Minato May Have Been Your Father But He Ain't Your Daddy

Fujii Itsuki unexpectedly found himself in Konoha on the night of the Kyuubi rampage. Although it was a dangerous situation Itsuki still survived. His Isekai life was as dull as it gets, he didn't have any talent for being a shinobi nor did he have a system. Itsuki was prepared to live his life as a lazy bum but unexpectedly he received a summons from the Third, only to find out a piece of shocking news. " Itsuki I have arranged a marriage for you, the other party is Uzumaki Kushina, I hope you will agree to this marriage " Facing the request of the Hokage, Itsuki could only reluctantly agree while apologising to Minato who died a few days ago. It's not like he wanted to steal his wife but he was threatened into it. 'Sorry Minato, But don't worry I will raise Naruko like she is my own child and take care of Kushina well, and never let her feel any loneliness' Itsuki's seemingly ordinary life was turned upside down due to a single event. *************** Discord link : https://discord.gg/AyFd3NRMTA This is inspired by an MTL novel. This is not a translation. But just in case you want to get a glimpse of the dumpster fire I will leave a link. Link: https://www.mtlnovel.com/naruto-forced-to-marry-narutos-mother-at-the-beginning/ Pat**on: patreon.com/Life_Sa_Beach

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16. Jealousy

Kushina was trying to relax herself with a shower, but even the warm water droplets couldn't do anything to quell the raging feelings inside her body.

'Why' Kushina couldn't help but ask herself.

Why does she feel this suffocating feeling in her chest?

Why does feel like her heart is constricting feeling in her chest?

Why did she feel this ugly feeling brewing inside of her when she saw him smiling at someone else and hugging them?

Ah.... yes, she was afraid .....afraid of finding out that she wasn't special in his eyes. 

She saw how close he was to that girl, what if he left her for that girl?

Kushina's thoughts couldn't help but go down a negative route.

She was just a widow to whom he was forced into marriage, shouldn't he be allowed to pursue his love, she already had a husband, and in her eyes being forced to marry a widow and take care of another man's child should be a humiliation for him.

She couldn't help but laugh at her foolish thoughts, Love ..... does she deserve that from him? 

While Kushina was spiraling more and more into despair an arrogant voice echoed in her mind.

'*Hmph*Why are you fussing over these useless matters.....are you going to give up just like that?'

'I-I' Kushina didn't know what to say for a moment.

' Just drag him to the bed and seal the deal, and in the process give him a baby. With that boy's character if you take the initiative he won't refuse, so why are you being so indecisive'

Kushina was speechless hearing the Kyuubi's advice but she could feel that it was kind of possible.

'As long as you make him enthralled by you, then what do you have to worry about, I admit that little girl won't lose to you in appearance but can she still win against you in terms of figure ~' Kyuubi said in a teasing tone.

Kushina's eyes brightened at the revelation, Yes .... why should she care about that other woman, as long as Itsuki doesn't leave her she is fine with anything.

She will show Itsuki she is the best in everything, She would cement her position in his heart in a way where he won't be able to live without her just like her. 

No woman would want to share their man if possible and what if she is okay with it, even if she is okay with it that other woman won't be. Then would her position in Itsuki's heart be even greater? 

He would think that she was willing to do anything for him, Kushina felt that she was a genius for thinking of this plan.

She is done with being reserved, tonight she is going to make his thoughts only revolve around her.

With those thoughts Kushina let the warm water cascade down the sensual curves of her body.


[ Physique: 0.30 Kakashi ]

[ Spirit: 0.30 Kakashi ]

[ Chakra: 0.20 Kakashi ]

Itsuki was pretty surprised to see that his P&S stats were balanced, it's like each time his physique gets stronger, his spirit will also get stronger and both, in turn, would result in him increasing his chakra pool.

It's not surprising, he was wearing weights all the time and was constantly running chakra around his body. This system seems a little bit OP, right?

Well no use thinking about pointless things, if you gain strength then you gain strength that's all. Well, this does help in speeding up his plans about Danzo. 

Itsuki had prepared a must-kill list, three people were already on it.

1. Danzo

2. Koharu

3. Homura

He has to have enough strength so that no one knows he killed him. He wants to do it silently, he wants to do it without causing commotion. 2 years should be more than enough time for him to be that strong.


While he was trying to channel the chakra he managed to unlock another stat which made him happy instantly.

[ Chakra control: 0.001 Tsunade ]

His lips twitched a little, his chakra control was a bit abysmal, no surprise there as he had zero talent for being a Shinobi. And compared to Tsunade's level of chakra control he really was trash. But he was not discouraged but on the contrary, he was fired up.


Kushina was looking at the two sets of lingerie on the bed.

Black or White.

Kushina was very confused about the matter of which to pick.

'Heh~ Why are you worrying too much, just pick one for today and wear the other tomorrow'

Kushina blushed a little and ended up choosing the black one.


Yesterday Itsuki asked her for a Gravity seal and she was more than happy to do it for him.

With her expertise in Fuinjutsu, it was just a piece of cake. It would be more effective than simple weights. 

Also ... she should also go meet Mikoto for some advice, although the latter would tease the hell out of her, it's a worthy sacrifice Kushina is willing to make.


Uchiha Clan compound


It has been a long time since Uchiha Mikoto had a relaxing sleep, and she should be happy about finally getting it.

And Mikoto was happy about it but at the same time, she was embarrassed because the reason for her good sleep was a dream ..... to be precise a wet dream.

Whenever she thought about it her cheeks would flush in embarrassment.

'Oh Mikoto how could you, he is your sister's husband ' Mikoto scolded herself.

But another voice inside of her tempted her, 'Isn't it okay for family to take care of each other'


To be honest, Mikoto was very happy about what happened in that dream, She was Itsuki's adopted sister who took care of him with a lot of love and Itsuki also loved her a lot.

She was happily immersed in the peaceful familial atmosphere eating food together but that all changed when Itsuki invited her to take a bath together.

Mikoto wanted to refuse but it was like she was watching a movie and could only helplessly watch as she followed Itsuki.

She still felt goosebumps remembering Istuki whispering in her ears " Let your brother take care of you Nee-san "

And after that things escalated and everything was a blur but she clearly remembered Itsuki railing her from behind while screaming "Mikot-nee! Mikoto-nee!" while she held on to the bathroom walls for dear life.


Snapping out of reverie Mikoto's face flushed again but she also had an expectant look on her face.

'Should I talk to Kushina' she thought while licking her lips.

Mikoto looked down at herself and decided she needed another long and relaxing shower.


The Bond between Mikoto and Kushina is very strong just like blood-related sisters, So *Cough* You perverts can contemplate this info🌚🌚


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