Minato May Have Been Your Father But He Ain't Your Daddy

Fujii Itsuki unexpectedly found himself in Konoha on the night of the Kyuubi rampage. Although it was a dangerous situation Itsuki still survived. His Isekai life was as dull as it gets, he didn't have any talent for being a shinobi nor did he have a system. Itsuki was prepared to live his life as a lazy bum but unexpectedly he received a summons from the Third, only to find out a piece of shocking news. " Itsuki I have arranged a marriage for you, the other party is Uzumaki Kushina, I hope you will agree to this marriage " Facing the request of the Hokage, Itsuki could only reluctantly agree while apologising to Minato who died a few days ago. It's not like he wanted to steal his wife but he was threatened into it. 'Sorry Minato, But don't worry I will raise Naruko like she is my own child and take care of Kushina well, and never let her feel any loneliness' Itsuki's seemingly ordinary life was turned upside down due to a single event. *************** Discord link : https://discord.gg/AyFd3NRMTA This is inspired by an MTL novel. This is not a translation. But just in case you want to get a glimpse of the dumpster fire I will leave a link. Link: https://www.mtlnovel.com/naruto-forced-to-marry-narutos-mother-at-the-beginning/ Pat**on: patreon.com/Life_Sa_Beach

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22. Relief

I know I am going to start a war

But convince me why Hestia is Bestia

Other than her fat tits I don't get it.

Like if we are talking about kindness and overall wife qualities then Hephaestus has her beat? She is very mature ,responsible, not an alcoholic or lazy or irresponsible.

Don't get me wrong I like Hestia a lot but I don't get Bestia ?

Genuinely curious give your reasons .


Itsuki was gazing into Kushina's eyes which were filled with trepidation, uncertainty, hope, and a lot of uncertain emotions.

To be honest he didn't have any strong negative emotions towards the Kyuubi, because he knew it wasn't fully in the wrong. You can only blame humans for being too greedy. 

They sealed a sentient being inside a person restricting its freedom, expecting it to roll over and play fetch.

Especially since Obito was the one who used genjutsu on the Kyuubi, although even after breaking free from the genjutsu it still wreaked havoc. 

But even with all of this he felt Kushina's worry was unfounded, at the end of the day Kyuubi was Kyuubi and Kushina was Kushina.

" Kushina I don't hate the Kyuubi, even if I did hate it I wouldn't hate you for it , because you have nothing to do with it " Itsuki looked into her eyes while saying in a sincere tone.

Tears welled up in Kushina's eyes as she sensed he was telling the truth, she didn't want to do it, she wanted to trust him ... but her insecurities urged her to test him to know whether he also viewed her as a monster.

Kushina couldn't hold her emotions back as she jumped on Itsuki sealing his lips with hers while she was crying tears of joy.

The couple embraced each other while showering each other with love...


[ Physique: 0.80 Kakashi ]

[ Spirit: 0.80 Kakashi ]

[ Chakra: 0.70 Kakashi ]

[ Chakra control: 0.01 Tsunade ]

Itsuki couldn't help but feel a sense of accomplishment as he gazed at his stats. Even his abysmal Chakra control was 1% of Tsunade's...


Kushina was gazing at Itsuki's working out with a love-filled gaze.

'Heh~ You seem pretty happy ' Kyuubi's sarcastic voice echoed inside Kushina's mind, but Kushina was too happy to pay it any heed.

'Are you glad? ' Kyuubi asked in a knowing tone as she knew how much the matter was eating away at Kushina.

'Yes' Kushina gave a curt response and focused back on Itsuki again.

' Tch! ' Kyuubi clicked her tongue in annoyance at not being able to rile Kushina up. Kyuubi through their connection gazed at Itsuki with an amused expression.

' What a peculiar human ~' Kyuubi thought while gazing at Itsuki.

It seemed life wouldn't be too boring in this dark seal space...


The Sun had already set, welcoming the arrival of the night. But it didn't stop Itsuki's grind.

Finally, he had done it!

[ Physique: 1 Kakashi ]

[ Spirit: 1 Kakashi ]

[ Chakra: 0.90 Kakashi ]

[ Congratulations on breaking through your limit ]

[ Draw commencing ]

[ Accelerated Development ]

[ Indomitable Will ]

Itsuki received information about the rewards making him develop a big grin due to excitement.

[ Integrate ]


Itsuki felt a cool sensation wash over both his body and mind as the rewards were integrated.

He was very satisfied with these rewards, he felt that he really lucked out. Both of these abilities have long-term advantages.

[ Indomitable Will 1% ]

Although he felt a little tired he still pushed himself to improve the Chakra stat, with a new goal in his mind Itsuki went back to the grind...


[ Chakra: 1 Kakashi ]

[ Congratulations on breaking through your limits ]

[ Draw commencing ]

[ Chakra circuit ]

Itsuki was a bit surprised by the reward he received. It was not overpowered but also it was not weak.

In simple terms, he could feel and mould chakra better , eliminating the use of hand signs.

He just needs to memorize the flow of Chakra for a certain jutsu to use it.

But it was much more than that. Access to chakra natures was much more smoother than before. Itsuki felt that with a thought he could make the nature of his chakra change.

But Itsuki didn't try it, because he felt it would be safer to do it after improving his chakra control more.

He still returned to the grind unwilling to waste time...


Uchiha clan


Mikoto was preparing dinner for her family as she hummed a small tune.

" Mom, will Father come home today"

Mikoto sighed a little and smiled at her eldest son who was looking at her with a curious expression.

" I don't know dear, your father has a lot of responsibilities. Why don't you go play with Satsuki while I finish preparing the food " Mikoto said in an apologetic tone.

While watching her son's leaving back Mikoto sighed internally, if she was completely honest she was fine with Fugaku never coming home.

Their marriage was fully arranged by the clan and she had no say in it. As talented as she was, the clan didn't want to accept a female leader thus the elders married her off to the talented genius.

Her relationship with Fugaku was at best like strangers, the only bond they shared was their children. It didn't help that Fugaku was like the majority of Uchiha, with a stick up his ass.

All was okay until Fugaku took her eldest son to the battlefield to show him what a perfect shinobi should be. She vehemently protested against it but was in the end powerless to stop it.

She could see that Itachi was not the same from that day, and it tore her apart each time she saw it.

She wanted her child to not be a shinobi if possible, just live a peaceful life. But she knew it was impossible due to him being born in the most influential clan in Konoha.

This was the last straw for Mikoto if she could she would have taken her children and left someplace far away from this clan and dark village. But circumstances don't allow her that luxury.

It was during times like these that Mikoto couldn't help but envy Kushina sometime, she was fortunate enough to experience love.

When they were little, both of them promised each other that they would marry the same man, but growing up Mikoto realised she didn't have that freedom making her feel shackled.

Seeing Kushina happy made her feel immense joy and satisfaction, but deep inside she also wished for the same thing, she wished to be in Kushina's place and experience it.

And thinking of Itsuki Mikoto's cheeks couldn't help but get red.

' Those damn dreams! '

Mikoto continued cooking engrossed in her thoughts...


Itsuki was gazing at Kushina who was wearing a red version of the sexy lingerie she had worn yesterday making his throat run dry.

Looking at Kushina who had a flushed face and was looking at him with a seductive gaze, Itsuki couldn't take it anymore and picked her up while moving towards the bed...


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