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Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker!

Song Ci

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Raw please 🥺🙏🏻 .. . . . . . . . . . . .

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I love this kind of novel.family, love,unity,child protagonist.I want more.anyone know the raw title.need so nice👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


This novel was originally “Ning Ning is not a Trouble Maker” but it was westernized after 100+ chapters were available. There should be more warning before translation style changes or keep it consistent from the beginning when it’s still in the preview stage. This switch would be similar to an entire cast being replaced by new actors midseason. There should be more communication with readers who support your novel.


Reveal spoiler


needs to hurry up so I can read the book


I started off reading this with Chinese name like Ning Ning for the main character name.. haven’t read this in a week and now translations is diff and names are in English and now some chapters are lock when I purchased them before 😡😡😡 Either than that I’m gonna have to reread to get everyone name again .. 🙄🙄🙄


Anyone starting the story right now might (MIGHT) enjoy it. It was an amazing story. Loved the characters and the storyline, everything... Up until the sudden name changes a few days ago. At first i thought I clicked on the wrong story and was so confused, so I went back a few chapters and realized ALL the names were changed from their Chinese name to an Americanized version. For example, NingNing (name in title and description) is now Amelia. I loved this story, it was funny, had drama and made me spend all fast my fast passes and spend coins for privilege chapters because I wanted to know what happened next so bad. As of right now I'm going to put this story on hold and hope they switch the names back soon, so if any original readers are seeing this and you plan to keep up with this story no matter what , can you drop a message to others and let us know if the names come back?


how does she remember the phone number to dial that her mother told her before dying if her mother died giving birth to her?


Disappointed. Read this book until Chapter 131. I suddenly got confused coz they Change names of the characters. From NENGNENG to Mia or ella 🙄. To think I spend money to buy advanced chapters to read😭😭😭 SOOOO DISAPPOINTED!!! I think there is a copyright issue of this book! Please return the money I spent!!!


the change in character names has affected my reading completely ican't even understand the story anymore


I love this novel but why the character suddenly change??? it's like a plagiarism of someone novel. ... I'll read it after it goes back to how it was supposed to be... .in the meantime. .. 👋👋👋


it's confusing. went from Chinese name to Western name. it was a good story but now I'm lost .


All I can say is No. The English names don't work with the Asian way they behave. Do better.


Why are all the Chinese characters name change to English names ?????? Ningning is now Amelia ?????


bye 👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋 the story suddenly become something I can't accept... I'll find another one.. .


I laughed loudly at one point. Something like beating the scum father should happen in every story like this. It was refreshing to see, also the uncle with the steel pipe and the one who requested the sack are the best.


I read raws, it’s up to 1210 chapter right now. Honestly I’m quite curious about this translator, 1st it never mentioned that the book is not theirs in synopsis, 2nd the chapters have to be paid for since ch.8 now!!! , I do understand that since the translator translates, in meaning does his job and it has to be paid, but then again, shouldn’t the chapters be cheaper?! I quite doubt that this translator pays the chunk of his income to the original author? You would ask why the doubt, the answer is otherwise why change the original title and names of the characters?! If you don’t mind the translation read raws then, at least it’s free. As for the book, it’s good, about a baby growing up and leveling up along with her family and friends.


so i read the raw version, and this translator took out a load chunk of plot out from the main storyline. so for spoiler free i'm just gonna say that this story is not those typical slice of life revenge and live a happy ever after story (like thos typical family reunite with long lost daugther plotline) the female lead (ning ning) or in the original, call su bao (nickname) is the future hades of the underworld. so the story is how she progress to be that. so basically its a ghost buster plot. if you understand chinese, i would recomend reading the raw. its very funny and worth to read it in the original. and the bird. its friggin funny with its chinese puns and pick up line. its hilarious bahahah.


ok through synopsis we got to know that the person who got bankruptcy wasn't her father n her real father is a bigshot cool sounds interesting 🤔


How is this novel the exact same as this other Webnovel translated novel titled “The Three-and-a-Half Years Old Baby is Pampered by Eight Uncles!”??? And I read in previous other reviews that the character names changed after a 100 chapters or so. However, not sure if this novel has the magical, mystical trope too. But I don’t think I wil pay to read this novel even though it’s in the top 20 golden ticket ranking.