1 Chapter 1 : Mia's 10th Birthday

There lived a Family of Agreste in the Streets of France. They were three in members; Mr. Dunkinn Agreste, Mrs. Hannah Agreste and their son Lucas Agreste. With them there lived a young girl named 'Mia '. The Agreste family never really liked Mia because Mr. Alan White ; a close relative of Mr. Agreste left Mia at their doorstep the night before The White's had a Fire explosion in their house , where Mr. Alan and Mrs. Juliet passed away .

Mia was 2 years old when Mr. Alan left her in their house. From then on 7 years had passed. She grew up being kind-hearted, beautiful and obedient. She never complained if her workload was too much or even if she was not fed. But still Agrestes did not like her at all. She was only fed when she finishes all the tasks that are given by Mr. and Mrs. Agreste.

"MIA" shouted Aunt Hannah. "Yes, Aunt Hannah" said Mia. "Did you finish today's Laundry?" . There was a short silence from Mia. Aunt Hannah understood the meaning of the silence and then said "Fine young Lady, Looks like someone will be fasting tonight" . Tears rolled down Mia's eyes, "How could I do the Laundry when I was already doing the Dishes?" . But Mrs. Hannah did not bother hearing it!

When Mr. Dunkinn arrived from work in the evening, he locked Mia at the store room bottom of the staircase and said, "One more mistake and you shall see yourself at the Orphanage" . After locking her in the room, the couple went in the dining room to have dinner.

"Nonsense" roared Uncle Dunkinn at the Dinner table.

There was only Vegetable and Bread. "Where is my source of Protein? I don't see any meat" , Hearing this Lucas also felt disappointed looking at the table with no meat. Aunt Hannah sighed and said,

"My dear, Rose will come tomorrow. That is why I thought of cooking the Steaks tomorrow" . Rose is the sister of Mrs. Hannah. She is kind and beautiful by Nature. She is the only person who would Listen to Mia about her Daily life issue complains or compliments.

The next morning there was a knock at the door which Mrs. Hannah hurried to open! "Olalla, look whose here Lucas" Lucas came running down the stairs finding his Aunt Rose at the Doorstep opening her coat. "Aunt Rose, I missed you very much!" , "I missed you too Sweetheart!" . Aunt Rose said while hugging Lucas tightly. Mia was watching everything from a distance afar until Mia's and Mrs. Rose's eyes met. "Why are you standing there? Don't you want me to give you a hug? "Said Mrs. Rose a bit timidly. "Aunt Rose I will take hugs if you give me two of them" replied Mia. " Of course , come here you" .

That day was 29th February, at dinner Mrs. Rose saw that Mia was the only one missing from the Table. "Hannah, where is Mia?" , Mrs. Hannah replied with a solid voice "She won't be joining us for Dinner until she cleans the Celling and the Attic" . "How do you even think she can do that?" , "If she can't, why is she living with us ?" . Mr. Dunkinn and Lucas were busy with food , mostly the steak , So they did not bother with Rose and Hannah's Conversation .

- "I am done with it, I am taking Mia away from you all Tomorrow with me" roared Rose while storming to Mia's small room at he basement . " Mia, we need to talk, let's go" . She grabbed Mia's hand and took her out in a Restaurant. They sat at one of the table and ordered some Dishes when Aunt Rose screamed in Joy, "Sweetheart, and Happy Birthday! ".

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