61 61 This or That (AVOT)

Daisy sought distraction from her inner turmoil by indulging in the cold beverage she had been served, along with the breakfast she had skipped earlier. She hoped that filling her stomach would help quench her other appetites, but the lingering sensation of Rhain's touch still haunted her body, and the seductive timbre of his voice echoed in her head.

She sighed, glancing towards the door through which Rhain had disappeared with Tiberius. She had no idea how long his business would take. It could be hours, and impatience was gnawing at her. To her surprise, just as she finished her breakfast, Rhain returned with Tiberius, quicker than she had anticipated.

Rising from her seat, Daisy immediately noticed a change in Rhain's eyes. Gone were the warm, burning amber hues, replaced by cold, hollow gold. They were also tinged with red around the edges, as if he had rubbed them too hard or sustained an injury. "We shall go," he announced tersely.


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