1 Truth or Dare?

The room was filled with laughter and cheer.

"C'MON now, Hurry up!" Said Abert, while showing his gummy smile and with excitement in his tone.

"That's too much," Isham said while putting his hand on his mouth.

"I hate it..." Edward raised his voice as he was mad on all the boys for giving such a dare. Isham understood the hesitation of Edward and he started teasing him, "Hurry it up..." Isham said. Edward unwillingly sat down on his knees.

"You have to kiss Kevin..." Justin said while patting Edward's back.

"I hate it..." Kevin said with a disgusted look on his face.

The "Truth or Dare" game was getting intense.

"Sit down... you are getting a kiss," Adam held Kevin's hand and dragged him. He made him sit on his knees besides Edward. Kevin sat peacefully, without resisting any further, and closed his eyes in anticipation.

"We don't have time," Abert shouted from behind.

"I hate it" Edward screamed at the top of his voice.

"I hate it too" Kevin pressed his eyes shut.

Edward looked a bit serious as he was rubbing his hand on his forehead "I can't do it, just give me another dare", he said in his deep, manly voice with intense earnestness.

"Hurry, We don't have much time,"Eric looked at both of them with a straight face.

All the boys were looking at Edward and Kevin, with curious looks of how will the kiss happen, while cheering and teasing them up at the same time.

"3, 2, 1" Edward took a deep breath, put his left hand on Kevin's shoulder, closed his eyes, and slightly pouted.

"Make the 'muaaah' sound" Justin laughed while covering his face with his cute, tiny hands.

"Can I kiss his hand instead?" Edward showed his doe eyes and asked with utmost sincerity.

Kevin was sitting straight, without making even a slightest of movement,

with his eyes still closed.

"NO!" Everyone replied in a single tone. "Hurry up!'' they added.

Edward got abashed and started slapping his face continuously. His

cheeks, nose and ears all were as red as cherry.

"Just cut the crap, Edward'' Isham commented in an irritated tone.

And that's it, Edward quickly placed a small peck on Kevin's cheeks and ran away shouting in discombobulation. Kevin laid flat on the ground while making weird noises because of the awkwardness he was feeling.

The room got a burst of laughter. All the boys went crazy and there was too much stomping of feet, slapping on thighs and falling off the chairs with some tears coming out from the eyes.

"Ok ok, everyone.. Gather up for the next round." Eric called out everyone. The boys gathered around the table again while trying to get back to normal. Eric placed the bottle on the table and spun it again.

"Abert" Adam looked up at Abert. "So what is it for you???", He raised his eyebrow.

"I choose to dare..." Abert replied with a satisfied smile plastered on his face.

"Eric, give him a tough one," Kevin said in a low tone.

"Oh, don't you worry Kev..." Eric winked and looked at Abert while rubbing his hands together.

"Let him buy snacks for us". Edward called out from behind, his face was still red from embarrassment.

"Seriously!" Abert narrowed his eyes, raised his eyebrows and stretched his lips horizontally from both the sides giving a 'What on Earth is the matter with you' look.

"Guys I have decided the dare...Get ready to have some serious fun."Eric announced with a devilish smile on his face.

The game continued for a long time. All the boys were having fun and only after what seems like an eternity, they all decide to rest.

"That was so much fun," Adam's flashed his boxy smile with white, pearl like teeth.

"We should go to sleep now. It is too late and I, also, have to get up early tomorrow." Isham got up and stretched his perfectly built body.

"But I want to play." Eric pouts. He was quite sure that this would work on them as he was the most pampered one amongst them all because he was the youngest.

"Isham is right. We should sleep now." Edward stood up. "Yeah. You would say that cause you don't want to do any more dares," Abert taunted. Edward clenched his jaw and looked at him giving him a death glare.

"I am also sleepy. And tomorrow I have to get up early as well." Adam interrupted to save Abert.

"Ok then let's go to sleep. We can play the game tomorrow as well but work is important." Justin said firmly.

"Okay." Eric agreed half-heartedly. Everyone went to their respective rooms to sleep. They all were originally the paying guests who now turned into best friends.


Kevin got into his room and locked it from inside. His room was considerably big with a colossal collection of novels. Kevin loved reading and every night, before going to bed, he used to read.

But this night was different. He straightaway went to his bed. Something was going on his mind which was keeping him from both reading and sleeping. He took a long breath,"Tomorrow, I am going to share my story with my loved ones." He was staring at the ceiling. Lost in his own world, he mumbled, "Sleep tight, Kevin. Tomorrow is a big day for you". He gently closed his eyes and slowly drifted to sleep.


**Ding dong... Ding dong… Ding dong**

Kevin jolts out from his sleep because of the constant ringing of the doorbell. "Who the hell is this!" he looked displeased. After blinking the sleep out from his eyes, He got up and opened the door.

A young boy, probably in his early 20's flashed him with a canine smile. The woodish brown formal shoes with tight fitted black cargo and a white shirt buttoned up to the collar along with a parcel in his hand. Kevin understood that he was a delivery boy.

"Hello, sir. This is your order." The delivery boy handed the parcel to Kevin.

"Thank You" he signed the paper. The delivery boy flashed a quick and short smile at Kevin and left.

"Stupid parcel. I can't go back to sleep now." Kevin hated being disturbed in his sleep.

He was about to close the door when someone on the other side of the road caught his attention. A girl was standing still as if she was a mannequin. Her hands were into the pockets of her denim and her back was absolutely straight. Only her golden hairs were moving with the wind. Apart from that, not even the slightest of movement could be traced. He found her quite strange.

"Why is she so still?"

"Is she alright?"

"She seems very mysterious!"

"Should I check up on her?"

He observed the girl carefully. The girl was standing still as if she froze. He was trying get some clue about what the girl was doing by studying her attire. Suddenly he closed the door abruptly and rushed inside. Nature's call couldn't wait.


"I am so sorry for being late." another girl rushed to the mysterious girl.

"Do you have everything we need?" the mysterious girl asked in a monotone.

"Yes I do, Mia. Don't worry." the other girl smiled victoriously.

"Follow me," Mia ordered the other girl. She covered her face with a mask and started walking while Ida-the other girl, followed her.

Who is this Mia? What is she up to? Is she in trouble or Is she going to be the trouble for someone else? Read the next chapter to find out.

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