Miracle Doctor Changes Her Life After Being Killed by Her Adopted Sister

Meng Jiao reincarnated after dying in a car accident! She was the third daughter of the Meng family, but she grew up in her nanny's family. She stayed in the attic and never had enough to eat. As a result, she was extremely skinny. This happened because the nanny secretly swapped her daughter with her years ago. When Meng Jiao was twelve, her biological parents discovered the truth and brought her home. From their perspective, this was all the nanny's fault. Their adopted daughter was innocent. As a result, Meng Jiao could only become the fourth daughter in the family after she returned. Meng Jiao was the only one who knew that her adopted sister wasn't innocent. If the latter hadn't given the order, Meng Jiao wouldn't have been knocked off a cliff in her previous life. Meng Jiao found out that her adopted sister wanted to kill her, but she didn't dare tell her parents because she had no proof. Meanwhile, Meng Jiao's parents also disliked her because of her adopted sister's influence. Emboldened by this, Meng Jiao's adopted sister bullied her even more. In fact, she even got Meng Jiao's master killed! Since God allowed Meng Jiao to reincarnate as her twelve-year-old self, she decided to protect the people she cared about this time! To her surprise, the man who used to have nothing to do with her suddenly appeared. "I heard that you have excellent medical skills. You're the only one who can cure my illness." Meng Jiao looked at the head of the Gong family, who was rumored to be a ruthless and cold-blooded killer, before taking a step back. "Mr. Gong, please use words and not your hands. Men and women need to keep their distance from each other."

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The engagement came like a storm and then rolled away like a flood. It ended just like that. It seemed to leave no trace, but it left an indelible mark in everyone's hearts.

Meng Tang did not pursue the matter of eavesdropping that night. Meng Yao finally relaxed after a few days of fear.

Finally, it was the day of school reopening. Meng Jiao took part in the school's unified examination.

Ning Jia waited anxiously for the results. Meng Jiao was very calm. After being reborn, Meng Jiao was no longer timid and cautious. She would decide what the daughter of the Meng family should be like!

Yingcai High School had always been extremely fast in releasing the student's results.

After three days of consecutive exams, the results were posted at the school gate on the fourth morning.

Meng Jiao was ranked 2nd in her grade and class.

Meng Yao was ranked 13th in her grade and ranked 8th in her class.

Meng Jiao heaved a sigh of relief. She could not get first place all of a sudden. She had to leave some leeway for herself and the people around her. She did not want to become the target of public criticism all of a sudden, nor did she want others to criticize her results.

This result was well-controlled. Other than Meng Yao, everyone was satisfied.

When Meng Jiao returned to the classroom from the teacher's office, Meng Yao was lying on the table crying. An Xin and the other girls were surrounding her and coaxing her.

Seeing Meng Jiao enter, An Xin glared at her fiercely. Meng Jiao was baffled.

An Xin crossed her arms and blocked Meng Jiao's way. She said unpleasantly, "She just relied on her tutors to make up for it. I don't believe that a country bumpkin can have a better education than our school. If that's true, then I think our school should just disperse for spending their investors' money for nothing!"

Meng Jiao looked at An Xin. She had to raise her head slightly. They were all taller than Meng Jiao. Meng Jiao said calmly, "Do you want me to introduce a tutor to you, or do you want me to introduce you to a school in the countryside?"

"Why you—" An Xin was so angry that she shut her eyes.

An Xin reached out and pushed Meng Jiao. She said to Meng Jiao, "What are you showing off for?"

Meng Jiao did not expect An Xin to have the habit of attacking without a word. She lost her balance and took two steps back until her back hit the podium. The dull pain in her back made her take a deep breath.

An Xin sneered, "What? Do you want a fight? Then hit me! Let me tell you, don't think that you're the eldest daughter of the Meng family just because you've returned to the Meng family. The only eldest daughter of the Meng family that we acknowledge is Meng Yao! Did you hear that, country bumpkin? You're not even worthy of carrying Meng Yao's shoes!"

Meng Jiao lowered her head and bumped into An Xin's bulging chest.

An Xin never thought that Meng Jiao would dare to fight back. How could the girl's newly developed breasts withstand such a strong impact?

An Xin screamed in pain. Her body knocked over the table, and the table knocked over the chair. The table and chair toppled over like dominoes. An Xin fell just in time to her lower back and screamed again.

"Beat her up! Beat her to death!" An Xin cried and ordered her lackeys.

Meng Yao, who was crying at the table, looked up at Meng Jiao with a cold smile on her face.

Meng Jiao instinctively protected her head. When the group of girls pounced on her and hit her, she smiled at Meng Yao. That smile was inexplicably strange, and Meng Yao could not help but feel a chill down her spine. In her shock, Meng Jiao removed the arm that was protecting her face.

Meng Yao finally understood the meaning behind Meng Jiao's smile.

When the teacher rushed over, Meng Jiao was lying on the ground in front of the podium, motionless. Her brand-new school uniform was full of shoe prints and stains. Her hair was disheveled and covered her face, revealing her forehead, which was also covered in bruises. Someone even poured the water used to wash the mop in the corridor on her.

The teacher was scared out of her wits. She thought, 'That's the director's daughter! He and his wife personally send her to school. She was their darling and also a good student who ranked among the best in the exam! Were those girls crazy?'

However, the teacher did not dare to be angry at them. These students all had family backgrounds and she could not afford to offend them.

The moment the teacher lowered her head and picked up Meng Jiao, she suddenly hoped that the board of directors would be angry and let these families go bankrupt. Let those girls live on the streets!

This was the most serious bullying incident that had happened since the establishment of the school. The entire school board of directors was shocked, not only because this was a major matter that could humiliate all of them, but also because the person being bullied was Meng Tang's daughter, his biological daughter!

Meng Jiao was rushed to the hospital, leaving the mess to the school leaders and board members who were in a terrible state.

This kind of injury used to be a common occurrence for Meng Jiao. It was just that the beatings in the past were worthless. This time, she would use the injury for a new school life for herself.