83 83 Frangrance of Love (AVOT)

Daisy sensed the multitude of questions swirling within her mother's mind, questions that would need answers in due course. However, they both knew that immediate action was required, so they set about preparing a room for Lucas and Lily and ensuring they had a warm bath to wash away the rain's chill.

Helena proved adept at swiftly organizing things, and before long, the children were ready to bathe, and Daisy and Helena were busy making the beds. It was during this brief moment alone that Helena's curiosity surged, and the questions she had been holding back spilled forth in hushed whispers.

Daisy briefly explained the situation to her mother and a flicker of anger flashed across Helena's face upon hearing the unfortunate events that had befallen the young siblings. 

"It's good you brought them here, but... Rhain?" Helena questioned, her voice filled with uncertainty.


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