1 The So-Called Family


"Help, uncle…uncle!"

"No, you crazy freaks, let go of Chenchen, let him go."

In the lab filled with various instruments, the cries of the child and the shouting of the men were interwoven. Two operating tables were about two meters apart side by side. Yun Che, 24 years old, and his nephew Zhou Zichen, more than 6 years old, were tied to the two tables, their fierce struggle ignored. Several researchers in white gowns pushed the instruments near Zhou Zichen.

"Uncle, uncle."

A man injected an unknown liquid into Zhou Zichen's arm, and the child's cry gradually weakened. He watched the researchers take up the pusher and shave off the child's hair. They were doing the final disinfection of the scalpel. Yun Che's pupil was enlarged in a moment. "Don't you touch him, you hear me, you beasts!"

They wanted to give Zichen a craniotomy surgery. They were crazy. Zichen was still a child. Deep scars appeared around Yun Che's bound hands and feet because of his struggle, but he felt nothing. Zichen was his sister's only child and his only blood relative in the world. He absolutely couldn't watch these people use him to do experiments.

But no matter how hard they struggled and shouted, the researchers in and out were in a step-by-step preparation for the operation as if they did not hear or see their struggle.

"Doctor Han!"

When the robot-like researchers finally stopped to greet each other in the direction of the gate, a bespectacled man of at most thirty walked in, holding in his arm a tall, plump, extremely beautiful woman.

"You go on."

Dr. Han said h.e.l.lo to everyone and held a woman to the front of Yun Che. Seeing their meeting, Yun Che's pupil shrank. He gritted his teeth and asked word for word, "Did you send me and Chenchen here and inject me with the medicine to suppress the power when I was unprepared?"

Despite the question, Yun Che in fact had already confirmed in his mind that the man's name was Han Mingzhe. He was an associate professor of biology at the same university before the doomsday. He often helped clean the professors' offices for the work-study program. Over time, they became familiar with each other. After the doomsday came, he immediately woke up his extremely rare power of space superfunction. They escaped from the school, held each other together, lived together, and loved each other. When he learned that his sister was dead and saw the twin brother become a zombie, he was all around him. Until today, he always thought he was lucky. Even if the doomsday devoured his relatives, at least he still had a lover, but he was shocked to know that all this turned out to be false.

They had been together for four years. It should have been discovered long ago. He had never touched him. The occasional kiss was also his initiative. Every time he wanted to take a step further, he would always reject him for various reasons, but he foolishly took those reasons seriously. Now it seemed that he did not want to touch him, but he did not intend to touch him at all, because what he liked was not the body of a man at all.

At this moment Yun Che suddenly felt a little lucky, if he had made love with such kind of man, he could make himself dead.

"Yes, but I didn't send you here, Yun Che. You have made a huge mistake. Don't blame me. I just pursue what I want."

His gentle eyes no longer had any temperature. After the doomsday, there was no legal constraints, people's moral conscience gradually decayed, and he just sold a man he didn't love, in exchange for what he dreamed of.

"Even the military want to attract you! How can he grab you here all by himself? To tell you the truth, Yun Che, it is my brother that sent someone to help him. To the Zhou family, you and that little bastard are stains that must be eradicated! "

The beautiful face of the woman kept being distorted. She hated Yun Yao and Yun Che, the little bastard left by Yun Yao, and everyone in the Yun family.

"Brother-in-law? Hum, it seems that I have not wasted my life, because even General Zhou, who worked in the capital base, gave the order himself," sneered Yun Che, lying on the operating table. That was the man his sister would marry at all costs. In addition to Chenchen, he was another family member in this world. However, they betrayed him and even wanted to take his life, They gave him enough face!

"Hum, you are as cheap as your sister Yun Yao. Your Yun family are all cheap."

Looking at his appearance which seemed to had been quite dull, instead of dispelling the resentment, the woman became more and more intense and wished to pounce on him and kill him right on the spot.

"Yun Che"

"Son of a bitch, don't you ever sicken me. You don't deserve it!"

Chenchen on the opposite operating table was being all awake while his skull was taken off, his tears flew quietly along the corner of his eyes. He couldn't protect his sister's only blood.

Sorry, Chenchen!

His mind was full of bloody images. Yun Che clenched fists and said sorry in his mind to his half-grown nephew.

"Hum, bitch!"

Seeing Yun Che seem to give up, the woman let go of Han Mingzhe.


Just as the two were about to leave one after another, Yun Che suddenly opened his eyes, and madness gradually replaced calm. A strange smile suddenly appeared on his previously ashen face: "Since you have treated me with such great fanfare, there is no reason to let you go back empty-handed?"

"Pa Pa Pa"

There was a terrible crash in the air, and the handcuffs and irons that bound Yun Che's hands and feet fell to pieces. He rolled over and sat up. Yun Che, wrapped in electric current, walked towards them step by step. The researchers in the laboratory were all scared to death by this scene and stood motionless like columns.

"What do you want?"

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Both Han Mingzhe and the woman were scared back. Why did they go to so much trouble? You know, in the doomsday it was only too easy to kill a person unnoticed, but Yun Che couldn't be killed that way, for he had extremely powerful thunder superfunction and space superfunction, with which, they couldn't kill him.

"No, it's impossible. I've given you double inhibitor."

He personally modulated the inhibitor and had done a lot of live experiments. Han Mingzhe looked at Yun Che.

"Let me tell you, in the doomsday there is no impossibility!"

"Pa Pa,"


Yun Che rolled up a huge purple and white lightning and threw it at the two people. Shrieks suddenly sounded. Han Mingzhe lost power instantly and split into a charred body, and the woman relying on her own power temporarily survived.

Han Mingzhe died in this way. Strangely, Yun Che did not feel heartache. Perhaps, he did not love Han Mingzhe either. It was only because he had lost so much in the doomsday that he tried to seize the little hypocritical gentleness Han Mingzhe occasionally gave him.

He didn't rush to pick up the woman, didn't even look at the charred body on the ground. Yun Che turned to another operating table, and temporarily removed all the power of thunder and lightning. At that time he found that the little nephew's face was not as big as his slap. He was already more than six years old, but looked like four or five years old. It showed the Zhou family didn't treat him well.

"I'm sorry, it's all my fault. I'm sorry."

Holding the child's already cold hand, Yun Che sobbed and fell to his knees beside the operating table. If he hadn't foolishly believed that his brother-in-law loved his sister and would have treated their children well, if he hadn't just been immersed in illusory love… it was all his fault. If he had taken him away when he found him, maybe everything wouldn't have happened.

"Don't just stand there! Get rid of him. "

That woman crazily screamed suddenly. Immersed in sadness, Yun Che suddenly looked up and saw a few researchers holding a syringe and coming towards him. He took the scalpel and cut several researchers by their neck arteries like a ghost maser. Several people fell to the ground with eyes staring and they twitched unceasingly with a lot of blood from the wound crazily gus.h.i.+ng out.

"Next one."

Setting foot on the body of one of the researchers, Yun Che swung the scalpel and looked at the huddled researchers; these people had no power. It was impossible for them to compare with Yun Che with the thunder superfunction.

"Yun Che, if you dare touch me, the Zhou family will definitely not let you go."

The woman was scared. Now Yun Che looked more horrible than the G.o.d of death.

"Did you really think yourself as a member of the Zhou family? As far as I know, you are just an orphan whose parents are unknown. Don't worry, I won't kill you in person . "


Yun Che's words undoubtedly hurt the woman. She was so angry that her whole face was distorted. At the same time, she also ignored the two words Yun Che deliberately said to bite her.

"What are you doing? Crazy, you are crazy. "

"Ah ah"

"Run, he's crazy."

Seeing Yun Che actually picking up his nephew's body to catalyze a stronger force of lightning which turned his nephew into ashes, the researchers around him were scared and they all fled to the door.

"Kill my nephew and want to run? I want the whole research institute to be buried with my nephews! "

"Pa Pa Pa"

Determining that nephew's body would no longer be used in any other experiments, Yun Che raised his head, his face covered with naked madness and bloodthirsty, accompanied by extreme power. Yun Che himself could not bear such a powerful force, either; blood constantly emerged from his skin which made the whole people a bloody scene.

"Let's die together!"



With the last smile in his life, Yun Che released the accumulated power of thunder and lightning. The rumbling sound suddenly resounded through the entire base. No one knew what had happened. The only thing that could be known was that the underground research center of the base collapsed and all the researchers and the power zombies under study were submerged in the rubble without any possibility of survival.

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