MHA: The Fresh Blood

A girl reincarnates into the world of My Hero Academia, will she destroy the plot, or will she try to avoid it at all costs? Either way, she will try to live her life as best as she can. No matter who gets in her way, she will have the life she wants, even if she has to go against God's. [Disclaimer this story will contain-] Eve: Come on let's just get to the good stuff of me killing some shitty people, and trying to build a harem! Afterall, doesn't everybody just want to see me fuck shit up and get some girls. [Well I think you get the idea of what this story has in it] .................................... Author's Note This is my first story, so sorry for any poor grammar in the future, also the cover art was made by me and so is any of the art I use in the later chapters. Also, sorry for the first few chapters being a bit underwhelming, but don't worry it gets better. Now let's get onto the story.

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Welcome To The Tarnished Court!

"Text" = Talking

[Text] = System

'Text' = Normal Thoughts

{Text} = Telepathic Thoughts

<Text > = Message Through System

*Text* = Actions During Sentences


(Location: In a Car on The Way to ????, Time: A Few Minutes After Eve Talked to Izuku)


Currently, Izuku and I are on our way to the hideout of The Tarnished Court, but he thinks that we are just on our way to a new training spot. Oh, and I got one of my Bee's to bring a car to take us there. He hasn't even realized that we left Shizuoka, or that someone he doesn't know is driving the car we're in.

Mainly because he's been asking about what I meant by 'even a quirkless person can have a power', and he's been trying to figure out what could possibly be stronger than a quirk.

"How can a quirkless person have a power!? How can something be more powerful than a quirk, does that mean someone can be more powerful than All Might through your method?!?!" Heh, it's pretty funny to see him use the bitch as a marker for strength, even though he knows about the dude's weakness, but he may have forgotten about it after I mentioned a quirkless person having powers.

[You could've killed All Might, even before that massive up rank.] I mean, she's not wrong, I already proved to be hundreds of times faster than him, I'm already manipulating him, even though most of his die hard fans like Izuku haven't noticed, and I could've destroyed the rest of his organs with Blood Manipulation.

{While I know you're right, Himi, I'd more love to see him suffer, rather than just kill him right off the bat.} I want to see The Symbol of Peace self-implode his career, while the world's problems that have been going overlooked are all fixed by someone he claims to be a villain only.

{My King, your guest have arrived in the hideout!} Oh, looks like my Bee's managed to bring everyone to the location. I should have mentioned earlier, but I actually sent my Bee's to get more than just Inko for this talk, since I wanted all the others that I want to join my court to be there, including Shoto and Shinso.

{Thank you, Maki, for informing me, I'll be there shortly with the final guest. Oh, and did you deliver what I asked to my future daughter?} The one that told me of the others arriving, was the Bee that I made that looks exactly like Makima, but I just call her Maki, and soon to the people of this world she'll officially be known as The King in Red.

And, the delivery that I asked her about was to Eri, turns out her birthday is in April in this AU. So, I wanted to send her a treat for her, since she hasn't had many chances to properly celebrate her birthday.

{Yes my King, I managed to get the small apple pie that you made for her to her room without anyone noticing, I even made sure that there was a Bee left there to make sure she wouldn't get disturbed for the rest of the day. The young princess seemed baffled at the sudden dessert in her room, but after a while she enjoyed it nonetheless.}

{Thank you, Maki.} I fucking love having Bee's, they can help me get so much done, I just wish I had the strength to finally get my daughter. But, I know that after our debut, it'll only be a matter of time before I can add another to my family.

Though I've begun spreading my influence into the underground of the world, The Tarnished Court hasn't made its official debut, even if I already took down a powerful organization (I'll explain that later) I made sure that the world had no clue of the fight that went down with Technopathy. I swear in a world like this, it really helps to be in control of all the information, where it goes, and when it's shown.

"Ma'am we're nearing our destination." The Driver Bee said to me, as it went off-road and into a forest. The forest we we're currently going into was completely owned by Vulcan's Forge, it's made to seem like it's where we get some of the materials for our tech, or where we test our new products in the open, but that's only true for a small percentage of the forest, as the rest is the location of The Tarnished Court's base of operations.

"Huh? Now that I look around... Eve, where are we going?" Oh, looks like Izuku finally noticed that we aren't even in the city now. Well, he was bound to notice eventually.

"Well, we're going to see the others, of course! I can't just give the news I want to tell you all in a café, or something. It'll change the entire world!" He nodded to my response, but he still looked a little unsure of our situation, which is understandable as we are in an unfamiliar environment to him.

The Driver Bee brought the car to the bottom of a cliff, they then opened up the glove compartment and pressed a hidden black button, red would've been easy to see, after which the ground that the car was on opened up to a car elevator that lowered the vehicle under the earth.

Did I forget to mention that the base was underground to hide it from view? Yeah, I decided that even though I can control every form of tech, that it would be best to hide it this way to keep satellite's from viewing it, and from anyone seeing it outside the forest. Because I had to make it pretty big for everyone to live in, and to secure all the actually important things that I'm having my Bee's build, not even the scientist at Vulcan's Forge know about it.

"A-are we going underground?! How big is this news!?" It's funny that he thinks us just going underground is a big deal, wait until he figures out how rich I've become to actually build an underground base.

"I did say it would change the world, did you think I was exaggerating?" You'd think after years of us knowing each other he'd figure out when I'm being serious, and when I'm just fucking with people to see their reactions.

"Usually when people say something will change the entire world, they mean it in the figurative sense!" Okay, he has a point there with that, I really should use a different strain of words next time I talk to someone about something important.

"Calm down, Izu, everything will be explained once we get to the meeting room with the others." After a couple of minutes the elevator finally stopped on the 'first floor' a couple of hundred feet underground, in total there were forty floors with several feet of tungsten and concrete that separate them.

The Driver Bee moved the car forward into the parking area of all the vehicles of my court. Izuku looked at all the cars that ranged from Minivans all the way to a few Zenvo Aurora's, with astonishment. What can I say, when you have money, you might as well spend it.

"Who's cars are all these?" Izuku decided to ask, after we got out of the car, with the Driver Bee now leading us to the meeting room.

"Oh, they're all mine, best to have a lot for different situations." Oop, and there he goes freezing up again, but this time he was still walking, probably autopilot mode. Though it makes sense, sure Nezu gets a lot of expensive shit for the apartment, but he never gave an allowance, and I never seemed to have a job outside of working on music with the band. So, of course he'd be baffled at how I even got these cars.

He's probably wondering if I stole them, but me and him both know that I've never shown myself being villain like around him. Yeah, I've been slowly showing them how shitty this society, and heroes are, but that isn't villain behavior, it can be more akin to a curious kid who's just trying to figure out how the world works.

"They're all waiting for you, my King." The Driver Bee said to me as it stopped in front of two doors, and opened them up for me and Izuku. Inside the room I could see Tenko, Toru, Mei, Kyoka, Tsu, Uraraka, Shoto, Shinso, and Inko, but I could also see the other members of my court hidden in the room, so none of the others could see them.

"Hello everyone, I'm sure you're wondering why I brought you all here?" I said as I walked into the room, Izuku following me still shocked about the cars he saw. How the fuck did that shock him the most out of everything else today?

"That voice, are you Eve?" Aww, Shoto can recognize me from just my voice! You know what, even if he doesn't potentially fall for Izuku, I'll still make him a part of my family by making him my brother.

"Wait, are you really Eve?" Yay, even Shinso can recognize my voice now. Oh, I can feel it, today is going to be so fun and chaotic!

"Yup, you both are right, I'm Eve, aka the girl that's been training both of you for the last couple of years!" Hm, looks like my words knocked Izuku out of his shock, it also seems that the girls (except Uraraka, and Inko) are looking at the two depressed boys with a bit of jealousy.

"Oh, just in case you four get any ideas, and in case you didn't realize by now, I could never fall in love with a guy, I'm Gay!" Heh, that shocked them, you'd think they'd figure it out after all the times I've avoided most guys like the plague since elementary school.

"YES!!" x4

That got them excited, I should really thank Aphrodite for her blessing, because it looked like they were ready to kill for me, I wonder if I can get it renamed to the yandere blessing, judging by the likelihood of the yanderes it's helping me make.

"Umm, can you please get back to why we're all here?" Inko's right I shouldn't get off-topic now, I still need to make some new Conduits. I walked into the room, and sat on a chair that looked like a small red throne located in front of a large monitor on the wall of the meeting room.

"Gladly, Ms. Midoriya. The first thing that I wish to tell you all, is that I found a way to give a power stronger than a quirk to someone, even to those that were born quirkless." Yup, same reaction as Izuku, except for Shoto, it's a possibility that he sees me as a god, or an angel at this point, because of how I helped him train, brought supplies to heal his wounds, and delivered letters for him to his siblings and mother. Hell, I even showed him prior to today that his older brother was alive, and that they would soon meet.

"Though I must tell you, that from my research only ten percent of the population that has a quirk can gain this power, and ninety percent of the quirkless population can gain it." I managed to gain this information through my copies, and then through my Bee's, I only got to this point in my research two months ago.

At my news a few of them were more curious about the power that I'm talking about, but Inko and Izuku were more anxious to know if Izuku could gain it, since he was quirkless.

"How do find out if someone can gain this mystery power?" Thank you, Mei, for asking the question I was hoping for!

"Well quite easily, I can see it. More specifically, when I see someone I can check if one of their organs holds a special genetic mutation that allows them to use the power that I'm talking about." This just got Mei more curious about what I even see that signifies the genetic mutation in a person.

"Do any of us have the mutation, sis?" Yay, Tenko asked the million yen question in this meeting.

"It's funny that you ask that, Tenko, because you're one of the first people that I saw the genetic mutation in! Though I'm honestly surprised that a lot of the people that I care for have the gene." My first sentence made Tenko a bit happy/smug, I guess he really likes the fact that he was one of the first that I saw the gene in. My second sentence though, that got them all pretty curious, and made both Midoriya's excited because that means Izuku might have the gene too.

"Now, before I go on to list the rest of the people that have the gene, let me ask, have any of you played the Infamous games recently?" It seemed like that question sparked something in Izuku, looks like he definetly played the copy that was 'randomly' sent out to the people in this room.

"Genetic mutation, a power stronger than a quirk, and someone able to see who has that genetic mutation... Eve, are you talking about the Conduit Gene?" Yes, finally! He figured it out, I have been waiting for this moment since I got Conduit Seeker when I met them.

"Yes Izuku, now let me ask you this, if I'm talking about the Conduit Gene, who do you think really helped tell the story of Infamous?" Hell yeah, that look of shock and realization as someone's thoughts become a chaotic mess is one of the things I fucking live for!

"You made Infamous, you own Nexus Point, all to tell people about Conduit's and their potential before you started making them...." Huh, I was expecting him to only figure out that I made Infamous in this world, but him figuring out the rest actually helps out.

"What? How could Eve possibly make Infamous, or own Nexus Point when she spends most of her time with all of us?" Right, Kyoka still thinks my quirk is just Wendigo, so this wouldn't make sense to her.

"Well, you all didn't know that she was training us until recently." Thank you, Shinso, this is exactly why you are one of my favorite guys in MHA.

"I should mention at this point that I have a multitude of quirks, and other abilities, Kyo." Oop, that shocked her and Tsu, I really should have told them this stuff sooner, though I guess I forgot to with everything I had to focus on.

"I... how do you have more than one quirk?" Yay, Tsu, asked the question that I first had to lie about, but I don't really see a point in hiding that my mom's a goddess now. But, I should get onto my talk about the Conduit Gene, since we have gotten far from our original topic.

"Before I talk about my amazing self, I think we should get back onto the topic of the Conduit Gene. Now for those that have the gene here, they are Tenko, who you already knew about, Mei, Shinso, and Izuku!"

Oh shit, it's a good thing I put a drain in this room, cause both of the Midoriya's have begun crying a tsunami's worth of tears. Seriously how do they not have a quirk related to crying, cause I think any normal person would've died from dehydration from just shedding that many tears.

Though, more than half of the tears that they shed were drawn into the shadows of the room as if something was devouring the liquid in the room like it's life depended on it. And, judging by the others looking at the two directions the tears were going, it seems they noticed the strange flow of the tears.

"Spinner, could you have not waited for a couple of minutes. The tears were going to be contained for you to absorb later." All of them looked curiously at me, specifically at who Spinner is, until a man that looked like a large humanoid lizard came out of the shadows.

"Sorry boss, I couldn't help it, you know I'm still a fledgling with this power." For those that might be confused, Spinner was the first person I decided to activate the Conduit Gene in, he's also the only one out of all the villain's that I've had join my court that have the gene.

"*Sigh* I know, but you still need to learn to control yourself. Oh, everyone this is Spinner, he has the quirk Gecko, which allows him to do anything a gecko can. He also happens to be the first person that I activated the Conduit Gene in, and unlike The Beast, I don't need to kill people to activate it." To be specific, he's a Water Conduit, all forms of water are what fuel his abilities, we still need to work on his self control when it comes to absorbing water.

All of them looked at Spinner with curiousity, and hope when it came to Izuku. I should mention too, that because I gave Spinner a purpose before the Stain Arc, he doesn't have that outfit that looks like a copy of Stains. Instead he just wears an outfit more akin to Delsin's, but instead of a beanie he wears his hair in a ponytail.

"Well, if Spinner got to come out, I might as well too, 'cause I want to see my brother." Out of the shadows came the burnt problem child of The Tarnished Court, fuck I'm sounding like Aizawa, it was Dabi.

"Fuck it, since they already came out, the rest of you guys should just come out to, they have to meet you guys eventually!" As I spoke five more people came out from the shadows, they were Stain, Lady Nagant, Twice, Mr. Compress, and the courts big sister Magne.

"T-that's the Hero Killer Stain, and Lady Nagant the hero that became a villain by killing multiple heroes!" Of course Izuku would notice who those two are, and his words have caused the others to be on guard. This is going to be a major headache to deal with for me.