85 85 Whispers of Pain, Echoes of Pleasure 2 (AVOT)

Daisy's fingers tightened around his length as Rhain's fangs sank into her flesh, causing a searing pain that rippled through her. The sensation was sharper this time, and Rhain bit deliberately, ensuring she felt the stinging pain as he slowly descended into her neck. At first, she gasped, her breath catching, but then it ceased entirely as she felt him sink deeper.

Her eyelids fluttered shut, surrendering to the overwhelming sensations that enveloped her. The grip of her hand on him slackened as his fangs settled into her neck. A low growl rumbled from Rhain's throat, causing her to shudder as he took the first sip of her blood.

A fiery heat surged through her, and she felt a faint throb beneath her palm as she gently squeezed him through his trousers. He pulsed in rhythm with her heartbeat, the heat from it matching her own and flooding her veins like liquid fire.


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