1 A Whole New World

I'm just gonna keep things short.

A, I'm a reincarnated person living in the world of My Hero Academia

B, my new identity is Kazuya Akio

And C, I'm apparently around the same age as the main cast in the show.

Not that it means anything with me having little to no prior knowledge at all. My knowledge of My Hero Academia is only limited to its general plotline and a few key words like quirks, U.A. High, and All Might.

Being the same age as the main cast also means whatever shitshow that's gonna happen to the protagonist is gonna involve me as well. But that's all detrimental to whether or not I go to the same superhero school as them. Which I probably will since UA is the number 1 hero school in all of Japan.

And being a hero is something I've decided on doing since the first time I saw one of them on TV. The fact that I could use powers that I could only imagine on doing in my previous life is the main driving force of my decision. Being able to help people and adding excitement to this otherwise boring life is a plus.

I genuinely have no idea what to expect in the future. This is a world that I originally believed as fiction in my previous world. A world that was created on paper by the imagination of a person sitting in a room. Does that mean that Horikoshi is this world's god? Food for thought.

Whatever the case, I'm living in this world now. There's no point in thinking of what if's and what could be's. All I can do now is live my life to the fullest.

— The Warping Hero —

My second life in this world isn't that bad. My family runs a pretty famous coffee shop in Musutafu. I have a wonderful family, complete with loving and supportive parents and a doting older brother. I'm the youngest child, which has both ups and downs to it. But despite all that, I love my new family to death.

My looks are a perfect mix from both my parents. My father's brownish red hair and my mother's gold-yellow eyes. My face is still somewhat chubby but will definitely grow sharper since both my parents have angular faces.

Running a successful business also means that we lead a comfortable life. My parents are always able to buy anything me and my brother want (within reason) and are capable of financially supporting any hobbies we wish to have. We aren't Yaoyorozu family rich, but at least we're happy. It's like having the money without all the societal pressure you receive from being part of a prominent and famous family.

Not gonna lie, it feels much better that way. Looks like I have it easier than most.

Right now though, i'm a five year boy who has just awoken his quirk. Mine is somewhat of a mix between my parents with a little bit of an upgrade. My dad's quirk is Locate, which gives him the ability to know the location of anything he touches within a limited amount of time. While my mom has a quirk called Blink, which gives her the ability to instantaneously travel to places within her range of vision.

With useful quirks like those, I wondered why my parents never became heroes. When I asked them, they told me a hero-life isn't what they want. They'd rather live a peaceful and passive lifestyle where they're away from all the excitement. But that peaceful life is now thrown out the window now that they're youngest is a future hero. I honestly felt a little guilty but after they told me that I'm free of being whoever and whatever I want, added with the unconditional support they gave me, makes me even more determined to become the best hero I can be.

The combination of these quirks gave birth to mine, which I named Teleportation Tags. I'm able to plant tags or markers on solid objects and these tags allow me to teleport to wherever they are located.

Very versatile and potentially dangerous. But I can't help but be hit by a sense of deja vu. Perhaps this quirk is similar to another in my past life? Who knows. Whatever the case maybe, this quirk is definitely something I can use to become a hero.

— The Warping Hero —

Elementary school is boring.

Or at least that's my impression of it after going through it for 3 months. I mean seriously, noisy school kids that are either really really loud or brats that cry every 10 minutes.

I mean sure, they're still kids. Being loud and crying are literally the only thing they can do but STILL. Not to mention singing the ABC's can get pretty bland after doing over and over again. I'm also marked somewhat as a genius by the school because I keep getting perfect grades and can count up to 100 without my fingers. Cool huh? Not really since I'm mentally an adult and it'll just be embarrassing if I can't do elementary-level questions.

It's not surprising that I became the quiet person in school. I'm considered as one of the cool kids since I have a good quirk and I do well in class. This eventually led some kids to follow me around and call me boss, but I quickly put a stop to it before it became permanent.

There was this one time where something cool happened on TV where a new hero made his debut. He was called 'Present-Mic' or something and his outgoing personality and quirk instantly gained him a fanbase. This just made all the loud kids extra loud, and to my annoyance the chatter kept going on all the way to lunch period.

I never really visit the cafeteria since my mom packs my own lunch with her own cooking and I don't have any friends to hang out with. So to have my peace and quiet, on extra loud days like this i usually eat at the rooftop. Obviously, students aren't allowed on the rooftop so it quickly became my own sanctuary.

I still remember opening the door to the rooftop only to be surprised that my usual spot was filled with someone else. He has messy, indigo-colored hair that flares out in large tufts around his head and notably straight teeth. His eyes are purple with white pupils, and are thin and somewhat triangular in shape, pointing downward, with no visible eyelashes

We just stared at each other for a few seconds before he gave me a nod and continued with his lunch. I gave him a nod back and sat quietly on a different corner to enjoy my mother's cooking.

We sat there in silence until we finished our food and the bell rang. We packed up our things and went to our respective classes.

The next day, I saw him again while walking through the corridor and decided to introduce myself. "My name is Kazuya Akio. It's nice to meet you."

"Hitoshi Shinso. Likewise"

And that's how I met the guy who I'll rely on more than anyone else. The guy who'll become my brother in all but blood.



I've been on this site a while and finally giving writing my own fanfiction a try.

I'm by no means a professional, so feel free to give any sort of criticism.

As most people have probably guessed, Kazuya's quirk is based on Minato's hiraishin. But it will take some time for him to reach Minato's level of mastery. There are also certain modifications and limitations I've added to the quirk to make it more balanced and unique.

I'm still a little iffy about the pairing (or if there should be a pairing at all) but I'm strictly gonna keep this non-harem just because I don't like the stuff and it just doesn't work in the world of My Hero.

Even if there is romance, things will be slow paced.

Hope you enjoyed the read, leave a review.

Have a nice day.

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