Miracle Doctor Changes Her Life After Being Killed by Her Adopted Sister

Meng Jiao reincarnated after dying in a car accident! She was the third daughter of the Meng family, but she grew up in her nanny's family. She stayed in the attic and never had enough to eat. As a result, she was extremely skinny. This happened because the nanny secretly swapped her daughter with her years ago. When Meng Jiao was twelve, her biological parents discovered the truth and brought her home. From their perspective, this was all the nanny's fault. Their adopted daughter was innocent. As a result, Meng Jiao could only become the fourth daughter in the family after she returned. Meng Jiao was the only one who knew that her adopted sister wasn't innocent. If the latter hadn't given the order, Meng Jiao wouldn't have been knocked off a cliff in her previous life. Meng Jiao found out that her adopted sister wanted to kill her, but she didn't dare tell her parents because she had no proof. Meanwhile, Meng Jiao's parents also disliked her because of her adopted sister's influence. Emboldened by this, Meng Jiao's adopted sister bullied her even more. In fact, she even got Meng Jiao's master killed! Since God allowed Meng Jiao to reincarnate as her twelve-year-old self, she decided to protect the people she cared about this time! To her surprise, the man who used to have nothing to do with her suddenly appeared. "I heard that you have excellent medical skills. You're the only one who can cure my illness." Meng Jiao looked at the head of the Gong family, who was rumored to be a ruthless and cold-blooded killer, before taking a step back. "Mr. Gong, please use words and not your hands. Men and women need to keep their distance from each other."

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After Ning Jia introduced them, Meng Jiao bowed and greeted them. She was demure and serene, and everyone in the Lu family nodded repeatedly.

When Meng Jiao was in front of Lu Chong, Meng Jiao paused. He immediately glared at her, thinking that she was going to complain. Meng Yao was also nervous, she was very afraid of Meng Jiao now. Meng Yao did not know what method Meng Jiao used to make her parents and Meng Wei liked her. At least, Meng Wei did not dislike Meng Yao and had long stopped forming an alliance with her.

"Lu Cheng." Meng Jiao did not bow and only called out.

"Hmph!" Lu Chong turned his head away disapprovingly.

Lu Chong's mother, Shen Yin, pushed him and said angrily, "Chong, why are you so insensible? Meng Jiao is greeting you!"

Shen Yin glanced at Meng Yao and Meng Jiao. Shen Yin thought, 'These two girls had their own merits. Meng Jiao was thin and small, and she looked like her mother, a little beauty. Meng Yao was gentle and demure, and she was quite good-looking. However, I heard that she was going to get engaged to the Gong family.'

Lu Chong was pushed by his mother. With so many people watching, he could not help but feel a little annoyed. He said, "She's too ugly, like a little mouse! Not as good-looking as Meng Yao!"

Shen Yin slapped her son and scolded, "What are you saying!"

Lu Hu glared at his son and yelled, "Apologies to her! Apologize to Meng Jiao now!"

The smile on Ning Jia's face disappeared.

Meng Tang tried to smooth things over and said, "Chong and Wei are really like brothers. They're both very close to each other."

That sentence resolved everyone's awkwardness and brought them closer.

Lu Hu smiled bitterly and said, "Sometimes, I really want to find a cage to lock him up. Even dogs are better than him! I really can't control him!"

Mi Lan, who loved her youngest grandson as much as her life, could not say anything, but she could not help but glare at her son.

Meng An smiled and said, "It's strange. Lin and Wei both grew up with Wei Hui and me. They have two different personalities. One is calm and the other is lively."

Lu Jun, the Old Mr. Lu of the Lu family, said, "It's the same as our family. The eldest was sensible and obedient since he was young, while the second was a troublemaker! It's useless to beat and scold him. If you ask me, his temper is all spoiled by his grandmothers!"

"That's right!" Meng An echoed.

That caused the two old ladies to be extremely dissatisfied and roll their eyes at each other.

Shen Yin smiled and spoke up for the two old ladies, "You can't say that. The grandmothers have worked so hard for so many years to help us take care of our children. Why are they shouldering the responsibility instead of doing anything? If you ask me, it's the nature of these two little devils. Otherwise, why are they born from the same mother, but their brother is so outstanding? It's fine to say that our mothers are biased, but the grandmothers are not biased at all."

Meng Jiao looked at Shen Yin coldly and thought, 'This Mrs. Lu was really good at flattery. She knew how to be flatter than Ning Jia, but her eyes were not as clear as Ning Jia's.'

Shen Yin's words made everyone feel comfortable and the atmosphere became more harmonious.

"I know what you're doing. You all are getting me a wife. Just say it. Aren't you tired of going around in circles?" Lu Chong was an expert at spoiling the atmosphere. His words had caused the atmosphere to turn cold.

Both Old Mr. Lu and Mr. Lu were glaring at Lu Chong.

Meng Jiao saw Meng Yao's hand clench into a fist and suddenly understood.

Lu Chong completely ignored his grandfather and father's warnings. He immediately acted coquettishly towards his grandmother, who doted on him the most and said, "I don't want this ugly duckling! If I have to, then I'd rather have Meng Yao!"

Meng Jiao saw Meng Yao loosen her fist.

'So this was Meng Yao's goal. She already knew about the Lu family's schedule and goal today. It seemed that Wei was also a tool to help her achieve her goal. She was really amazing.' Meng Jiao thought.

"Ahem!" Old Mr. Lu cleared his throat because the Meng family's parents did not look too good.

Even Wei Hui was furious. Though she may not like her own granddaughters, they were not some things that outsiders could pick and choose. This was a slap to the Meng family's face!

Lu Jun patted the armrest of his chair and said, "Meng An, I think it's very feasible for your daughter to marry the Gong family. Since that's the case, why don't we join forces in this way? We can help the Gong family tide over the difficulties together. The more the merrier.

"Moreover, there's nothing more stable than a marriage alliance. That's why we're here today to arrange a marriage for Lu Chong. Although the two granddaughters are still young, as you said, they can choose for themselves when they grow up."