71 71 Battle blood (2) (AVOT)

Rhain darted with a gust-like swiftness, sidestepping arrows that sought him, his eyes scanning for the assailants. When he located one, he slammed the attacker's head into a tree, using the man's body as a shield against another incoming arrow.

The moment the arrow pierced the hunter's chest, Rhain released him, and darted again, evading yet another arrow and the unmistakable sound of gunshots. They were erratic, and hard to pinpoint, but Rhain's strategy was clear - always stay on the move and pick off his attackers one by one.

Rounding a building corner, Rhain's claws found the throat of another assailant, tearing off as much as he could before leaving him to bleed out. But the next engagement was tougher. Two hunters advanced, their training evident as they moved almost as swiftly as him.


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