MHA: The Fresh Blood

A girl reincarnates into the world of My Hero Academia, will she destroy the plot, or will she try to avoid it at all costs? Either way, she will try to live her life as best as she can. No matter who gets in her way, she will have the life she wants, even if she has to go against God's. [Disclaimer this story will contain-] Eve: Come on let's just get to the good stuff of me killing some shitty people, and trying to build a harem! Afterall, doesn't everybody just want to see me fuck shit up and get some girls. [Well I think you get the idea of what this story has in it] .................................... Author's Note This is my first story, so sorry for any poor grammar in the future, also the cover art was made by me and so is any of the art I use in the later chapters. Also, sorry for the first few chapters being a bit underwhelming, but don't worry it gets better. Now let's get onto the story.

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Time's Halt

[NOTICE it has been decided that for increasing the potential of a 'MAIN CHARACTER' and making them have a good impression have the user, the user will be awarded 1 Gacha Ticket, and 1 C Rank Quirk of the user's choice]

When that message showed up in my view, everything around me turned gray and monotone, it even seemed like every single person stopped all at once. As I looked around in the café and at the Hagakure girls, it seemed that every did stop, or more specifically they were frozen still. Little Toru was even stuck midair, jumping up from her seat in joy from my earlier explanation of her potential.

Before I could question what's going on, another message from the system popped up, but this one was different. Instead of the NOTICE I've gotten used to this time, it was a list of various quirks ranging from Poison Immunity all the way to Harden. Though some of them were a bit odd, because next to almost half of them were the words '50% Chance of Acquiring'.

'Shit, does that mean some of these are a gamble to get?' I thought to myself, confused over the reason for the words being there.

'Maybe the ones without those words are those permanent quirks that can't advance in ranks?' Even if what I thought was the likely answer, I couldn't be too cautious, because this system barely gives me answers to any of my questions.

I started to look through the list, and the more I saw, the more confused I was about this list. 'Cause some of the options were quirks that I knew of already, and others were ones that were so out of this world that they reminded me more of other animes rather than MHA. I swear, I think I even saw one that said Simple Domain Expansion, which confuses the hell out of me, it didn't even say there was 50% chance to get it instead it said 15% chance!

After looking for what felt like an hour, I finally managed to narrow down the list to three quirks: Dual Processing, Animal Bonding, and Minor Regeneration. Let me explain why I've chosen these three.

Dual Processing would help me in planning out my next move when jumping from rooftops, last night made it apart that unless focus more on my movements I could get hurt. It would especially help if I ever get in a situation where I need to focus on an enemy and where I move. But, that's not all it could help me with, it could also help with using more than one quirk at a time, 'cause I've noticed that when I use Blood Manipulation I put almost all my focus on how to maneuver the blood.

Animal Bonding, if it does do what I think it does, it could greatly help with getting Nezu on my side and maybe even help with making friends with those that have animal based quirks. Although it may not be that useful for my current situation, it could still be of use to me later down the road.

Lastly, Minor Regeneration, which is a bit more obvious as to why I would want it. After all I know that after my 'exercise' the other day I will have permanent scars on me, even after I super scabbed the wounds, and who knows when I might need to do that again after a panic attack. Not only that, it could also help me with producing more blood to use as I please, because Healthy Body can only do so much when it comes to the production of blood (I think).

There was just one problem with my last choice, it has that god-damn 50% chance mark next to it, so it'd be a gamble to even pick it. And, as far as I know, the other two are most likely stuck as C ranks, so I won't be able to upgrade those at all. This is a matter of choosing one of the safer options, or choose the riskier one that could possibly give me nothing at all and most likely since it's technically at the beginning stages it will probably not do as much as me scabbing my wounds.

It's not even like I can just not choose anything, 'cause I'll most likely be stuck in this frozen time until I do.

After looking at what I'll need now and what I'll need later on, though, I think the obvious choice would have to be Dual Processing. Mainly because I think it could help with ranking up my quirks faster, and 'cause I don't want to have to regularly hurt myself to rank up Minor Regeneration. I don't even think I'll use my rank-up cards on it, 'cause if it is anything like Cole's conduit abilities, it will be my best piece in my arsenal.

Once I made my choice, I mentally clicked on my pick a different panel showed up, and everything started to slowly gain back it's color and speed.

[User you have selected:

Dual Processing (C Rank)*

Let the path you carve be full of chaos]

"This is the best news I've gotten all week!" Little Toru finally said, as time had begun going at its normal pace once again. Her excitement combined with the fact that I got another quirk just by talking with her made me chuckle a bit.

There was also something that I just realized that I could do with my new quirk. If I could up Blood Manipulation to at least A rank, I could possibly make blood daggers to make an attack similar to King's Chastiefol Increase Form, and Dual Processing could help me better control all of them. Looks like possible combos with my quirks will be better than using one of my quirks separate from all the others.

I wonder just how powerful will I be in the future, would it be strong enough to contend with prime All Might and All For One? Possibly, but that's if all the other quirks on the wheel are useful to some degree in combat, or if they'll just be useful outside of combat. Either way, if the lowest ranked are all as useful as Healthy Body, I don't think I'll have much of a problem.

"Ms. Akane, if I may ask, how did you manage to figure out what Toru's quirk could do?" Little Toru's mom finally asked after she finished, most likely, texting her husband.

'Huh, I honestly thought she would ask something like this a lot sooner.'

"First off, you can just call me Ina, and second I can tell that her quirk is more of a field of energy around her rather than just her body making her invisible because of my quirk. Since if her quirk was truly a mutation-type, I would've just seen through her, so I concluded that her quirk had to do with bending light instead."

Everything I said to her was complete bullshit, the real reason was because I went through so many theory posts on what some quirks could do if they were a bit more creative with training them. Hell, there was even a theory that Todoroki could become a nuke because he could potentially reach heats farther than Endeavor ever could due to his cold half helping him break that limit, making him less likely to overheat.

After my 'explanation' to the older Hagakure, little Toru and I went to talking about her quirk's potential, and she has a lot of ideas after I mentioned the idea of light constructs. Let's just say if there was even a small chance she wasn't getting into UA before, she sure as hell is going to get in now with the training ideas I suggested to her for her quirk.

Also, I'm surprised that I didn't get another message about a hidden quest after telling about all the potential uses of her quirk. Maybe it only works for one person that I alter the fate of at a time, or maybe I need to do something more significant than what I did for the first one?

Honestly, I have no idea how these hidden quest work, for all I know that could've just been a one time thing. Oh, fun fact even while I'm thinking about this stuff I'm still talking with little Toru, seems Dual Processing can help me rant and still do shit, but I'll still try to break this habit or else I might actually mutter some of my thoughts like Izuku at some point.

After what seemed like hours, for the older Hagakure, little Toru and I finally stopped talking. It was sadly due to them needing to head back home, since little Toru's dad wants to verify with his wife what she texted him about their daughter's quirk. And, I say sadly because both little Toru and I didn't want to leave each other, little Toru because I helped her figure out her quirk and because she considers me a friend, and me because I know that the next time I see her it'll most likely be at UA years from now.

But, as much as I regret it, we did end up parting since I couldn't just keep little Toru with me (no matter how much I wanted to). Though I wonder the next time I see her will we become friends again, even if she doesn't recognize me in my base form, I hope so, or I might just...