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Military Demon Lord


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A Classic world where Humans and other kingdoms and empires allianced together to defeat the Demons in the Demon Continent This continues over a fucking 5000 YEARS! The Demon Faction cannot even win to shit! And for some reasons the "Heroes" are a problem When they die and go the Gods realm they are very arrogant and they thought they are Gods too. This enraged all of the Gods and Goddesses in the Gods realm so they needed to put some "punishment" on that world. For all the troubles they made But assigning the Goddess of punishment there is a little too extreme and a little too boring So all of the Gods and Goddesses discussed who will make them suffer for all the Arrogant and shit heroes they sent in the Gods Realm? They spread across the multiverse to find a suitable person to take up for the Job Meanwhile a Military Librarian stationed near Kyoto is at the Library reading history books Books about military history, Books about military tacticd, Books about anything that says military in them Aaand some Anime, Manga Fanfiction military His name is Kanemoto Mamoru. Age 28. Rank Captain Hobbies: Reading history books, others Dislikes: Stupidity As he finally finished the final volume of a military Novel. He then breathed in relaxation that he already finished his favorite As he closed his eyes just to relaxed he felt his entire atmosphere was cold. He thought it was the AC Until he opened his eyes and knew. He is in a different place Many more will come in later chapters --------- Pic not mine Novel is just an experiment and a practice run