3 Share the Burden

Translator: Li_Voon_Loke

Zhao Rui shook his head.

Five minutes wasn't a long time.

He carefully recalled Elena's movements when she folded the quilt.

He just had to imitate that.

Fortunately, he was able to fold it in a rather similar way.

Looking at the others, although there was a demonstration, there weren't many who could actually complete it.

Although the quilts did not look uniform, at least it was completed in five minutes.

Almost everyone made it right on time and rushed to the door to gather.

Elena kept looking at her watch.

Seeing the flustered looks of these freshmen, Elena knew that it would take some time for these pampered children to adapt to this kind of life.

What she needed to do now was to let these freshmen understand what it meant to be true to one's words and to obey orders.

When the five minutes were up, she looked at the freshmen standing in front of her and said, "It's time, line up and let's go."

She was already used to life in the military academy.

But these freshmen weren't.

Even so, they were still afraid of their senior. They made an uneven line and followed her to the cafeteria.

The cafeteria was very spacious.

There weren't many things.

In such an open space, even a small noise could attract attention.

A group of new students were filled with curiosity towards Odin Military Academy.

Including this open space, the tables, chairs were all arranged very neatly.

Then, there were also the senior students who stood neatly in line.

They seemed to have been standing there for a long time.

However, they didn't make any movement nor a single sound.

Although there were many people and the line was very long, they looked as though they were carved out of the same mold.

They all maintained the same posture and looked straight ahead.

When Zhao Rui saw this scene, he only felt one emotion.


This kind of visual stimulus was something he had never felt before.

This kind of uniformity did not seem to be required at all.

This was the discipline of a soldier.

Zhao Rui sighed in his heart.

But when he turned his head to look at the new students, the line was uneven.

It was simply unbearable to look at.

Compared to the senior students, they were the epitome of disorder.

Elena walked at the front of the group and stood in front of the senior students.

The freshmen followed her footsteps.

At the same time, one of the new students laughed, "Damn, I'm not going to stand there like an idiot like them, am I?"

As soon as he said this, Elena turned around immediately.

Zhao Rui heard this as well. His gaze instantly locked onto a tall boy in the group freshmen.

He was joking around with the student beside him.

CLearly, he did not control the volume of his voice, almost everyone heard what he said.

"Who said they look like idiots ? Step forward!"

Suddenly, a deep and thunderous voice echoed in the entire cafeteria.

At the same time, everyone's eyes turned to look at the group of senior students opposite them.

Opposite Elena, a burly senior student started to walk out slowly.

He walked directly to the front of the group of new students and looked at everyone.

"Let me introduce myself. I'm the senior on duty, Justin!"

"Who said that just now? You have the guts to say it but don't have the guts to admit it?" When he spoke, he had an extremely intimidating aura.

His fierce gaze made almost all the new students scared to look him in the eye.

And the tall boy knew that if he didn't admit it, he would definitely not let this go.

Only then did he take a step forward.

"It was me who said it."

He was very tall, even slightly taller than the senior in front of him by half a head.

But his aura was much weaker.

Zhao Rui sighed softly in his heart.

It was likely that the senior student would put all the new students in their place.

It was exactly as he expected.

Just as he finished the thought, the senior on duty snorted coldly and frowned, "All new students do 100 push-ups on the spot."

"Get ready."

At this moment, the entire cafeteria became noisy.

These freshmen were expressing their dissatisfaction.

It was clearly the tall guy who made a mistake, why did all the freshmen have to be punished?

The noise became louder and louder.

At this moment, Elena took a step forward.


The senior on duty nodded slightly.

Elena then slowly bent down. It was obvious that she was ready to do the push-ups.

Her actions sent a clear message, she was reminding the freshmen that if they made a mistake, they would be punished together.

There was no room for negotiation.

Zhao Rui frowned, he did not expect Elena to obey the senior's order just like that.

However, Elena's actions made the freshmen react even more strongly.

"Why should we all be punished when he made a mistake?"

"Exactly, this isn't fair at all."


However, the senior on duty smiled slightly.

"You can complain or disobey the orders, but your senior, Elena, will be in this position until all of you are willing to complete it."

Only then Zhao Rui noticed that Elena's slender arms were firmly propped on the ground.

In a perfect push-up position, she stood there without saying a word.

Finally, everyone stopped complaining.

They started preparing for the push-ups.

The tall student was about to get down when the senior on duty stopped him.

"What you need to do is to count until each of them finishes 100 push-ups," the senior said calmly.

The tall one was stunned.

He never expected that he, who had made a mistake and implicated all the new students, would not be punished. Instead, he would stand aside and watch the others suffer because of him.

This was definitely a form of torture.

But this was not the end.

The senior on duty spoke again, "Every time they do a push-up, you must report the numbers loudly to me."

This was like adding salt to the wound.

Zhao Rui knew that this was probably the first lesson these seniors wanted to give to the freshmen.

Finally, everyone began to do push-ups.

The tall student reported the numbers one by one.

However, the senior on duty reprimanded him at this moment, "Remember everything that happened today."

"All of you are one team. If one person makes a mistake on the battlefield, everyone will die!"

"No one will be spared."

Zhao Rui was shocked.

If they were really on the battlefield, it would indeed be as the senior said.

Each individual's mistake could destroy the whole group.

No matter when or where, we must remember that we are one entity.

A single incident could affect the final outcome.

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