63 63 Son-in-law (AVOT)

As Daisy and Helena set the table, the tantalizing scent of the prepared meal wafted through the room. Daisy felt a twinge of sympathy, knowing Rhain wouldn't be able to enjoy this feast.

"Why not invite him now?" Helena suggested, placing the silverware with meticulous care. However, even with their combined efforts, Daisy noticed the difference. The table lacked Rhain's impeccable touch, his keen eye for detail. And the roses... they were due for a change. Had Rhain done that for her that morning?

Before she could ponder further, Rhain appeared as if summoned by her thoughts, a bouquet of fresh roses in hand. At times, he felt too surreal, as though he'd stepped out from a dreams. Ones even she dared not dream of.

"For the table," he murmured, his smile effortlessly charming.

Helena's eyes sparkled with surprise, darting between Daisy and Rhain. "Lord Blackthorne, these are exquisite."


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