84 84 Whispers of Pain, Echoes of Pleasure (AVOT)

In the days that followed, Daisy found herself fully engrossed in the task of integrating Lucas and Lily into their new family. She dedicated herself to making the siblings feel comfortable and welcome, constantly pondering whether her actions were too much or just enough to ease their transition.

Rhain, on the other hand, remained his usual self. He didn't tone down his dark sense of humor, even in the presence of the children, occasionally startling them with remarks that would earn him a scolding look from Daisy, which he often dismissed with a chuckle.

However, with time, Lucas and Lily seemed to grasp Rhain's peculiar brand of humor. While Daisy played the role of the careful and nurturing figure, Rhain emerged as the one who rekindled their childlike joy. Slowly but surely, they began to play freely, growing louder, running around, and embracing the joys of childhood once more.


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