Breeding A Water Elemental Sprite?

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Like Sarah1, the Thunder Elemental Sprite could change its form according to Sidel's2 liking.

Thus, once again, the image of those two-dimensional girls appeared in Sidel's mind.

The shape of the ball of light also changed.

A short while later, an extremely beautiful young woman in an azure dress appeared before Sidel's eyes.

The young woman was only 1.65 meters tall. She looked pure and cute, like the campus goddess during Sidel's schooling days.

Her clear blue eyes flashed. After staring at Sidel for a while, she placed her hands on her chest and bowed slightly to him.

It seemed that every Elemental Sprite had their own "personality".

The Life Elemental Sprite Sarah was more clingy and coquettish.

Meanwhile, the girl in front of him, who was so beautiful that she could not be described with words, appeared to be more independent.

However, since they were all born from the Tree of Life, they were naturally absolutely loyal to Sidel!

"I'll just call you Ennareau then."

Sidel didn't give the girl a pat on the head like he'd done to Sarah. He just spoke as if he were talking to a companion.


Ten seconds later…

The girl finally learned to speak her name.

Furthermore, she had learned a new word from somewhere.


Interestingly, when Ennareau said this word, Sarah also joined her in calling Sidel "Master".

Sidel felt a headache coming on.

However, they had no choice but to let them call him as such.

"Level 1 Thunder Elemental Sprite: Elemental Sprite; Can release lightning to attack."

Sidel glanced at Ennareau's information panel. There was only a brief introduction.

Then, he brought the two Elemental Sprites into the treehouse.

The next day, the sun had just risen.

Sidel woke up to find that…

It seemed like he didn't need to farm anymore.

At this moment, Ennareau had already brought Sarah to open up the land.

One of them plowed the ground while the other scattered the seeds.

He had just gotten out of bed when the two of them had already finished their work on half an acre of land.

"So… Can I be a hands-off boss now?"

A thought occurred to Sidel as he watched the two busy figures.

However, he soon realized that he was unable to stay completely uninvolved at this stage.

After the heavy rain the day before, there were puddles in many places on the island.

Furthermore, some water had to be discharged. Otherwise, it would affect the growth of crops.

Water was necessary for survival, but there could not be too much water either.

The Sea of Paramita had a lot of water, but none of it could be consumed.

Only rain that fell from the sky could be used as drinking water.

However, if too much rain fell from the sky, it would make it difficult to plant on the island.

Thus, Sidel had no choice but to get rid of the accumulated water.

However, because the island was tilted, the altitude on the left side of the island was higher, while the altitude on the right side was lower.

When he was discharging the accumulated water, he realized that he might accidentally cause water loss and soil erosion.

In the Sea of Paramita, the soil of the island was extremely precious.

Although the island could be expanded, that was something that would only happen much later.

Now, all the newcomers' islands were at the outermost perimeter of the Sea of Paramita. Furthermore, it was the beginner's protection period.

After the beginner's protection period ended, crops with mysterious energy on the island would attract scattered monsters.

In the Sea of Paramita, the closer the island was to the center, the stronger the monsters they would encounter.

At the same time, it meant that the closer one was to the center of the Sea of Paramita, the stronger the Island Master's defenses would be.

Otherwise, if their defenses weren't strong enough, the island could be sunk by monsters during the process of migration.

Moreover, the requirements to move the island were actually very simple.

After killing 10 monsters at the outermost perimeter, they could control the island to move towards the center of the Sea of Paramita.

They would enter the second ring of the Sea of Paramita!

The mysterious energy present in the second ring was even richer!

In order to move to the third ring, one had to kill 100 monsters in the second ring.

To move to the fourth ring, one needed to kill 1,000 monsters from the third ring.

The migration requirements were all as such.

The first four rings had fewer restrictions.

Meanwhile, from the fifth ring onwards, there were stricter level requirements that the islands had to meet.

Although the first four rings had fewer restrictions, the premise was that…

When the Vicious Tide arrived, one had to be able to stop it!

Otherwise, everything would be futile.

The closer one got to the center of the sea, the fiercer the Vicious Tide would become.

Furthermore, under normal circumstances, when the Island Master advanced to the next ring, the Vicious Tide would pay special attention to them!

After all, the veteran Island Masters had been waiting in their current ring for a very long time.

They were all like bones that were extremely hard to chew.

How delicious would a newbie be in the eyes of the monsters if they entered the next ring?

A few years ago, there was a descendant of a powerful clan.

He had moved by three rings within three consecutive days!

Then… he was swallowed up by an extremely ferocious Vicious Tide.

It was said that the descendant of the powerful clan had hired many people with superpowers and thousands of experienced mercenaries to help him defend his island.

However, in the end, they were still unable to stop the Vicious Tide.

They suffered heavy casualties. Many of them were devoured by the monsters before they could retreat.

Meanwhile, all the supplies on the island had been devoured by the monsters!

Many veteran Island Masters who sought stability would rather spend their days in the outermost perimeter of the Sea of Paramita than to rush to the center.

Wasn't living better than dying?

This was because the Sea of Paramita had a rule!

Island Masters could only move deeper into the Sea of Paramita, but they could not return.

It was easy to get into the next ring.

But what if one wanted to return?

It was impossible!

When one moved towards the center, the mysterious power was indeed very rich.

However, the danger index increased exponentially!

Those who were not confident in their defenses would not dare to try to approach the center.

"If only this water could be stored through some method."

Looking at the puddles on the ground, Sidel rubbed his chin and pondered.

Water was valuable.

Although the Sea of Paramita was filled with water…

… it could only be used after being distilled.

Sidel currently did not have such equipment.

Furthermore, it wouldn't rain often in the Sea of Paramita.

Thus, in the early stages, the Island Master could only rely on the water on the island to survive.

There might even be a situation where it wouldn't rain for months.

Plants couldn't grow without water.

If they really encountered such a situation…

Once all the stored water had been used up, that meant he would have to spend a lot of money to transport water from Earth.

Moreover, the amount needed was extraordinarily high.

This was because the demand for water was huge!


Just then, Sarah saw Sidel busy at the edge of the island and drifted over to help.

After some communication, she learned about Sidel's troubles.

Sarah pointed a chubby and pale finger at the Tree of Life and said, "Master, can."

Could the Tree of Life store this water?

Sidel looked suspiciously at the Tree of Life.

"Master, water… water… Sprite!"

It took Sarah a great deal of effort to force out what she wanted to say.

A Water Sprite?

Thoughts swirled through Sidel's mind and he immediately understood what Sarah meant.

Currently, the Tree of Life could give birth to an Elemental Sprite.

Sidel could simply use the Tree of Life to breed a Water Elemental Sprite.

The Water Elemental Sprite's skills would definitely be related to water.

After it was born, the livelihood of the Water Elemental Sprite should also be related to water.

With the Water Elemental Sprite, Sidel could perfectly solve the problem of water accumulation on the island!