1 1.The New Beginning

"The meeting has finished"

            As soon as the sound rang, The great nobles of the Great DaZhou Imperial Court walked out of the palace.

    On the dragon's throne, a 15-year-old emperor, His face was dark and full of frustration. A good indication of the past meeting

    This 15-year-old young emperor was named Zhao Lingxin. Prince IV of Royal's family. The Supreme Ruler of the Dazhou Region

            "Qin Bo, come back to the palace," said Zhao Lingxin, tiredly stepping down from the dragon throne.

    A eunuch named Qin Bo is the emperor's closest eunuch who has served the royal family for three generations. This year, he is already 60 years old. And these are just a few of the people that Zhao Lingxin trusted.

    The young emperor had just taken the throne three days ago. After his father died, the principal, the 4th prince, liked him. There was no right to the throne. He did not know what his father, Zhao Xiafeng, was thinking of handing over the throne to himself, who had no political background.

    During Zhao Xiafeng, Dazhou has suffered various disasters, floods, drought, famine, and government corruption. So many people died that the capital city of Shenzhou was only 100,000 people left from 300,000 people.

    Besides, the political crisis is still chaotic. Zhao Xiafeng sent all three of his sons to become the duke of the city. He decreased the administrative center's power until Da Zhou was able to control the administrative area fully.

    Like the novel's plot, A young king with no political background is mobbed by his siblings. Then he rebelled and took over the capital, disengaging himself.

    Zhao Lingxin walked back to Tai Si Palace. In the Holy Scriptures room, his residence, Zhao Ling Xin, looked at the Great DaZhou region report and sighed.

      The report cites requests from local authorities, many of them seeking help from the central government.

Zhao Ling Xin held the palace.

Da Zhou's Treasury is no longer left with anything. The royal court has not paid the official salaries for two years. And where to take the money to help the people.

The meeting just a moment ago, the nobles were not indifferent from the past.

    Zhao Ling Xin asked for their help. The nobles poured out a small amount of money while crying that they were nobles, loyal, clean, and pure.

Making Zhao Lingxin want to give each noble an Academy Award of Performance, and some people began to find their escape plan. They never expected this young emperor. Some have already started sending people to contact the rest of the prince.

Zhao Lingxin saw the dark future of the kingdom. He had only been emperor for three days, and the Da Zhou region had a sign of collapse. It's time to change the soil. Zhao Ling Xin was highly disagreeable.

            "See, this time, Da Zhou must be on fire."

            Zhao Ling Xin closed his eyes and recalled his past. Zhao Lingxin has lived on this land for 15 years. He's not a person on this planet. He came from a planet called Earth. It is just a natural person who is not essential to the world. He couldn't even remember how he died in his previous life. Fortunately, the memories are still intact.

            Fifteen years ago, Zhao Lingxin was born on this planet. At first, he thought that this place was still on Earth. But when he studied and looked for information, he was shocked; this place was not Earth. This planet only had one continent. Does the ocean surround the Great Continent of Yan Huang? Is it covered the north and south of the Yanhuang continent with ice? Dazhou region is in the east of the continent.

  In the Dazhou region, Former emperor Zhao Xiefeng had 12 children.

Zhao Lingxin was the fourth youngest son. He has three older brothers. The first prince controls the army; the Buon noble supported the second prince. And the wealthy three princes commanded merchants throughout the land.

Most importantly, the Yanhuang Continent was the Martial Artist's territory. There were even mythical demons and gods. More than 70% of the Yanhuang continent was ruled by humans. In which these humans were all Martial Artist Use the technique of light skill flying energy

The cultivators were the absolute rulers on this continent. There are seven great sects.

Hundreds of millions of followers In this world, the Martial Artists oppress ordinary people who have no profound strength to train—fortunately, the eastern part of the continent or the Dazhou region's location. There is a power of heaven and Earth not as firm as in the west.

This made the east an area uncontrolled by significant bureaus. There are five regions, one of which also has Da Zhou.

In childhood, Zhao Lingxin discovered that humans were able to train themselves to become immortals. He was delighted. In the past life, he had read many novels, suddenly realized that he was the protagonist of this world. There is only the protagonist who crosses to another world.

Zhao Ling Xin had a dream, thinking about the time he had become immortal. Soar in the clouds raises your hand to cut the mountains. His feet stomp on the sea into a vast wave.

  Left and right, surrounded by the most beautiful women of various s goddesses, are in love and steal themselves in chaos.

Point one finger, directing millions of Martial Artists as they wish.

This was the end that Zhao Ling Xin dreamed of. Because this is the destination of everyone who crosses into a different world

With a noble status, the Fourth Prince's identity made Zhao Lingxin not suffer even without the Seven Sects. But there were still some Seven major sects in various provinces who came across to see if his identity was suitable for cultivating or not.

  But to be disappointed, Zhao Lingxin was the best time to train the power at the age of six years old. He discovered that he narrowed his pulse, unable to train. However, this news would not disappoint Zhao Ling Xin in the slightest. But happier to the next level until jumping off smiling cheerfulness as if someone lost their minds.

Think about it, crossing into another world

treated as rubbish lacked by the beautiful fiancée refused the wedding. These are the plot in the novel that all the protagonists have to face at the beginning. It is the first obstacle in which Destiny's characters are destined to despair in the first place. In the end, he jumped through the river to become a dragon.

The brothers were strangely looking at Zhao Lingxin. The famous academy rejected this child. His status was no different from a piece of trash; why was he so exhilarated? Should know that the various princes Belong to these sect sects.

He was practicing and practicing until he had a certain level of strength, Even if not at a genius level in a thousand years, But still considered a genius and a genius in training. They pondered in no way understood. Not being able to cultivate in this continent was no different from ordinary humans.

"That sparse himself like ants and termites. Dirt under shoes. Why is the Fourth Prince still smiling cheerfully? I don't know what to say"

  Since then, Zhao Lingxin has been trying to find ancient relics. Whether it is a sword or a jade sword, especially an old ring, try to determine if an ancestral spirit dwells in the ring. Then he went to find the truth.

Ancestor spirits happily passed on their secret techniques. Or give a map with a pattern of precious possessions That opens the soul to fill the narrowed meridians.

Sometimes I started looking for a cave in the river. The valley that people do not reach Hoping to find a treasure cave or the tomb of many people entering.

But in the end, the effort was in vain until Zhao Lingxin began to doubt himself Why the protagonist's fate didn't work. Until Zhao Lingxin pretended to fall into the valley. Because fate might want him to hurt himself.

Zhao Lingxin jumped down the cliff hundreds of times. Like a madman, The Shenzhou Political Guard was in turmoil for a while.

They had to send rescuers to help Zhao Lingxin to become a routine. Suppose someone hears the news that The fourth prince jumped off the cliff. The rescuers would start to look tired before they started to help the prince. Zhao Xiafeng, the previous emperor, even ordered him to stop him from leaving the palace altogether.

No matter how it is done, how it is done, there is no sign that He will find the magic item like in the novel. Causing him to start accepting that he was unable to cultivate; he is no different from ordinary people.

After that, Zhao Lingxin became depressed, full of disappointment. Felt that I might not be the protagonist of this world, Just accidentally falling into this world

  It was just unexpected before the previous Emperor Zhao Xiafeng died. I don't know what he thinks. Pushing him to the throne

also kicked the three brothers out of Shenzhou. This shocked the three talented brothers who were vying for the heir and the noble's supporters. Right now, the princes might be thinking spitefully for the new emperor, such as Zhao Lingxin.

In this situation, if left to do so, even the idiot knows what will happen. The end of Zhao Lingxin would not be gorgeous.

  In despair, even if he was struggling to fight, he seemed to fight against this fate.

"The country has a disaster—the nobility of corruption. They were also banging away. The good older brother is staring at the task. Ah, the life of the emperor is not easy. "

Zhao Lingxin sighed. Then put the report on the table. Stressfully, he reached out to pick up the soul stone carved in the shape of a qilin on the table to grope.


            The spirit stone in Zhao Lingxin's hand disappeared. With a sound in his heart

            "Energy absorption system."

            "The system is working"




            "The system absorbs energy already. Welcome to the Military System.

The military system is happy to provide service. "

Now the protagonist's ability comes out.

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