33 33. Undercurrents of Fate

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I feel infinite remorse for comparing them to the poor Amoeba's cuz they at least have one functioning cell.

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If I have to say it then English is my third language.

The people reviewing my work... Do you expect me to be some proper author with writing talent... Like I'm cooking up a wish fulfilment fanfic, what do you expect when coming into this novel?

Before writing anything, I always leave enough explanation in the story for people to understand.

How the system works?

How the reward system works?

How proficiency works?

All of these things are explained in the story, I'm not going to spoon feed you like I'm your mama.

If you really took the time to read properly instead of skimming through the story while smoking crack or weed or whatever the fuck you got in your system to be this dumb and post stupid ass reviews and complaints whining like a child.

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It ain't a proper chapter without some nice venting...

I feel a little refreshed. Keeping it inside isn't that good...

Anyway, there are still people who don't understand, and since they are good children who don't bark like the rabid dogs those other idiots are, and are actually really polite and appreciative. It melts my heart so I will explain it in a small summary. Don't worry the chapter will be 1000 words and it does not include my rant and summary.

Also, Yugao will be 12... Ofc its for plot purposes... Get your minds out of the gutter perverts.


Anyone is annoyed that I am constantly making changes... Kindly leave without announcing your presence because I certainly don't need to know which Tom, Dick or Harry dropped my fic cuz I would forget you in a few minutes anyways.

So summary and a little explanation.

Itsuki from Earth woke in Fujii Itsuki's body with his previous life memories and this life.

It happened a month before the Kyuubi rampage so MC could only train so much and through training, he made friends with Guy who is a training maniac and Kakashi who is Guy's best friend.

The memories he has are just like his own thus he doesn't feel strange while being near familiar people.

Mc's parents were ANBU and were super close to Hiruzen to the point where the old man wanted to kill himself for their death.

Old Itsuki thought his parents were merchants thus through his memories he also thought they were merchants.

Hiruzen forcefully marries him to Kushina while Kushina is in an emotionally vulnerable state thus leading to her easily compromising.

Hiruzen wanted MC to have a jonin's protection and Kushina to establish a bond with Itsuki, Hiruzen knew their characters so he took the gamble.

MC's system was unlocked due to luck.

It gives him stats when he trains hard with the intention. (I don't wanna give too many stats like running, walking, shitting, sexual prowess etc )

Mc's stats are categorized and measured by the stat of the corresponding person.

1Kakashi physique is literally what it means, his physique is equal to Kakashi and 2Kakashi means his physique is double that of Kakashi.

The rest of the stats are also the same way.

Currently, MC is stronger than most Jonins in Konoha.

He can kill Hiruzen if he touches him.

Mc's chakra control is equal to Tsunade thus he can also use chakra-enhanced strikes which need superb chakra control.

MC's Physique is equal to 10 times that of Kakashi or 2 times that of Guy, You can imagine what kind of beast he is.

His Taijutsu is equal to Gai

His chakra is equal to 10 times that of Kakashi's reserves.

He has Idle transfiguration a very broken ability from JJK.

He has Overclock an ability that speeds up his perception, his physical stats will also go up. 

His chakra has vitality thus effectively increasing his vitality.

He has mental shields giving him immunity to brainwashing and mind control but Genjutsu which affects the senses is not included.

He has Bang's martial art.

Trust me when I say he doesn't need any ninjutsu or Senju bloodline to beat up common scrubs, hell the jutsu needs to hit him first.

So many people saying I am giving him auxiliary abilities .... yes I am because his body itself is gonna be a weapon and as for some potent abilities maybe after a few months.


Itsuki was waiting at the entrance of the Uchiha Clan Compound. He didn't enter as he didn't want to deal with the troublesome Uchiha's.

While Itsuki was waiting for Mikoto, his thoughts couldn't help but drift towards the fact that the raven-haired woman was going to be staying with them starting today.

He knew it was wrong but he couldn't help but have some naughty thoughts about the busty milf. He was a man, and he wasn't ashamed to admit his desires.

He knew he shouldn't but he couldn't help but feel a little happy knowing the relationship between Fugaku and Mikoto.

As for Fugaku... Well, it didn't stop him with Minato, what can a Fugaku do...



Itsuki shivered when he felt someone blowing on his ears breaking him out of his thoughts.

He stared at the culprit who was looking at him with a mischievous smile.

" What~? Are you mesmerized~, Itsuki-kun ~" Mikoto teasingly asked him.

"Yes" Itsuki said with a straight face causing Mikoto's heart to start beating faster and some redness spread on her face, Mikoto who didn't want Itsuki to find out started walking in front of him quickly.

" L-Lets go! " Mikoto said while walking faster as Itsuki walked behind her with a smile carrying her things...


" Nagato! " A blue-haired woman called out to a skeleton-like man anxiously.

" What is it Konan " The man asked back seriously because his friend seemed to be anxious about something.

" My Right eyebrow has been twitching constantly " Konan said with trepidation.

" Hmm isn't that good? " Nagato asked confusedly

" My left one is also twitching " Konan said seriously.

"This..." Nagato didn't know what to say, although it was superstition he still wanted to comfort Konan.

" Nagato when my right eyebrow twitches it is for fortune and the left one is for disaster, now both are twitching continuously," Konan said with a little fear.

Nagato felt it was a little silly, but he had to say his words carefully...

" Konan maybe ... you just have an allergy or something" Nagato asked a little carefully.

" You are the one who is sick! " Konan said a little angrily and left, she was mad that her best friend didn't believe her.

" Haah, Woman! " Nagato sighed tiredly...


Kushina was tweaking the noise-cancelling seals in her and Itsuki's room while having a weird smile on her face.

If one were to stay near her they would hear weird giggles and laughter erupting suddenly from time to time...


Naruko was lying on her crib with a loveless expression on her face while she would sometimes babble about the injustice... Oh the betrayal!

Satsuki who was lying on another crib in the room just ignored all of this as she had no interest whatsoever, in any foolishness this idiot was doing.

* Sad and betrayed baby noises*


"Aaaanh~! Baby~ breed me! "

Mikoto was still awake in the dead of night, due to all this.... commotion. She wanted Kushina to quiet down a little but it was her house so...

Also wasn't the woman a sealing expert, couldn't she use some noise-cancellation seals? Like... She sure loves boasting about being the best Sealing expert alive a statement Mikoto can't disagree with because the Uzumaki were no more.

"Oh~ God! "

This again, Mikoto had a flushed face when she heard Kushina's slutty moan.

Her blush wasn't just due to embarrassment.... as her hands weren't idle.

Mikoto had her motherly breasts out, the peaks had hardened nubs which were leaking milk. While her one hand was squeezing the life out of her tits her other hand was furiously rubbing her clit trying to calm her arousal.

"Itsuki-kun~! " Mikoto said with blurry eyes...


2 days later.


Itsuki was looking at the green glow on his hands as the people around him had a dumbfounded look.

" That was easy " Itsuki quipped, it's not a surprise considering he had Tsunade's level of chakra control thus enabling him to learn Mystic palm jutsu easily.

"T-This -" The medical ninja who was teaching him was dumbfounded as he looked at the green glow.

" So.. Do you have any injured for me to heal? " what better way to grind the stats for medical ninjutsu than in a hospital...


Hiruzen had two reports on his desk.

'Quickflash' , ' Fuuji Itsuki'

Hirizen decided to check the 'Quickflash' , but a few moments later his face darkened and he crumpled the report in his hands and threw it on the floor.

" Fucking Monkey! " Hiruzen couldn't help but curse.

Hiruzen took a deep breath and checked the second report causing a small smile to form on his face.

' A Senju and exceptional talent in Medical Ninjutsu '

Maybe... This might interest her...


In a gloomy underground base.... an equally gloomy old man was sitting alone. He liked to sit in the dark as it gave him a feeling of being one with darkness... but his subordinates would beg to differ...

"Hiruzen to think that old age has made you soft... You even gave control over the Jinchuriki to a civilian, but now it seems he is no longer a civilian " Danzo spat coldly.

" Only my ROOT is capable of owning the Jinchuriki, but you are too narrow-minded Hiruzen... Don't blame me for not considering our old friendship " Danzo said through gritted teeth.

" Increase surveillance on Fuuji Itsuki, Mark him as a threat to the safety of the village " Danzo said calmly while handing his report to the ROOT shinobi next to him.

The shinobi nodded like a robot before walking away.

Danzo stared into the darkness his thoughts only known to him...


Mikoto was looking at Kushina with a flushed face as the shameless woman just sat there like nothing happened these last few days.

She even had the gal to act elegant, nothing about her is elegant. Mikoto didn't know Kushina was this slutty or should she say she was just a slut for Itsuki.

'God that sounded so hot! ' Mikoto couldn't help but find the idea arousing as it lit a fire in her loins.

But all of that quickly went away and was replaced with anger as soon as she heard the question of the red head.

" Did you sleep well last night? "


I said it ..... You better not beg me about the Harem.

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