chat GBT to help me translate this as good as possible. And please if you can, support the original author of this story. The Author's name is "RuQingRuSu". I hope you guys enjoy. ] I'll try and upload at least 5 chapters a day since the author already finished this story. I've just started so I'll be updating this book as much as I can per day.

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-228- The increase "weight" of the soul


A somewhat comical sound echoed.

The monster named "Frenzy Boar," with its red eyes, displayed movements more akin to a bull than a pig. It kicked its hind legs a few times, raising dust, before charging at Rozen.

Its speed was neither fast nor slow. Even in the real world, Rozen could easily dodge it, let alone in this virtual world.

However, in the face of the charging boar, Rozen didn't attempt to evade. Instead, he calmly reached for his waist.

There, he had a physical pouch.

Rozen retrieved a sharp throwing needle from the pouch.

This was Rozen's weapon.

In this world devoid of magic, sword skills were the primary combat method. The term "sword skill" didn't merely refer to techniques executed with a sword.

Whether using a knife, spear, staff, or hammer, in this SAO that emphasized kinesthetic senses, as long as a player performed a preparatory action consistent with the system's setup, it would trigger a skill. The system would assist the character's movement and speed to execute extraordinary moves that were otherwise difficult to achieve, all falling under the umbrella of "sword skills."

However, sword skills weren't triggered with every attack. Despite SAO having a diverse array of sword skills, they couldn't be activated by merely performing a correct preparatory action. One had to fulfill the weapon and skill conditions.

For example, if Rozen equipped a one-handed sword and placed the "One-Handed Sword" skill in a skill slot, performing the preparatory action for the basic skill "Slant" would activate the skill. The system would assist in executing the action, dealing damage to enemies.

Similarly, equipping a curved blade, placing the "Curved Blade" skill in a skill slot, and performing the preparatory action for the basic skill "Reaver" would activate that skill.

However, using specific skills without equipping the corresponding weapon wouldn't trigger the skill, even if the preparatory action was correct. Conversely, even with the correct weapon and skill, an incorrect preparatory action would prevent the skill from activating.

This was the world's combat technique.

Of course, players could still inflict damage on monsters using physical actions without triggering sword skills. But without system assistance, the power, speed, and accuracy couldn't compare to what was achievable through sword skills.

Furthermore, unlike skills, sword skills didn't occupy skill slots. As a player's weapon skill proficiency increased, new sword skills would unlock when conditions were met.

Currently, even though Rozen equipped a one-handed sword and included the "One-Handed Sword" skill in his skill slots, he could only use the basic skill "Slant." Only as the proficiency of the "One-Handed Sword" skill increased, reaching a certain value, would more powerful sword skills be unlocked.

As for skill proficiency, it increased only when the skill was used. Starting from 0, it would cap at 1000, at which point the skill would be fully mastered, and all associated sword skills would unlock.

However, this was an exceedingly difficult task.

At least during the closed beta, Rozen hadn't heard of anyone fully mastering a skill. To achieve complete mastery of a skill would require playing SAO for at least a year or more, perhaps only achievable by top-tier gamers.

By the way, aside from weapon skills like "One-Handed Sword" and "Curved Blade," this world had various other skills. These included production skills, daily-life skills, and combat-assisting skills. The game featured a wide range of skills, each with different effects. As long as the skill was placed in a skill slot and proficiency increased, the player would grow stronger in that field.

Naturally, the allocation of skills and how they were combined significantly impacted a character's combat power and future role.

The number of skill slots was influenced by level, as stated earlier.

At Level 1, a character had only two skill slots.

At Level 6, they gained a third skill slot.

At Level 12, a fourth skill slot was added.

At Level 20, they obtained a fifth skill slot.

Thereafter, every 10 levels would grant an additional skill slot.

Currently, Rozen had only two skill slots, allowing him to use two skills.

Filling these two skill slots was an easy task.

Even at Level 1, players had a variety of weapon skills and other production-related skills, making it possible to allocate skills.

However, as a closed beta player, Rozen knew.

"Even if you set skills now, you'll end up removing them later."

After all, while skills were diverse, most of the initial ones weren't rare. Truly rare skills were only obtainable by completing hidden quests or meeting stringent conditions.

So, Rozen wouldn't waste skill slots.

Currently, within Rozen's skill slots, there was only one skill.

——— "Blade throwing."

As the name implied, it was a throwing skill.

Compared to the variety of weapon skills, this skill was quite inconspicuous and had already lost significance during the closed beta.

The reason was simple.

Though any item allowed by the system could be thrown using this skill, low-level items resulted in minimal damage, while high-level items were wasteful due to their disposable nature. However, this skill still captivated Rozen.

The reason was equally simple.

"I love the feeling of throwing money at people!"

Rozen pulled the hand holding the throwing needle back to his shoulder, assuming the throwing posture.


A dazzling light instantly illuminated the throwing needle, coloring it green.

This was the visual effect produced when a sword skill was activated.

Rozen activated the initial basic skill of "Blade throwing" — "Single Shot."


The next second, under the system's assisted guidance, Rozen's hand holding the throwing weapon flashed in the air. The throwing needle transformed into a laser, shooting out at bullet-like speed, hitting the Rampaging Boar's neck.


Amidst a realistic sound of flesh being torn, the throwing needle embedded itself in the boar's neck, leaving a crack-like effect on it, dispersing the effect light like red shards.


The Rampaging Boar emitted a mournful cry, its entire body stiffening on the ground.



Like glass shattering, the boar burst into polygonal fragments, scattering apart.

In that instant, two changes occurred to Rozen.

One was the appearance of a window in front of him, displaying the experience points, currency, and dropped materials he obtained from defeating the Frenzy Boar.

The other change was something only Rozen could feel.

That was a change in his soul.

Sensing a slight increase in the "weight" of his soul, Rozen finally smiled.