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The aristocratic Lu family has produced a joke, a beautiful one, but a joke nonetheless. The daughter they have been rearing all this while turns out to be an imposter! With the real heiress returning to take her rightful place, everyone is eager to know the outcome of the imposter... Will she be able to survive in poverty after living a life of riches? Having just transmigrated, Huo Yao imagines that this experience will be pretty interesting. However, imagination and reality are always so different! Dad: "Daughter! Take this black card. It has no limit! Use it freely." Mom: "My dear Yao Yao! If you don't like this jewelry, I'll get them to change it immediately." Huo Yao: "…" Weren't they supposed to be poor and ordinary? What is with this hidden lavish behavior? Her eldest brother, an investment company's CEO: "Sis, inherit my company!" Her second brother, a top lawyer: "Whoever dares slander my sis will face the full brunt of the law!" The third brother, an international genius doctor: "Bullying my sister? Should I display the prowess of my scalpel?" Mysterious fourth brother: "My sis is the cutest!" Huo Yao: "…" What happened to being a good-for-nothing person who lives off her parents? A top aristocrat secretly changes into his cheap clothes and drives his crappy old car to her. "Baby, my heart is yours. Why don't we get married to test if I'm telling the truth or not?" Everyone who knows about it, doesn't dare say it out loud. All they can do is curse inwardly: "Bah! Keep acting! No one believes it!"

Nalanxian · Urban
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1910 Chs

When Lu Xia was still a kid, every time Song Ning took her to a party, Song Ning's girlfriends would stare at Song Ning and then at Lu Xia. They would joke about how little Lu Xia looked like Song Ning and ask if Song Ning had picked up the wrong baby at the hospital.

They were not trying to say that Lu Xia was ugly. It was just that all the other kids in the Huo Family were as delicate as jade. Compared to her brothers, Lu Xia's looks were just too plain. To make the matters worse, Song Ning and her husband were great lookers, as well. Therefore, Song Ning's friends would always joke about this.

Now that Song Ning thought of it, her friends' jokes had turned out to be a prophecy. Song Ning stopped her mind from slipping away any further.

"Yaoyao," she said, softly.

Just like before, Huo Yao maintained a straight face. She did not seem overly excited to meet her birth parents and her nod to Song Ning was more out of politeness.

Standing by them, Lu Xia thought this was the perfect opportunity to grab attention. "Mom, Yaoyao has just come back from the countryside. I think she is still trying to adjust to the whole environment."

She was pretending to put in a good word for Huo Yao.

Several months ago, Song Ning had met Huo Yao. The former must have realized at the time that Huo Yao was slightly unsociable and eccentric. Right now, Song Ning had just been a bit disappointed that Huo Yao would not call her mom but other than that, she didn't think that anything was wrong.

After all, Huo Yao was given to the wrong family and was sent to a small county by the Lu Family. It was only natural that she would undergo a transitional period to adapt herself after she returned to her birth parents.

There was no hurry.

Song Ning darted a look at Lu Xia but she hid her complicated feelings well enough. Soon, Song Ning produced a detached smile and said, "Xiaxia, thank you so much for what you did tonight. I am grateful that you went to the airport to pick Yaoyao up. It is getting late. Your parents will not be happy that you have come to our house."

After a pause, Song Ning cast a glance at her oldest son who was standing on the side. "Yanxi, please send Miss Lu home."

Song Ning had addressed Lu Xia as 'Xiaxia' a moment ago and then immediately changed it to 'Miss Lu'.

Lu Xia's face reddened at once. Before she realised it, her lips had moved and instinctively she said, "Mom…"

Song Ning gazed at Lu Xia. The former felt sad in her heart but she did not show it.

Song Ning gathered her thoughts and the smile on her face became even more aloof. Before Lu Xia could say anything more, Song Ning interrupted her. "From now on, you should call me Aunt Song. That is the correct thing to do."

Huo Yao was surprised to hear this.

Song Ning was graceful and refined. She was in her fifties but wrinkles could hardly be seen on her face. People could easily mistake her as a thirty years old lady. She was smiling but the look on her face indicated an aggressiveness that could not be neglected.

This was something not commonly seen in the average married woman.

Huo Yao found it interesting.

Lu Xia stared at her foster mother. She had been thoroughly embarrassed tonight. She bit her lips and tears began to surge in her eyes. Her face turned pale as if she had been wronged.

She could not understand why the person who had loved her so dearly before, could become so distant all of a sudden. Was it simply because of the return of the biological daughter?

How hypocritical was that!

Lu Xia felt that all of them had deceived her.

For a moment, things became awkward.

"Eh-ahem." Huo Jinyan, Huo Yao's father, who had not said a thing till now, cleared his throat.

"Yanxi, give Xiaxia a ride back to her home, first."

He was attempting to break the ice but somehow, things became even more awkward.

Huo Yanxi nodded. He didn't know why his parents wouldn't want Lu Xia to stay. However, he did not voice his questions out loud.

After all, Lu Xia was the precious daughter of the wealthy Lu Family, which meant that her identity was unusual. Besides, the Lu Family were not people to be messed with.