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Military System god realm revolution


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Extremely - EXTREMELY - difficult to read! It took immense effort just to decipher the sentences. I had hoped the story would improve over time, but it unfortunately didn't. The first chapter was hideous, the second showed improvement, but then after the third, quality dipped to all-time-low again. Let's forget about writing quality for a moment and address the elephant in the room: story development and character design. The protagonist so far has 0 (yes zero!) personality. We don't know anything about him apart from the one tiny little detail that he's a transmigrator from our Earth. You would think after this abysmal display of character design things can't possibly get any worse! But no! Somehow it does. The protagonist in a display of absolute genius decides to reform the government to not only have a constitution, but a constitution which directly limits the Emperor's (the MCs) power. Transforming the absolute monarchy into, you guessed it, a constitutional monarchy. This author is clearly either completely ignorant about historical social evolution, or worse...a liberal snowflake.

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Thanks to everyone who came to read this story. The novel has more than 200 episodes today. It is popular in Thailand. Please be assured that this novel will have enough episodes.


Had a stroke trying to read this It would probably be good if the writing was edited The idea overall is really good and I would look forward to this series if it got someone to edit it


Subpar translation with no effort to the point of being an MTL with little to no editing, author refuses to show the raw hes translating for this title, and now is demanding currency to unlock chapters when it's clear hes just scumming off of someone else's work unlicensed and is a profiteer asking for money for it fan translation with no connection here to whose work he is plagiarizing off of, simply unacceptable so save your coins and boycott this title as the translations trash anyways..


Good novel about modern weapons in a cultivation world. What if you could have a conventional empire, in a cultivation world with no concept of technology? If you like these things then you will like reading this novel. ............................................................................................................................................


Hey author, do you need an editor? I like this novel and would like for more people to read it, I would be glad to help, for free of course.


I think this novel is very interesting. Including the design of characters, languages and interesting plotlines Anyone who likes Eastern Fantasi must read this story.


What's with the low reviews? I understand most of them but for me this is one good of a story. It fits my preferences perfectly, starting from the genres, pacing, and up to the development of the story. I've been looking for novels similar to Release that Witch, World Development System, and King of Technology, and this novel is very similar to those in some aspect.


Traduction must be done with google trad... It's just hard to decipher the meaning. With some efforts, and an author with brain, this novel could be enjoyable if you didn't have to read twice the same sentence to (partly) understand something.


Reveal spoiler


The translation of this novel is so so poor and its unreadable [img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap]


I don't understand why the author is not sharing the raw title..............................................................................


I am giveing this much because I am just starting it I will change it later I like world story and mc background but I request the author plz don't make it a harem novel Now a days Harem novels Prety boring so don't make it harem or romance


An editing would be appreciated, I can’t understand how you can post a story with so many grammar faults. Even I who is from a country where English is difficult to learn wouldn’t make that many mistakes. The story is good, the world background excellent, the characters could be better written but still acceptable, the story is finished so no need to wait for update. Other than grammar, the story is a gem that would probably have a deep success if it was readable.


This novel only show one thing to me. what is that? i tell yah. this thing show how stupid and bad Thailand people are bad or horrible in english language. who ever put this thing in these site and asking people for money. is the most stupid idiotic person ever lived. please before asking someone their money and before translating a novel make sure that you know at least a proper grammar so people could at least understand your novel. not these one. this is almost not readable.


I don't really get why the reviewers on the book says its unreadable or maybe because ive read many Google translated novels straight out of raws that my capabilities to read and understand book has numb my preference in translation . -so the writing quality is average for me nothing stands out in the translation not that it gives me headaches trying to read it or anything - the story development for me is so very fast it gives little to no room to breathe always having enemies to defeat one after another, i was thinking why does the story have to force it to become dependent on the military cant the people cultivate ive read that some of his officers cultivate since one time an officer enter the shadow of mc however why don't they have cultivation and the military system fuse to strengthen the army very big plot hole and the mc already have top cultivation arts at his sleeves but the author forces mc to have some excuse so that he can't cultivate the first cultivation art he got was very fine the biography clearly mentioned that the one who cultivated the art just got defeated because she was besieged/ambush and was only seriously injured not dead so it means that the devour martial art was very powerful i think it was the top martial art of the whole world the author doesn't expand much upon it but said one of the top but the drawback that the power of many people that the devour martial art absorbs doesn't mix well then how does the previous owner not just die upon cultivating it and become very powerful on top of that and the second martial arts was the martial arts of the guardian which was the strongest cultivator on yhe world im sure we as the audience wouldn't want to have a castrated mc although powerful so the author makes the mc have an excuse to not cultivate the second martial arts as to not become castrated however another thing the mc stated that mc wants to cultivate to the point he would risk his life to jump on a cliff so im sure the mc would cultivate the devour martial art straight away even though was warned a little about the drawbacks and the devour martial arts should have something mentioned as to how mix/fuse/balance the absorb/devoured power since the martial art is top martial arts and why doesn't the mc focuse on researching the martial artists powers, martial arts, the body of of martial arts, body of beasts, body of demons how does the demons cultivate, bloodlines and many special materials like spirit plants , spirit materials/metals analyze them using super computer and AI and im sure the super computer has higher computing power than the martial artists it should be able to analyze and create many things not just analyze the boat and make a shield of it using electricity


This has definitely become one of my favourite novels to read after becoming tired of most of the novels these days. The grammar is not the best, but it is definitely readable and the story is worth it. If you find factory stuff satisfying and you like to see soldiers in a cultivation world with guns, try this novel out. It isn't rushed and you will see the impact of our modern ideologies in another world. A tip I would give after reading up to chapter 25 would be to view capital letters as the start of new sentences. Also, sometimes lists are missing commas. Other than that, read with imagination and creativity. There is no romance or weird behaviour so far, it's pure content. Would recommend.


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A história e incrível, o tipo de leitura que e viciante, simplesmente sensacional, os personagens são bem estáveis, e coerentes, porém quero ver personagens de outras etnias e o autor pode usar pontos positivos de outros impérios, e desenvolver mais o resto do mundo, mas acredito que isso acontecerá com o tempo. Obra incrível simples assim.


This story would be good if it was properly edited. I understand why other reviews call it a MTL, i.g. it is barely readable. I understand how it may be unique, but consider My German Empire and Out of Space. These novels do this concept way better.