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Read ‘Midnight Bookstore’ Online for Free, written by the author Pure Little Dragon, This book is a Horror&Thriller Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: A doctor has died, and returned to life as a bookstore owner, finding himself catering to the dead. The world of ghosts ...


A doctor has died, and returned to life as a bookstore owner, finding himself catering to the dead. The world of ghosts and ghostly encounters opens up before him, and as old tales mingle with new, and the worries of the dead carry over to the living, he finds himself caught as an Envoy between the two worlds, and life and death are no longer idle terms to him... A bookstore that opens late at night... Welcome.

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Original name: Late Night Book House Status: Completed Chapters: 1200+ Rank: 1st( while it was still going on) Don’t let this gem slip past Trail read, lest you regret!


This one is really enjoyable, the horror genre here is f*cking bull****, its supernatural. not an ounce of horror could be found, MC is reincarnated to his enemy body who actually the cause of his dead because of his jealousy toward him since his wife was loving him deeply. anyway the story is really enjoyable you guys should read this, very recommended and if you want to compare this to house of horror. both book has completely different style As for the title of the book that said Midnight bookstore, after reading for 60 chapter i could only say, this title didnt do justice to this book!


I have to give this novel a 4.8. It's too good. Better than My House of Horrors. I'd give it a solid 5 if only the word count was longer. Highly recommended. It's basically A Serenade for the Innocent in Chinese form with way more detail. Its incredibly impressive and went further and exceeded beyond the limits of my expectations. Very similar to Here Lies the Wicked with more of an Chinese feel. Normally, I wouldn't think that possible. I'd like to say good job for the author in making this miracuclous work and thank you to the translators and editors for putting time and effort into changing it into English with a spinechilling story and effects.


Dunno why people like it so much. Hoped for something like House of Horrors but no. Bleh. Translation is readable but subpar. The plot’s confusing. Badly flowing. Jumpy as heck. The protag is an ass. There was something about him being a doctor but it’s completely irrelevant after his rebirth. The author is not accepting of girls or lgbt. Girls are sexualized non-characters and I would’ve tolerated it but ITS MENTIONED SO OFTEN. Additionally a major part of his new identity is a son-in-law being taken care of his wife’s family. They both hate each other, but I think it’s fair on the family’s part due to the nature of the marriage, what they did for him, and how he treats them back. TF is the marriage anyway??? Screw the subpar trashy f-ed romance. I can’t fu**ing get those parts of Chinese culture.


Nice interesting story. MC was a doctor before he died by being burned alive due many thought he was dead. So he was cremated (Alive) Thus he goes to hell (Half-aware that he became an abnormal ghost with great strength) And then mysteriously came back to the world of living. Before he disappeared he took a dead body over and gained a wife and was a son-in-law living with the wife's family. Anyway, he owns a bookstore that after a while decided to only open at night? (Not sure) Then somewhere in chapter 30 - 40 he encountered a hell-envoy. The hell envoy was probably tired of his job and thus entrusted (Albeit with a force) to the mc and the mc thus became an envoy of hell. Translation quality: 5 star, nothing wrong with it. - Stability of updates: 5 stars, can't say anything about it cuz trials. - Story development: 4 stars, because of trials but it;s getting better. - Character design: 5 stars, author did pay attention to the design and development even in the first 60 chapters (Although I read to ch 39) - World background: 4 stars, there is somewhat revealed, but for now it's not enough for me to give 5 stars. (Within 39 chapters)


Raw title: 深夜书屋 Status: 1170 (Completed) Qidian rating: 9/10 ..............................................................................................


If you are a fan of Dreadful Radio Game, My House of Horrors, Plague Doctor, and Thriller Paradise, then you will like this novel. So far so good, I really hope this get picked up.


The story itself is pretty nice but the translation after the first 60 chapters is absolutely atrocious. Sentences that don't make any sense together with wrong his/her etc everywhere.


The quality of translation of this dropped far too much the new group EndlessFantasy Translation ruined this novel and I can't recommend this story to anyone anymore.


I love it! The plot is quick paced and full of tw6and turns. And just when you think you have it, a shock comes out of nowhere. All I am going to say to peak your interest is that the MC does in the first chapter.


Interesting premise and start, but becomes unreadable past chapter 60 (MTL-level). Also, a very lackluster romance and a great deal of "coincidences" (plotarmor) made the story far less enjoyable as it continued.


Anybody that compares this to My house of horrors or Lord of mysteries truly has a screw loose. Plus this is so low standard I can't even. The novel also has a veryyy shallow view on female characters as we are reminded very often in fact all time, that's all what they exist for really in this novel and that's not even all of it.


This is a review of the first twenty chapters. This story is a well written supernatural tale of a man who comes back to life in someone else’s body. The lead, Zhou Ze, was a doctor who was cut by a supernatural being and then died. He wakes up in the underworld, is attacked, and then wakes up as a wandering soul in his old hometown. Eventually, Zhou Ze is able to take over the murdered body of Xu Le. Unlike Zhou Ze who was an orphan, Xu Le has a complicated relationship with his family. Xu Le had a cold relationship with his wife. The plot has been balanced between Zhou Ze adapting to being reborn as a nonhuman and his development of ties to Xu Le’s family. The author wisely uses character count to keep both the description rich and the story moving. The story point of view mostly stays with the main character which leads to time lapses and confusion about what actually occurred during some supernatural events. Many supernatural events have not been fully explained by the twenty chapter. Overall all this tale strongly represents mystery, supernatural, and slice of life genres with touches of romance and horror added. If you are looking for a clever fast paced story what will thrill you but not scare you please consider this work.


Have you ever read Horror and Mystery genre with the taste of Summer Breeze? Or do you searching a novel that fun to read, light, but unusual theme? This novel will do, support the campaign +1!


This girl/guy (Idk which) is like my favorite auther they wrote dreadful radio show which is one of my top 3 books of all time you never know what's gonna happen next a guy who seems crazy is normal a normal guy is a ghost a guy who's a ghost is alive it never stops


It’s pretty great, I like their writing technique and how the seem very into what they are writing. A horror concept can be hard to write sometime but they did good.




First of all, please fix the lump of text meshed together in some chapters that make the story really hard to read. Other than this formatting issue, the translation is top quality. FYI, don't get scared away by the formatting mess in the first chapter. I actually almost dropped the novel because of that. Persist and you'll be rewarded. I have been looking for a horror novel with good story telling, like My House of Horrors and Dreadful Radio Game. (Plague Doctor is just too confusing for me.) Midnight Bookstore definitely fits the bills. It's made up of many exceptionally good ghost stories. Pros: - A smart MC - A funny side kick friend - An interesting walking female corpse - A creepy Envoy of Hell kid - No homophobic undertone - So many curve balls and plot twists that you don't see coming (it really makes you doubt every character that appears) - Many of the ghost tales are in the gray area (there's no black and white, it's hard to tell who's right or wrong) Cons: - Will this novel ever get picked up from the trial read?! - How long do I have to wait?! - And oh yeah, please fix the formatting issue. Other thoughts: - MC's store is not a Midnight bookstore, more like a late night bookstore since it doesn't only open at midnight (in fact, it even opens during daytime) - MC is always thinking about sleeping with his wife (but not in a perverted way-ish?). But thanks to his side kick friend though, now he has a psychological issue he got to overcome before he can do that 🤣🤣🤣 - The bone-chilling terrifying element isn't that prominent here. But that is offset by good-story telling. So, not a con per se. Overall: Definitely worth my time.


It's a story about ghost taking over a new body (he is still a ghost possessing the body and not a reincarnate). The world had ghost, shaman/Taoist? and envoy/worker from afterlife. Story development is kinda slow but each chapter are interesting enough. Maybe after chapter 20-30+ will you see the mc purpose/something interesting. Mostly comedy and a little action. Not much of horror involve except ghost (which are not told in scary manners).


Great. I don’t have much to say since I don’t particularly like this genre but the horror was abysmal to say. I know it’s quite non-existent in the first 60 chapters, but the detail is quite expressive. The only thing I find great imo is the character design. It’s impressive.


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