Miracle Summoner

"The talent in magic is top-notch, but physical abilities are worthless? Summoning numerous familiars, yet staying in the back alone? To this, I only have one thing to say. 'None of that matters!' This is the story of a young boy who cherishes miracles, both receiving and giving." "As long as I have my familiars (companions), I am invincible!" -------------------------------------------------- [This is a translation! The story does not belong to me. The author who wrote this is, in my opinion, one of the best fan fic author I've known and none other can compete with his work. I want his amazing story to reach other readers too. He's written multiple works and this is not his best. I just wanna try translating this one cuz I don't want to ruin his best work. So I'll see if I can translate this properly. I'll be using Google translate and Chat GBT to help me translate this as good as possible. And please if you can, support the original author of this story. The Author's name is "RuQingRuSu". I hope you guys enjoy. ] I'll try and upload at least 5 chapters a day since the author already finished this story. I've just started so I'll be updating this book as much as I can per day.

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-1251- Have already....

The next day, early morning.

Due to being punished with a suspension from classes, Stella didn't need to attend classes properly, but she still had to take care of all the cleaning and tidying up in the dormitory, which was also considered as part of her punishment.

However, the academy didn't restrict her from leaving the dormitory, so today, Rozen took a leave from the academy and got up early with Stella, preparing to go out.

Naturally, the purpose was to fulfill yesterday's agreement.

So, early in the morning, Stella energetically cleaned up the dormitory, tidying it up completely before getting ready to leave.

"Although she's a princess, she unexpectedly excels at housework."

Rozen, observing from start to finish, gave this nonchalant impression until Stella finished organizing the entire dormitory, and the two of them left the dormitory together.

Just as they left, Rozen and Stella encountered the troublesome siblings from the neighboring dormitory.

"Good morning..."

It was Ikki who walked out of room 405, looking as if he had been tortured severely, appearing both exhausted and powerless, with heavy dark circles under his eyes, as if he had hardly slept at all last night.

And beside Ikki, Shizuku was also there.

"You two are surprisingly early."

The girl who seemed somewhat aloof to everyone except Ikki, today, appeared to be in a good mood, greeting Rozen and Stella.

Upon closer inspection, unlike Ikki, who appeared withered, Shizuku seemed to have been revitalized, exuding a radiant aura.

That appearance was akin to a flower being watered, as vibrant as it could be.

Shizuku, with a satisfied expression, hugged Ikki's arm tightly, leaning against him like a little wife.

As for Ikki, he seemed to have no strength to resist Shizuku's clinginess, allowing her to do so, seemingly having completely given up resistance.

Seeing the two siblings like this...



Both Rozen and Stella were speechless, losing all words.

No way.

"A tired man... and a woman who seems revitalized in contrast..."

Rozen muttered under his breath.

"You... you two couldn't possibly have already..."

Stella trembled, pointing at the siblings in front of her as if she had just seen a scandalous couple.

And the reactions of the two caused Shizuku to smile.

Her brightest smile yet.

"You were really amazing last night, big brother."

Shizuku hugged Ikki's arm tightly, looking shy.

Her words and demeanor were like a thunderbolt, hitting the onlookers who had their suspicions.

"You... you... you...!"

Stella couldn't help but step back several steps, her face full of horror.

Not only Stella, even Rozen looked at Ikki with disbelief.

"Did you really... with your little sister... no... by your little sister...?"

Rozen also stepped back, distancing himself from Ikki by several steps.

"Heheh... heheheh..."

Ikki seemed like he had been thoroughly ravaged, sporting dark circles under his eyes, and wearing a self-deprecating smile, laughing like a broken doll.


Meanwhile, Shizuku's laughter was extremely sweet, clinging to Ikki, becoming more and more affectionate.

That behavior looked like it had already happened.


Stella finally couldn't help it, shouting out loud, igniting her hand into a blazing flame, transforming into a magnificent burning sword as it fell into her hand.

While Rozen didn't hesitate, he turned around and fled towards the exit of the dormitory.

Not long after...

"Brother and sister shouldn't do such things!!!!!!!"

Stella's hysterical cry echoed throughout the dormitory.

"Wa-Wait! Ahhh!!!!"

Ikki's belated scream finally sounded, followed by a rumbling that shook the earth.

That day, the first student dormitory once again caused a huge commotion.

Rozen turned his back on the commotion, walking away in the opposite direction.

"It's none of my business... it's none of my business... it's none of my business..."

Rozen walked away as if escaping from the noise, heading straight towards the direction of the cafeteria, ready to have breakfast there.

Only when Rozen finished his breakfast did the commotion finally come to an end.


Empty space in the first student dormitory.

This was where Rozen and Ikki had their first encounter and sparred.

At this moment, Rozen returned here, accompanied by three individuals who had just been called to the chairman's office, scolded severely, and only now released.

Rozen sat under the shade of a tree, sipping on a drink, watching the drama unfolding in front of him.







"The worst."


In the open space, Stella, wielding her Lævateinn as if warming up, repeated her downward strike, coldly uttering one word after another, causing Ikki, who was kneeling beside her, to tremble incessantly, as if suffering some kind of mental attack, looking extremely shaky.

"It's okay, big brother. No matter how others look at you, I'll always be by your side, respecting and admiring you."

Shizuku comforted Ikki as if she was consoling him, staying by his side and speaking warmly.

The scene was undeniably heartwarming.

But Ikki burst into tears.

"I really didn't do anything! I resisted with all my might last night! I swear!"

That was his explanation.

But whether this resistance was successful or not remained unknown.

At least Rozen couldn't believe it at all, seeing Shizuku's radiant appearance as if she had been revitalized, Rozen couldn't believe that nothing happened between the siblings last night.

Stella obviously didn't believe it either, so she had been treating Ikki with a cold attitude since just now.

Poor Ikki, from now on, in Stella's mind, he was probably forever a pervert who did it with his little sister, and he would never be able to redeem his image.

Perhaps understanding this, Ikki remained kneeling, his spirit dejected, unable to recover from this blow for a long time?

However, even so, Ikki still stayed here.


"Forget about that weirdo over there, can we start now?"

Stella finished warming up and turned towards Rozen.

Seeing this, Rozen shrugged, stood up, and walked towards Stella.

Magic fluctuations rippled around him like ripples, making Stella finally focus, ignoring Ikki, and concentrating fully on Rozen.

The surging flames gradually began to burn.