Midnight Surrender

#1 In a small town, young Daisy endures a life of suffering under the tyranny of her stepfamily and the neglect of her father. Her once loving home now a prison, she and her mother are forced to serve her father's new wife and daughters. When a proposal arrives from a wealthy but disfigured nobleman, her father, eager to protect his other daughters, condemns Daisy to a seemingly bleak fate. #arranged marriage

JasmineJosef · Fantasy
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88 Chs

A Veil of Thorns - Chapter 9

Lord Blackthorne leaned in, his lips brushing the tender crook of Daisy's neck in a feather-light, almost chaste kiss. The unexpected intimacy of his touch sent tremors through her body, awakening an unfamiliar yet undeniable yearning deep within her. It was the first time a man had been so close to her, and the sensations that flooded her senses were both rousing and frightening.

As he traced his lips along her neck, Daisy's breaths came in short, shallow gasps. Her pulse raced, and her heart pounded in her chest like a trapped bird desperate to break free. She was overcome with feelings of confusion, desire, and fear, which clashed and tangled within her like a thorny dance.

Lord Blackthorne's lips found their way to the spot just beneath her ear, where he placed another delicate kiss. Daisy let out an involuntary whimper, her shoulders rising in defense but her head tilting back slightly in surrender.

"You smell absolutely divine," he whispered against her skin, the warmth of his breath making her insides curl in pleasure.

Daisy's thoughts raced, trying to make sense of her reactions to this unexpected intimacy. The part of her that felt vulnerable and uncertain urged her to pull away, while another part of her, the one that was awakening to these newfound desires, craved more.

He pressed his lips to her neck again, this time more firmly. His mouth so hot, pure delight on her skin, and she knew if she didn't stop him now, she probably never would. Her thoughts raced, desperately searching for a way to put an end to the intense encounter. The turmoil of emotions within her made it difficult to find the words or actions to halt his advances.

Her hands, which had been gripping the desk behind her for support, fumbled blindly, searching for anything she could use as a diversion. Finally, her fingers closed around a leather-bound book that she had noticed earlier on the desk. With a trembling hand, she deliberately knocked it over, the book falling with a loud thump onto the floor.

"Oh," she gasped, as if she had done it by accident, although she was truly startled. It was as if the sound awakened her from a deep hypnosis.

Lord Blackthorne pulled back, first looking at her and then at the book on the floor.

Daisy was quick to take this opportunity to put some distance between them. "Oh, I'm so sorry!" she exclaimed, her cheeks flushing with embarrassment as she clumsily tried to cover up her intentional act. "I'm terribly clumsy sometimes." The awkwardness in her voice was genuine, as she had never found herself in such a situation with a man before.

Seizing the opportunity, Daisy bent down to retrieve the book, using the momentary break in their proximity to collect herself, but Lord Blackthorne was there to pick up the book just in time. As they both grabbed each side of the book, their eyes met. "It's quite alright, Daisy," he assured her gently.

They both rose, and as he placed the book back on the table, he wore an amused smile. "Your clumsiness is endearing," he said, turning to her.


He should not have done that. Why did he do it?

Her mother was right. She knew NOTHING. She was just a flustered little girl to him, perhaps someone he could act with as he pleased because she didn't know better.

"My Lord, perhaps we should go back," she suggested.

His eyes narrowed, and her heart skipped a beat, fearing she might have offended him with her sudden desire to leave. However, Lord Blackthorne's expression softened, and he gave her a gentle, understanding nod.

"Of course, Daisy," he agreed, his tone warm and reassuring. "I apologize if I overstepped. We should return to your family."

They walked back in silence, and although he had offered her his hand and held hers at that moment, he didn't stroke her with his thumb as he had earlier. She wondered what went through his mind, and she couldn't help but wonder what might have happened if she had allowed herself to be swept away by her newfound desires.

Upon rejoining her family, Daisy could feel her mother's eyes studying her, searching for any signs of distress or discomfort. She offered her mother a small, reassuring smile.

Once they settled down with the family, Katherine was quick to resume her conversation with Lord Blackthorne, this time more prepared as she had learned his patterns. However, her father had become impatient with her and cut her off.

"My Lord, we have yet to discuss the matter of the dowry. As you know, it is customary in such arrangements," Thomas began.

Lord Blackthorne's eyes shifted to Daisy, and the way he looked at her in that brief moment before he turned to her father sent a cold shiver down her spine.

Lord Blackthorne, seemingly unfazed by the question, raised his hand in a dismissive gesture. "You need not worry about it. Material possessions hold little interest to me. I am looking for something far more valuable," he said, his gaze returning to Daisy.

Daisy's heart froze as she realized the implication of his words. There was no escape for her.

Thomas seemed relieved by the news, while Katherine and Helena frowned. Her mother didn't seem to approve of this.

A sudden clap of thunder made them all turn to the large windows. Heavy rain began to fall, pelting against the windowpanes.

"Ah… the weather has taken a dark turn. I would suggest you stay here tonight," Lord Blackthorne suggested politely.

Stay? In his home tonight?

Daisy felt dread in her heart and hoped her father would decline the offer, but he didn't. It was the weekend, so his work didn't stop him.

She cursed inwardly. Something in her told her that she needed to keep a good distance between herself and Lord Blackthorne, even as she was drawn to him.

The rest of the day was spent in a haze of polite conversation and subtle glances exchanged between Daisy and Lord Blackthorne. Thomas was engaged in discussions about business and politics with Lord Blackthorne, while Katherine and Helena admired the grandeur of the mansion, occasionally asking about its history and art collection. Throughout it all, Daisy couldn't shake the sense of unease that lingered in her chest. Even in the company of her family, she couldn't escape the feeling of being pursued.

As the day wore on, the storm outside continued to rage, with dark clouds obscuring the sun and casting a somber, moody atmosphere over the house. Daisy found herself drawn to the large windows, watching as the rain poured down in heavy sheets, the wind whipping the trees outside into a frenzy.

Lord Blackthorne had told them to make themselves comfortable and look around if they so wished. Lila and Cassandra were shamelessly wandering the halls, going into different rooms, and Katherine would scold them with annoyance.

"Behave Girls!" She said between clenched teeth.

"Mother look!" And every time they said so Daisy knew they had found something of high value. She could see how they were getting more and more comfortable around Lord Blackthorne while Daisy's discomfort was growing.

As the evening progressed, they enjoyed a sumptuous dinner in the elegant dining room. Lila had, surprisingly, now taken the seat near Lord Blackthorne and tried to engage in conversation with him. She was the youngest, only seventeen. Cassandra was eighteen, and Daisy was twenty.

Lila looked very much like her sister. She had shiny golden hair, bright blue eyes, and a delicate face, but she had one advantage over her sister. She was younger, and for men, the younger the better.

Lord Blackthorne seemed to spare her some of his attention this time, at least more than the food on his plate, and Cassandra didn't like that at all, although Daisy knew she was not as comfortable around the Marquess as her sister was.

Lord Blackthorne's face was tense as he regarded Lila, and Daisy didn't miss how his gaze followed her hand as she touched her neck before he looked away.

She didn't know why, but she could feel as if he was growing more impatient with each moment, the hold on his cutlery tightening. She wouldn't mind if he stabbed Lila with it, who kept touching her hair and neck as if to draw attention to her chest. She was much more reckless than Cassandra.

Katherine pretended not to notice, so her daughter could seize this opportunity. Daisy didn't know whether to envy or worry for the young girl.

When it was finally time to retire for the night, Lord Blackthorne graciously showed them to their respective rooms, which were luxuriously furnished and more than comfortable for their unexpected stay.

While everyone marveled and took a look around, Lord Blackthorne came to stand beside her and leaned into her ear. "Join me tonight, Miss Daisy," he whispered, his voice ever so alluring.

Daisy stiffened in surprise at the suggestion. What was he exactly suggesting? She remained silent, not sure how to respond, but she could feel the heat of his breath on her ear as he whispered. "I only wish to spend time alone. I promise not to misbehave."