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I'm writing this review after reading chapter 24, I believe is a chapter that would make various readers drop the novel so this review might help you all to understand why would someone would drop it. Let's go with the facts and then I would give the author a proper critic; -MC: It's has been told to the readers he was a member of Special Ops, if any of you were members of the military or are active members, then you'll find along the story this statement can't be possible. Not only the main character makes poor choices, but his actions in a alien environment without any back up and a system that he doesn't know how it works(nor the author bother explaining and detailing), puts himself in various scenarios a situation that even I, a former corporal of the army, wouldn't make in his situation. Personally I believe that the job of an author is to make a research beforehand in the subject that his work might go around, to prevent this kind of things happening, more so when the author himself is gaining money out of it. It's our job to ensure that we are writing something that does make sense within the boundaries that we stablish. Yet this novel lacks of the aforementioned. -System: The system in this novel doesn't only is almost irrelevant, but counterproductive to the novel itself. You see, it works as the mainly provider for the MC to get his hand at some arsenal, however, I don't know what the author was thinking since the way the system has been presented to the readers is awful. There's no explanation of how it works, details of the weapons and how the character might be able to get them, nor anything. What's worse, the main character itself doesn't bother(or hasn't been show and explain to the reader) to gain knowledge of it and how to use it on his favor, worse yet, it is conveniently overlooked for the author's own choice to be that way, since he could ensure his personal view on how the story should unfold. With these two I believe is enough for any reader to put off from keeping reading this work. Now for the author, the problem with your story is that for the reader, is clear how you wanted to reach certain points of the story, overlooking not only your characters, but world building at that. The flow of the story feels weird and hollow, at every moment I was reading the chapters I felt there was so much for the main character to do and think about before doing what was explain in the story, that I found myself unable to invest in the story completely. The actions and choices made from the MC doesn't make sense from a point of view of someone on his position. Nor does the choices you make willingly as an author for the direction of the story itself. I don't know if the novel improve in later chapters, since I thought it was necessary to make this review based on the first 24 chapters. I don't know what else to say at the moment so I'll leave at that.

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Read the first 10 chapters, not impressed. He's a soldier, who wakes up in a forest, he starts to realize that there's magic in this world. A military system activates and acts like his Commander, and he follows orders. he thinks if he goes against the system is suicide, so future beta MC. he acts like he's cautious to everything and cold face but then he's becomes a push over that listen to a random old man. What?!


I read 20 chapters, and it's boring, the MC is a soldier by all means (slave) he follows all orders from the system without asking, there is no intelligence collecting, the first thing he does is to accept a mission to hunt goblins and he acceptes being in another world very fast without even questioning it.


20 chapters and I’ already pretty hooked this is a weapons system novel that’s so far really good I hope to see this author stick to this story! Some parts I only read once that might need to be proof read but I’v been Reeding on here all day now so I might be wrong


Good idea, bad execution is really all you need to know, but you may like it if you read it, it isn't horrific or anything, and some people have reviewed that they love it, although I think I may need to check the authenticity of those reviews......


great story and would love to read more but the the use full paragraphs to say repeatedly say one thing is beyond annoying not to mention the lack of specific with guns. sniper is mentioned multiple times but what kind? auto? bolt? 50cal? overall its fine when free but doesnt get better for paid chapters.


Author needs to do more research on military service, weapons, tactics and just everything. This story seems like he watched some 90's GI Joe kids cartoon and thought that was all the research he needed.


Writing Quallity: good Updating Stability: don’t care Story Development: Slow, boring, repetitive Character Development: Horrible. Main character constantly goes against the “cold blooded and ruthless super soldier” personality given to him. World Background: Nothing special. Overall: A book with good grammar but a horrible idea, horrible development, a horribly written main character, and a generic world background.


Very engaging read the author give emotion to the MC in a positive way and builds his character properly in my eyes. Definitely recommend to anyone looking to try it out. Also I really love this modern weapons in another world stories but they always get dropped so keep it up!


Just finished reading the first 20 chapters, and I gotta say, it's a mixed bag. The MC being a Special Ops soldier in a magical world is cool, but he's kinda inconsistent. Sometimes he's cautious and cold, other times he's easily swayed by strangers. The military system has potential, but it needs more explanation and detail. Also, the MC should question his surroundings more instead of just accepting things. Overall, it's not terrible, but there's room for improvement. Hoping it gets better in later chapters. Keep it up, author!


Very good development! Very good development! Very good development! Very good development! Very good development! Very good development! Very good development!


I find the story interesting. Well the about mc is pretty much obvious, he has military system, in magic world, so his weapon and their power shocks everyone. Mc's personality is great, Well the system is annoying. And other character, well some are and some aren't, that is just obvious. I think overall it is a good novel. I gave it five anyway. Keep up author, this is good.


The idea seems unique, but the character just seems dense and the overwhelming amount of self praise the mc gives himself, "the MC is suave" "the MC is highly emotionally intelligent", pushes the novel down


I'm not going to read it because it looks like it won't please me, I just stopped by when I noticed how much the title and synopsis are so inconsistent with the cover.


pfp sauce? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


The author gives us a stupid idiot soldier and believes that readers will be idiots with IQ5 and will believe him that a SPECIALIST who can operate special equipment is an idiot. There is a character in the story dumb-as,nob,IQ5,naive,childish,aggressive,maniac .The author is an IQ5 idiot to believe that normal readers will believe the nonsense he describes. Rating minus 100 .


an enjoiable story althoug a Little short


I haven't read the book. I was bored and this fic, I do not why or how was in my Library so I gave it a five stars as an ad said it will isekai me if I do so. Check on me any time after today


I came back to this book to build on chapters but holy..... this guy bringing his modern justice 🤮, and not being able to adapt. this is the same way those ignorant mcs who go off to fight the demon king for peace. He isn't a soldier or hunter bc he seems way to naive with his judgement. The author did the bare minimum of research, trying to give the mc a identity.... anyways this is a copy and paste of your feel good fighting the demon king type story. If you don't mind a lack luster mc this is definitely your story.....


Tried to follow till ch 20. I wish I can continue it further more. As a gun guy, i won't tell much about guns since its "fantasy" But my biggest problem lies at the cover. Seriously tho? E-sized girl's cover? and the story is counterproductive with the cover. like ???? Fix it, consider rewriting your book from scratch.