64 64 Fire and Rain (AVOT)

Rhain reclined gracefully, elbows pressing into the soft fabric beneath him, his gaze sharp and attentive. Daisy, with newfound confidence, began to shed her clothes, layer by layer. He found delight in her blossoming assertiveness. All she needed was a nudge in the right direction, and now, she was an unfolding mystery, even perhaps to herself.

Yet, as she reached the point of only her chemise remaining, her resolve wavered. He waited, allowing the silence to stretch, giving her the space to choose her next action. A gentle blush, starting from her neck and spreading to her cheeks, was her only response before she gently pushed the garment from her shoulders.

The dim light played off her exposed skin, capturing the glow and casting shadows in just the right places. Stray strands of her hair veiled parts of her bosom, acting like nature's own artistry. Everything about her seemed perfectly sculpted to him, from her full breasts to her gracefully curved hips.


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