34 34. The Nerve

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"Y-You really have the nerve to ask that! " Mikoto asked through gritted teeth.

" Mikoto Onee-chan, Kushina-chan doesn't understand what you are saying dattebane!"

Kushina said in an innocent tone while purposefully emphasizing the 'Onee-chan'.

" Come here you brat! " A pissed Mikoto jumped on Kushina.

" Hehe~"

The laughter and giggles of two women echoed in the room...


"So how long has it been? " Kushina asked while fixing her hair and dishevelled clothes.

"Hmm? "

"I mean, how long has it been since you got railed? " Kushina asked straightforwardly.

"Y-You... Don't be so vulgar! " Mikoto reprimanded Kushina

" Yeah~ Yeah~.....So when was the last time " Kushina asked eagerly



"Haah! Fine! It was a year ago, which resulted in Satsuki " Mikoto huffed.

" That long !" Kushina was amazed, Fugaku really was a bad husband, she never really liked the idiot. It seems imperative to separate from the douche as soon as possible.

But the problem was ... she was the member of the largest clan in Konoha, not just any member but the wife of the patriarch. But nothing a good beating won't solve, if you can't solve problems with your words then just solve them with your fists, She Kushina Uzumaki was just a simple woman...


Mikoto was stunned by the sight in front of her...

She came to the backyard to invite Itsuki for Breakfast but didn't expect to see multiple Itsuki here. 

Each Itsuki was doing different things, One was practicing Nature transformation, to be specific wind nature if she wasn't wrong.

Two were sparring against each other.

Another was practicing Fuinjutsu. 

Another was training in Kenjutsu.

Mikoto was truly speechless at this sight she didn't say anything and just watched this strangely addicting sight...


Kurenai was very excited today...

As for the reason for her excitement... It's obviously her Onii-sama!

She was going to visit his house today. Kurenai was a little nervous along with being excited.

Kurenai checked herself in the mirror to make sure she looked good.

Kurenai thought about how she would spend time with her Onii-sama... In his house... Just the two of them.

'Oh Onii-sama you flirt ~' Kurenai let her imagination run wild as she shook her head from left to right.

Kurenai conveniently ignored the fact about his wife...


"Onii-sa-" Kurenai's words got stuck in her throat as a beautiful red-haired woman opened the door with a smile... She wasn't stunned because of the woman's appearance but due to her identity.

She knew this woman, Uzumaki Kushina the wife of the former Yondaime. But why was she here?

Kurenaj was confused and couldn't put a finger on it.

"Uzumaki-san why are you here? " Kurenai asked confusedly.

" I'm Fuuji-san now~" Kushina said with a bright smile.

But Kurenai felt like she got punched in the gut... She... Is she Onii-sama's wife, but how?

"Y-You -" Kurenai pointed at Kushina with trembling fingers, her mouth opening and closing.

" Fufufu~ You must be Kurenai-chan Itsuki told me a lot about you, You can call me Kushina-nee Since I am Itsuki's 'wife ' "

Kushima emphasized the word 'wife' with a bright smile.

While Kurenai on the other hand clenched her fist, feeling her plans crumbling, her dreams of living together with her Onii-sama were all burned to ashes...


Kurenai was looking at Kushina who was acting all lovey-dovey with her Onii-sama with a pout.

She didn't understand how her Onii-sama ended up with this woman.

But as if a sudden revelation came into her mind, Kurenai was stunned.

Yes... Her Onii-sama... was forced!.

Her Onii-sama is the perfect man out there and this woman even after having a child and a husband who kicked the bucket still shamelessly went after her Onii-sama!

She used her strength and position to force her Onii-sama!

'Onii-sama! ' Kurenai felt some tears forming in her eyes as she went further into her delusions.

Her poor Onii-sama, he is always smiling despite the pain. Her Onii-sama must have been suffering all this time with no one to share his pain with.

And She was so oblivious to it, Kurenai felt ashamed of herself.

Although she felt despair at the thought of saving her Onii-sama from this old hag's clutches, she was unwilling to give up on the contrary it only fueled her determination.

Kureani cheered herself up while gazing at her Onii-sama with newfound determination.

Itsuki feeling Kurenai's intense gaze was confused. Looking at her who was looking at him with a spirited look Itsuki just rubbed the top of her head.

" Hehe~ Onii-sama~"


A week later


"T-This! How could this happen! "

"She really won! "

Exclamations of surprise, disbelief and astonishment rang out among the crowd as each one of them gazed at the person standing in the middle.

It was a very beautiful woman with blonde hair and an extremely curvaceous body. The most eye-catching thing about her was especially her...... Eyes.

While a woman with short hair was standing next to her holding a pig while being excited about the win.

"Tsunade-sama we won! You don't have to go into more debt! " the woman exclaimed with tears along with a relieved smile.

While Tsunade in question was looking at all of this with a stoic face while her lips were constantly twitching.

Yes... She won.

"Shizune let's leave, we are running far away from here! " Tsunade commanded before rushing out of the establishment.

She Tsunade Senju was called the legendary Sucker for a reason, and it was certainly not because she was related to slugs.

Tsunade was very worried, when she wins nothing good comes out of it...



Tsunade gazed at the ANBU shinobi who stood respectfully in front of her with twitching eyebrows showing her irritation.

' Ah shit here we go again'


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