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military girl stuck with Mafia System


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my name is alexandria lee . my life was perfect living in military school but my father just had to die so i am now being sent to my mothers family and when you are send to live in a mafia house i am pretty sure you wont tell anyone about you being in military well i usually dont lie but this little detail i just had to omit or i dont know what i will have to go through. but who knew what i will face is betrayal and backstabbing and death fortunately or unfortunately i got a chance through a system to return to the start and change my life , my story but is the system truly helping me or trapping me in other worlds can i even trust someone again after all i have been through only time will tell if i will ever be able to complete missions and return to my world .................. join the journey of a girl whose gone through too much bullying , abuse , thrown to boots camp and military school, and then betrayal and backstabbing now what happens when she is thrown in to new worlds one after another to complete missions if she wants to live